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Webinar held on the theme “Solaris 10 support deadline approaches”

Majicemi Co., Ltd.
Webinar held on the theme “Solaris 10 support deadline approaches” ……
Magisemi Co., Ltd. will be holding a webinar on the theme of “Solaris 10 support deadline approaches.”
[Image:×720.jpg] (Click here for details and to apply) ■ The end of support for Solaris 10 is rapidly approaching Support for Oracle Solaris 10 will end in 2027 . While no updates have been announced for the next version, Oracle Solaris 11, it is important for companies to consider countermeasures. As deadlines approach, there is a need to plan and execute migration projects with a sense of speed while assessing costs and business impacts. ■ Migration to Linux, switching to a package, rebuilding…which is best? There are several options for migrating from Oracle Solaris 10, including upgrading, switching to packaged software, and migrating to Linux. It is necessary to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each and select the optimal solution that meets your business requirements. It is also important to decide on the migration approach, such as whether to rebuild the system from scratch or adapt the business to a package. Comprehensive judgment is required from various perspectives such as cost, speed, and business continuity. ■ Explaining key points for migrating from Solaris 10 to Linux based on success stories In this seminar, we will specifically explain the options for migrating from Oracle Solaris 10 and the key points to achieve migration. Using examples of migration to Linux, we will discuss how to proceed with the migration without stopping existing operations, and ways to minimize the operational load after migration. If you would like to clarify the migration plan that is suitable for your company, please join us. (For details and to apply for participation, click here) ■Sponsor: CEC Co., Ltd. ■Cooperation: Open Source Utilization Institute Co., Ltd. Majisemi Co., Ltd. Majisemi will continue to We will hold webinars that will be helpful to participants. ★For applications for other webinars and videos and materials from past seminars, please see below★ ★If you would like to host a webinar, please watch this video★ https: //
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