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ONCEMI ONCEMI announces power solution to improve data center energy efficiency

Onsemi announces power solution to improve data center energy efficiency The latest power semiconductor technology achieves significant energy savings, delivering up to 10 terawatts of power savings
[Image:×600.jpg] ONSEM (Nasdaq: ON, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA) announced the latest generation T10 PowerTrench(R) family and EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs. As data center power consumption increases to support the massive processing requirements of AI workloads, there is a growing need to improve energy efficiency. The powerful combination of ONSemi’s T10 PowerTrench family and EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs delivers a solution that provides unmatched efficiency and high thermal performance in a small footprint for data center applications.
Data center power demand will rise to an estimated 1,000 TWh (terawatt hours) worldwide within two years, as AI-supported engine requests require more than 10 times more power than typical search engine requests. It is expected to reach *1. To process one AI-supported request, energy is converted from the grid to the processor four times, which can result in approximately 12% energy loss. The T10 PowerTrench family and EliteSiC 650V MOSFET solution can reduce power losses incurred in data centers by an estimated 1%. If this solution were deployed in data centers around the world, it would reduce energy consumption by 10 TWh per year, or the amount required to power nearly 1 million homes per year.*2
EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs achieve high efficiency in data centers and energy storage systems with superior switching performance and low device capacitance. These new generation silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs have halved the gate charge and reduced both the energy stored in the output capacitance (Eoss) and the output charge (Qoss) by 44% compared to the previous generation. With no tail current during turn-off and excellent performance even at high temperatures, switching losses can also be significantly reduced compared to superjunction (SJ) MOSFETs. This allows for smaller system components while increasing operating frequencies, reducing overall system cost.
Separately, the T10 PowerTrench family is designed to handle the high currents essential for DC-DC power conversion stages, offering increased power density and superior thermal performance in a compact footprint. This is achieved through a shielded gate trench design that boasts ultra-low gate charge and RDS(on) of less than 1 milliohm. Additionally, the soft-recovery body diode and low Qrr effectively minimize ringing, overshoot, and electrical noise to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and robustness under stress. The T10 PowerTrench family also meets the stringent standards required for automotive applications.
The combination of the T10 PowerTrench family and EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs also meet the stringent Open Rack V3 (ORV3) baseline specifications required by hyperscale operators to support the next generation of high-power processors.
Simon Keeton, Group President of Onsemi’s Power Solutions Group, said: “AI and electrification are reshaping our world and rapidly increasing demand for electricity. Accelerating innovation in power
semiconductors to improve energy efficiency is key to creating these technology megatrends. ONSemi’s latest solution can significantly reduce the power losses incurred in the energy conversion process and have a significant impact on the demands of next-generation data centers.”
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*2 Based on annual household electricity consumption by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
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