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Sogo Yokohama Store 2024 Midyear Gift Center

Sogo/Seibu Co., Ltd.
[Sogo Yokohama Store] 2024 Midyear Gift Center
Responds to a variety of needs.
Sogo/Seibu will propose “Summer Luxury” for midyear gifts in 2024. In recent years, mid-year gifts are not only limited to the customary seasonal standard gifts, but even though they usually save money, they are more expensive than usual on special occasions.
There is a shift towards more personal ways of giving gifts, such as the trend of “concentrated consumption” of luxurious items, and the movement of “casual gifts” to casually give gifts to loved ones and close friends.
Therefore, we have created a casual gift “Minna no Gourmet” that brings together flavors from famous shops all over Japan, such as “Summer Feast Gourmet” that is particular about production areas and ingredients, cool sweets that are perfect for the hot summer expected this year, and time-saving gourmet food that can be quickly prepared. We will be featuring “Summer Gourmet”.
In addition to Sogo and Seibu common products, the Sogo Yokohama store also sells “recommended gifts” featuring local Kanagawa specialties. A selection is available. Including the taste of Yokohama Chinatown, which represents Kanagawa, craft beer of Kanagawa, Yokohama gourmet, We will be introducing about 250 items including cool sweets. Sogo Yokohama Store Midyear Gift Center Overview
■Midyear gift center
Date: June 5th (Wednesday) – July 21st (Sunday), 2024
*Business hours: 10am to 7pm every day, closes at 6pm on the last day Venue: Sogo Yokohama store 8th floor = midyear gift center
Number of mid-year gift items handled: Approximately 1,720 items (Sogo/Seibu common catalog + Yokohama store catalog total)
(Approximately 1,000 items are displayed at the store)
■-Easy gift shopping online- Seibu/Sogo’s shopping site “e. Department Store” Date: May 9, 2024 (Thursday) 10:00 a.m. to August 2, 2024 (Friday) 4:59 p.m. URL:
-This year’s recommended products- *The images in this release are for illustrative purposes only, and all product prices include tax. Sogo/Seibu common gift
■“Deliciousness of Hokuriku” with a focus on production areas and ingredients Buying something a little more luxurious than usual as a gift for a family member or relative who lives far away, or as a reward for yourself.
The number of gourmet foods in the high-priced range was strong for last year’s mid-year gifts and the most recent year-end gifts. This year’s midsummer gifts include gourmet gourmet dishes from all over Japan that are particular about their production areas and ingredients, including the “Deliciousness of Hokuriku” that we want to pass down.
We would like to suggest.
-Representative products-
●[Ishikawa] For thick-sliced ​​Noto beef steak 18,360 yen, shipping fee included, frozen
The texture of the meat is so fine that it melts in your mouth, and the flavor of the fat gradually spreads. Rare Kuroge Wagyu beef that is produced in small numbers.
(Product contents) Sirloin 250g x 2 – from Ishikawa -, spices 3g x 2
[Image 1:×348.png ]
●[Ishikawa] Morihachi/Noto Treasure Jelly Ruby Roman (salt) 6,480 yen Sweet nattoya cooked with Noto Dainagon, kudzu manju with puree of Ruby Roman grapes from Ishikawa Prefecture
  Trapped in Japanese-style jelly. The secret ingredient is coarse salt from Noto.
(Product Contents) Noto Treasure Jelly Bee Roman (salt) x 12
[Image 2:×486.png ]
●[Fukui] Fukui Tentatsu/Hiyashi sea urchin 10,800 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen
Hiyashi sea urchin is made by drying domestically grown sea urchin to concentrate the flavor and coating it in kelp soup jelly.
(Product contents) Hiyashi sea urchin 70g x 4, sea urchin salt 0.7g x 1
[Image 3:×485.png ]
■“Everyone’s Summer Gourmet” for a small souvenir or a treat for yourself This summer, we are expected to experience a nationwide heat wave just like last year. Cool sweets perfect for the hot summer,
Compared to last year, we are offering casual gifts with flavors from famous restaurants all over Japan, such as easy-to-cook Taipa Gourmet. We are proposing approximately 40% more types.
-Representative products-
●FURiTFUL*FULL/Frozen fruit box from Yamagata 5,400 yen including shipping fee/frozen
Fruits grown in Yamagata are made into frozen fruits using a rapid freezer. Enjoy it frozen like sherbet,
You can also enjoy it as a smoothie.
(Product contents) Cherry Sato Nishiki 100g, Shine Muscat 100g, Yellow peach bar 80g,
Watermelon bars (red/yellow) 80g x 2 each – Fruits are from Yamagata –
[Image 4:×362.png ]
●kyocafe chacha/Irodori Kyo waffle box set of 4 types 3,654 yen Shipping fee included/refrigerated
Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. A variety of flavors wrapped in elastic dough,
Waffles with sticks.
(Product contents) Matcha, strawberry white, strawberry, caramel nuts x 1 each
[Image 5:×434.png ]
●Chisako Shokudo/Microwave-friendly sea paella 4,752 yen (shipping fee included/frozen)
Supervised by Chef Chisako Hori, who is also a registered dietitian. Paella filled with seafood such as shrimp, mussels, and squid. (Product contents) Seafood paella 280g x 3
[Image 6:×574.png ]
■Reputable taste at a great value Great value for home use
As prices continue to rise, demand for affordable products is also growing. Easily enjoy special products from all over Japan and flavors from famous restaurants
We have prepared “bargain items for your home” such as time-saving gourmet food that you can enjoy and daily necessities that have been affected by price increases.
