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Home » The number of municipalities that have opened “Smartphone City Hall” provided by Bot Express has exceeded 250. Local governments across the country will work together to tackle local government DX, such as developing it themselves, horizontally deplo

The number of municipalities that have opened “Smartphone City Hall” provided by Bot Express has exceeded 250. Local governments across the country will work together to tackle local government DX, such as developing it themselves, horizontally deplo

Bot Express Co., Ltd.
The number of municipalities that have opened “Smartphone City Hall” provided by Bot Express has exceeded 250. Local governments across the country are working together on local government DX, such as developing it themselves and horizontally deploying it to other local governments and sharing knowledge between local governments. ……
Bot Express Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuki Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as Bot Express) is pleased to announce that the number of local governments that have introduced “GovTech Express” and opened “smartphone city halls” has exceeded 250. Approximately 15% of local governments nationwide have realized a world where administrative procedures can be completed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the office counter on a smartphone. GovTech Express was launched in October 2019 and is currently in its 6th year. It is an application that allows applications and procedures to be made on the official LINE account of a local government, and has the characteristics of being “developed by staff themselves” and “the developed functions can be horizontally deployed to other local governments.” Adopting local governments can quickly implement functions using functions implemented by other local governments as templates. We also share knowledge through seminars and study groups held at local governments within each prefecture.
There are no IT personnel within the agency, existing operations are too busy to handle DX, and even though we have digitized, the usage rate of residents has not increased. Bot Express is closely aligned with these local government issues and is working to update
administrative services in a collaborative manner in which local government officials across the country cooperate with each other.
[Image 1:×1396.jpg] Changes in municipalities and number of introductions
National Tax Agency, Hakodate City, Hokkaido, Hirakawa City, Aomori Prefecture, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Soja City, Okayama Prefecture, Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kamiamakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture. It has been introduced in all municipalities, including the city and Yonabaru Town in Okinawa Prefecture, regardless of size. *List
[Image 2:×2194.jpg] -Ranking by prefecture-
Introducing the top 10 in terms of adoption rate and number of adoption. First, Toyama Prefecture ranks first at 56%, followed by Nagasaki Prefecture at 50%. In both cases, more than half of the local governments in the prefecture have introduced smartphone city halls. Next in number is Tokyo with 22 local governments, followed by Hokkaido with 18 local governments. The introduction of Hokkaido is likely to increase rapidly in 2023.
[Image 3:×2194.jpg] Collaboration by local governments nationwide
1. Share functions Share services developed by local government officials as templates with other local governments nationwide. Our employees are contributing to the nation as publishers, and using their templates, our employees are quickly implementing services.
[Image 4:×602.png ]
2. Case study seminars We hold monthly online seminars in which local government officials in charge introduce the results of shared DX planning, implementation flow, operational improvements, residents’ reactions after release, and operational efficiency improvements. Next time is June 26, 2024. Mr. Ono, Information Strategy Section, Planning Division, Takahata Town, Yamagata Prefecture, will introduce us to “Public Facility Reservations Linked with Smart Locks.” Details:
[Image 5:×1397.jpg] 3. Knowledge sharing at study sessions for each prefecture We hold study sessions where local governments in each prefecture that have introduced the service gather. IT knowledge and experience in charge of DX vary, but this is a place where local governments in the prefecture can share their unique concerns and stories, digitalization plans and implementation examples, and the results and challenges that emerge from initiatives. We have colleagues by our side who are promoting DX using GovTech Express.
[Image 6:×2194.jpg] Service briefing session for local government employees
We hold online service briefings for people who are newly in charge of DX, or those who are not in the DX department but want to digitize their work. You can check resident screens and staff management screens. Participation is free, so please feel free to join us. Details:
[Image 7:×1397.jpg] Features of GovTech Express
“GovTech Express” allows you to use it as much as you want for a fixed fee. All administrative services are available online, including application and payment for collection of bulky garbage, application for benefits, evacuation shelter search and cooperation with disaster prevention mail, reservation and payment for public facilities such as gymnasiums and community centers, contact with schools, and
reservations for medical examinations and pregnant women’s interviews. It is possible to The establishment of “no-go, no-write, no-wait” government counters, such as requesting certificates using public personal authentication services, is also expanding. *Details of online service:
[Image 8:×2194.jpg] Materials being distributed to local governments
The “Smartphone City Hall CASE STUDY” contains 25 local government case studies, the “Smartphone City Hall CASE STUDY” explains cases with high usage rates, and the “Cheat Sheet for Increasing Friends” that summarizes how to increase the number of friends on LINE official accounts. We are distributing materials aimed at realizing a “smartphone city hall” with high usage rates and resident
satisfaction. If you would like us to send it to you, please contact us below. *Contact:
[Image 9:×2194.jpg] About security
GovTech Express’s main platform is Salesforce, a cloud service provided by Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd., and data entered via GovTech Express is stored only in Salesforce. Details:
Related information
We are featured in the “Catalog of Services/Systems that Support Good Practices in Digital Implementation” published by the Digital Agency. Details: Express is a GovTech Company with the mission of “Create
administrative services that are loved.” We will provide high-quality services and aim to realize the ideal society together with partner local governments that resonate with us. [Company name] Bot Express Co., Ltd. [Date of establishment] February 1, 2019 [Capital] 100 million yen [Address] Kamiyacho Trust Tower, 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6923 23rd floor [Representative] Kazuki Nakajima, Representative Director [Business description] Provision of
interactive application “GovTech Express” for government offices [Official website] [Contact us] Email ( or contact us on the official website More details about this release: