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Home » NIJIN Co., Ltd. Pre-opening of “NIJIN CITY”, a place for children nationwide created by NIJIN Academy and a company

NIJIN Co., Ltd. Pre-opening of “NIJIN CITY”, a place for children nationwide created by NIJIN Academy and a company

NIJIN Co., Ltd.
Pre-opening of “NIJIN CITY”, a place for children across the country created by NIJIN Academy and a company
~Looking for companies that can collaborate for the happiness of children! ! ~ ……
“NIJIN Academy” is looking for companies that can collaborate with us to support school refusal.
NIJIN Academy is an alternative school for elementary and junior high school students run by NIJIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tatsuro Hoshino), which makes schools all over Japan happy, with the aim of becoming “Japan’s best compulsory education school.”
NIJIN Academy aims to become Japan’s number one compulsory education school with 30,000 students by 2030, providing a new learning option to replace existing schools.
In the past, we have held social studies tours and offline events with companies that sympathize with our philosophy and efforts to make children across the country happy, but this time we will collaborate with JTB Business Solutions Business Division 1 Division, Inc. The first floor of the Metaverse school building will be pre-opened as “NIJIN CITY”. NIJIN and companies will create an exciting event booth where children from all over the country and around the world gather.
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We are looking for corporate sponsors for the pre-opening of “NIJIN CITY” starting in July.
If you become a supporting company, you will be able to hold events and post advertising signs at this Metaverse school building. We will continue to provide HAPPY not only to NIJIN Academy students, but also to all children from all over the country who gather after school and on weekends.
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We have collaborated with various companies to provide career education, STEAM education, SDGs education, etc.
In the future, collaboration with companies will be essential not only for holding events on the Metaverse school building but also for proceeding with offline learning projects.
NIJIN Academy promises high-quality education to all children and works with companies to create learning opportunities that can be used in the real world throughout Japan, in order to further expand opportunities for learning.
After participating in hands-on learning in collaboration with the company, the children left a positive impression, saying, “I want to work here!” and “I want this product!”
It is a great benefit for companies to have children, who will be the workforce of the future, learn about their company and take an interest in it.
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For companies that collaborate with NIJIN Academy, we will post on the official website and publicize and promote them as a social enterprise support group that supports SDGs and school refusal.
Depending on the plan, you may also receive PR support from NIJIN Academy staff. For detailed plan details and inquiries, please visit the official website.

▮Recruitment of partners such as supporting companies, collaborating local governments, and experts
NIJIN Academy is recruiting supporting companies, partner local governments, and experts who sympathize with our philosophy as “PARTNER” and “NIJIN Academy Support Team.”
For example, we will work together on projects such as:
・Hybrid social studies field trip and work experience
・Support for school refusal in collaboration with local human resources and organizations
・Weekend event using the Metaverse school building
・Online special classes that make use of specialization
(For inquiries, click here
■About NIJIN Academy
An alternative school for elementary and junior high school students who do not attend school. From September 2023, under the vision of “eliminating school refusal from this world” and “providing
high-quality education to all children,” a team of active teachers and private human resources with a passion for education will be working on the Metaverse. They created a new school that allows students to receive high-quality education at home even if they are unable to go to school, and currently about 120 children from first grade of elementary school to third grade of junior high school are studying there.
Official website:
▮Operating company
Trade name: NIJIIN Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Tatsuro Hoshino
Head office: 2-5-5 Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 2022
Capital: 2 million yen
Company URL:
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