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Home » Matsui Sake Brewery LLC Matsui Single Malt Whiskey “Kurayoshi” won Gold at “IWSC2024” held in England!

Matsui Sake Brewery LLC Matsui Single Malt Whiskey “Kurayoshi” won Gold at “IWSC2024” held in England!

Matsui Sake Brewery LLC
Matsui single malt whiskey “Kurayoshi” won gold at “IWSC2024” held in England! ……
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Matsui Single Malt Whiskey “Kurayoshi” from Matsui Sake Brewery LLC (location: Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture) was selected for the “International Wine and Spirit Competition 2024 (hereinafter referred to as IWSC)”, one of the world’s three major alcoholic beverage competitions held in the UK. We received a gold award.
Matsui Whiskey “Oyama” also received a Silver Award. Matsui Sake Brewery is proud to have achieved the remarkable feat of receiving a gold award after being highly evaluated through careful screening at wine fairs around the world. Using this honor as further motivation, we will continue to push forward with sake brewing.
―IWSC Tasting Notes― “Single Malt Kurayoshi” “Notes of green apple, orchard fruit, and spun sugar greet the senses, while hints of caramel and apples offer a well-balanced sweetness. The palate reveals complex fruity and herbal notes, leading to A medium finish with a touch of oak.” “Aromas of green apple, orchard fruit, and cotton candy stimulate the senses, while hints of caramel and apple provide a balanced sweetness on the palate. “Oyama” “Floral and perfumed, with delightful aromas of oak, sweet plum, and cedar. Elegantly textured on the palate, “soft and inviting, displaying honey and vanilla underpinned by a spicy bite of cinnamon. The harmonious finish leaves a lingering note of wood polish.” The taste is elegant, soft and inviting.The spicy flavor of cinnamon complements the flavors of honey and vanilla.The harmonious finish leaves behind a hint of polished wood. IWSC is one of the competitions to compete for the quality of alcoholic beverages, which was established to contribute to improving the quality of alcoholic beverages and expanding the market. Established in 1969, it judges wine, spirits, whiskey, and other products from around the world. Celebrities such as Robert Mondavi serve as chairmen, and after rigorous judging by judges selected from all over the world, gold, silver, and bronze awards are selected from each category. Official website:
■About Kurayoshi Distillery
[Image 2:×1333.jpg] Kurayoshi Distillery is located in Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, and manufactures and sells distilled spirits such as whiskey. Adhering to the management philosophy of “making people happy through the production of alcoholic beverages,” the Matsui Whiskey brand is sold not only in Japan but also in more than 50 countries around the world, with product names associated with local areas such as “Kurayoshi,” “Tottori,” and “San’in.” We are selling. We are not satisfied with the status quo, and continue to create new value for the world by predicting distribution and sales 10, 20, and 30 years from now. ■Product information☆Gold
[Image 3:×1200.jpg] Matsui Single Malt Whiskey “Kurayoshi” Price: ¥4,500 excluding tax (¥4,950 including tax) Capacity: 700ml Alcohol content: 43%
Ingredients: Malt The unblended whiskey is distilled in the vast nature, using deep natural water from Mt. Finished with a mellow and magnificent taste. It features a sweet, fruity aroma of malt and a refreshing, bitter flavor. Please enjoy the one and only single malt produced by Matsui Sake Brewery. *As this is a limited distribution product, please contact us for availability. ☆Silver
[Image 4:×1200.jpg] Matsui Whiskey “Oyama” Price: ¥1,800 excluding tax (¥1,980 including tax) Contents: 700ml Alcohol content: 40% Barrel type: Red wine Ingredients: Unblended whiskey aged in malt grain wine barrels with deep natural water from Shumine Daisen Carefully finished. It is characterized by a deep, rich aroma reminiscent of grapes and a fruity, mellow taste. Click here for the official EC page ↓ ■Company information Matsui Sake Brewery LLC Kurayoshi Distillery 656-1 Kamifurukawa, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture 682-0934 ■Inquiries regarding this pre-release Saki Matsui Sake Brewery LLC 3rd floor, Chiyoda Building East Building, 2-9-4 Higashitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka 530-0044 TEL: 06-4309-6250FAX: 06-4309-6251Email:
info@matsuiwhisky.comOfficial website: Official EC: https://www.
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