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Soracom Co., Ltd. Five new certified partners join SORACOM’s business partner program

Soracom Co., Ltd.
Five new certified partners join SORACOM’s business partner program Companies with experience and knowledge in specialized areas such as devices, solutions, and integration necessary for IoT systems support IoT implementation.
SORACOM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ken Tamagawa) has announced that it will be joining Patrite Co., Ltd. and ARATAMA Factory Co., Ltd. in SORACOM Partner Space (hereinafter referred to as SPS), SORACOM’s business partner program that supports IoT utilization. , AiTrax Co., Ltd., Basis Co., Ltd., and Soft Village Co., Ltd. are pleased to announce that they have joined as newly certified partners.
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The IoT platform SORACOM provides the services necessary for building IoT systems, focusing on data communications for IoT that connects over 180 countries and regions around the world. SORACOM’s services not only shorten the development period, but also enable efficient management of large-scale IoT systems.
SPS is an IoT business partner program in which companies with strengths in specialized areas such as devices, networks, security, cloud, applications, and AI participate. Among these, certified partners have a track record and knowledge of IoT implementation and SORACOM utilization in specialized fields. When companies promoting IoT projects consider collaborating with external partners, they can search for the most suitable partner from SPS.
Together with SPS, SORACOM supports business transformation and innovation of IoT-based companies.
New SPS Certified Partner
-SPS certified device partner-
Patrite Co., Ltd.
[Image 2:×176.jpg] PATLITE Co., Ltd. provides notification equipment that utilizes “light,” “sound,” and “text,” and achieves visualization in a wide range of fields such as production sites, offices, and emergency vehicles. We also offer easy IoT solutions and support DX with PATLITE’s network products. By utilizing the cellular communication of SORACOM’s IoT SIM, we propose visualization of PATLITE’s network products using light, sound, and voice, and enable cloud linkage and email notifications without depending on the customer’s network infrastructure. .
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-SPS Certified Technology Partner-
ARATAMA Factory Co., Ltd.
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ARATAMA Factory Co., Ltd. supports entrepreneurs and startups, quickly understands customer needs, and provides customized devices and solutions to solve problems. We approach challenges at the field (edge) from both sides: “manufacturing” using hardware and “kotozukuri” using software. In “manufacturing”, we customize devices according to the needs of the site and provide optimal solutions. In “kotozukuri”, we link collected data with the cloud in real time and create new value through data utilization and analysis. Also, by using SORACOM, it is possible to quickly deploy and manage IoT systems.
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Company website:
AiTrax Co., Ltd.
[Image 4:×218.jpg] AiTrax Co., Ltd. develops mesh Wi-Fi products that facilitate the use of IoT and ICT in vast fields. We have unique technology that improves availability and throughput through radio wave visualization technology that does not require specialized skills and rapid switching of relay routes, and we are responding to communication network construction projects at construction sites and disaster sites both in Japan and overseas. Our high-performance Wi-Fi communication devices can be easily used by anyone for various solutions such as AI cameras, determine the optimal installation location using indicators, and automatically create a communication environment. Additionally, if there is an error in the communication route, the route will be changed in an average of 2.5 seconds. Through collaboration with SORACOM and the cloud-based camera service “Sora Camera”, multiple cameras can be used in combination with optical lines, cellular communications (LTE), and satellite communications (Starlink), not only in industry fields and construction sites, but also in tunnels and remote areas. It is also possible to build a network for this purpose.
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Basis Co., Ltd.
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As an independent engineering company, Basis Inc. conducts an “infratech business” that utilizes technology to create and support infrastructure maintenance for the digital society. We provide communications infrastructure design, construction, operation, and maintenance services, as well as various project support services, to telecommunications, electricity, gas, and other infrastructure providers. We can provide construction and on-site support for small to medium-sized IoT devices, Wi-Fi, LPWA, cameras, signage, EV chargers, etc. We are able to provide wide-area coverage by leveraging the wireless know-how we have cultivated through transactions with major telecommunications carriers and by having a partner alliance with over 400 companies nationwide. We centralize projects through cloud management using our own system, improve work efficiency with AI and RPA, and provide high-quality deliverables. We have a track record of installing equipment in over 2 million locations across the country, and have a comprehensive operation monitoring and maintenance system as well as after-sales support. We can also handle kitting of devices, etc. that utilize SORACOM, as well as electrical work and telecommunications work.
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-SPS Certified Solution Partner-
Soft Village Co., Ltd.
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Soft Village Co., Ltd. is a company that utilizes IT technology in rural areas to solve problems. Focusing on Kochi Prefecture, we are tackling issues such as population decline and aging, and are promoting the spread of ICT by making full use of no-code/low-code development, serverless, AI, and cloud technology. We provide total support from service planning to sensor and communication equipment selection, system development, installation, and operation management. Using Raspberry Pi, M5Stack, and no-code tools such as kintone, we will build data collection and analysis systems and communication relay and control systems in a short period of time. The 4G data communication service, which utilizes mobile communication relay equipment developed in-house, is used to control road information boards and collect sensor information in Kochi Prefecture. We also provide a monitoring service for the elderly using the “Mimamori Button” system, which allows you to monitor the refrigerator using information on opening and closing. We are also working on a variety of other IoT initiatives, such as health management at pig farms using SORACOM.
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About SORACOM Partner Space (SPS)
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-Those who are considering collaborating with a partner on an IoT project- SPS certified partners and SORACOM certified devices can be found below.
-Those considering joining SPS as a business partner-
SPS accepts applications in four categories: Devices, Solutions, Integrations, and Technology. Please contact us if you are thinking of participating.
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