To do.
-Representative products- (from the left in the photo)
●Bosco/Extra virgin olive oil 5,159 yen
Easy to use with a bottle that prevents oxidation and a drip-proof spout that allows you to pour from just one drop.
Convenient single-use bottle provides long-lasting fresh flavor. Product contents: Extra virgin oil 145g x 12 bottles
● Grilled eel 5,950 yen, shipping fee included, frozen
Domestic eel with soft flesh and skin. Conveniently divided into 420g packs for plenty of use.
Product contents: Grilled eel – Eel from Kagoshima – 70g x 6 bags, sauce 15ml – Japanese pepper included – x 6 bags
●Heichinro/Gyoza variety set 4,320 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen “Heichinro” is a long-established store that is very popular. Created based on the recipe of a dim sum chef invited from Hong Kong. Assorted gyoza.
Product contents: Steamed shrimp dumplings 20g, jade dumplings 20g, shark fin dumplings 20g x 4 each
Grilled gyoza 22g x 10 pieces, chive-wrapped gyoza 25g x 5 pieces
[Image 7:×311.jpg ]
Sogo Yokohama store recommended gift selection
This summer, from the flavors of Yokohama Chinatown to craft beer, flavors from long-established stores, and sweets.
We have selected gifts mainly from Kanagawa and Yokohama, recommended by Sogo Yokohama store.
A gorgeous gift for those obsessed with Yokohama gastronomy
◆Manchinro/Dim Sum Gift (Zuixiang) 4,800 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen Manchinro is a long-established Chinese restaurant that was founded in 1891 and has grown along with the history of Yokohama Chinatown. A set of 4 types of dim sum, including the popular grilled xiaolongbao with shrimp. [Sold only at Sogo Yokohama store]
(Small soy sauce meat bun 30g x 6, grilled shrimp dumplings 40g x 8, pork shumai 38g, seafood shrimp shumai 33g x 5 each)
[Image 8:×1185.jpg] ◆Manchinro/Dim Sum Assortment “Thank You” 4,300 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen (38g of pork shumai, 33g of seafood shrimp shumai, 30g of steamed shrimp dumplings, 30g of meat dumplings x 4 each)
[Image 9:×1500.jpg ]
◆Heichinro/Frozen side dish assortment 5,400 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen An assortment that allows you to easily enjoy authentic Chinese food just by boiling it in hot water.
(Shrimp with chili sauce/black vinegar sobuta each 150g x 2, Mapo tofu 150g x 1, Mala oil 5g x 5)
[Image 10:×311.png ]
◆Heichinro/Yumcha Assortment 6,480 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen (Nikuman 60g, Charshu bun 90g x 3 each, Shumai 30g x 8, Shrimp steamed dumplings, Jade dumplings 20g each
・Xiaolongbao 30g x 4 each)
[Image 11:×401.png ]
◆Xie Tianjie Store/Chinese porridge assortment 5,001 yen, shipping fee included, refrigerated
A set of carefully selected Chinese porridge that allows you to enjoy popular flavors at home.
(Scallop porridge x 2, Sansen porridge, shrimp porridge, vegetable porridge x 1 each)
[Image 12:×319.png ]
◆Edo Kiyoshi/Assortment of 5 types of Chinese steamed buns 5,001 yen Shipping fee included, frozen
An assortment of dim sum made based on the recipe of an authentic Chinese dim sum chef.
(120g of pork buns x 4, black sesame buns with walnuts, braised pork buns, shark fin pork buns,
Shrimp chili buns 100g each x 2 each)
[Image 13:×319.png ]
◆Chongqing Hanten/Set of 12 mini mooncakes 3,024 yen Shipping fee included Bite-sized mooncakes that can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors. (Mamesha mini mooncake, black hemp mini mooncake, chestnut mini mooncake, peaches mini mooncake, coconut mini mooncake, matcha mini mooncake x 2 each)
[Image 14:×319.png ]
◆Jogenro/Tokutoku Dim Sum Set 3,780 yen Shipping fee included/Frozen (Jade steamed dumplings 22g, meat shumai 35g, shrimp shumai 35g, purple glutinous rice shumai 30g, seafood dumplings 30g,
Shrimp and chive fried buns 30g, small meat buns 40g, Shanghai xiaolongbao 28g x 3 each, fried dumplings 23g x 5)
[Image 15: &s3=31382-1799-57E6EFEFE735AA9865AA9865AA A90864CB1-500X291.jpg] Yokohama Gourmet/Kanagawa Gourmet
◆Yokohama Beer Brewery/4 types of craft cans comparison set 6,710 yen Shipping fee included (photo left)
(Green Citrus Pilsner, Yokohama Wheat, Yokohama Lager, Hammacro each 350ml each x 3 each)
◆Ojima Shoten/Hamagin-yaki pork and shumai assortment 5,217 yen, shipping fee included, refrigerated (photo right)
(About 400g of grilled pork x 1, 8 pieces of shumai x 1)
[Image 16: &s3=31382-1799-8D6CD2197FFCE1A53657 696C6D603-1315X411.jpg]
◆Takanashi/Yokohama Bashamichi Ice & Monaka Assortment 3,780 yen, shipping fee included, frozen (photo left)
(Custard, Milk Dainagon, Green Tea Milk, Astringent Chestnut, each 110ml x 1, Monaka Milk, Monaka Matcha, Monaka Red Bean, Monaka Chocolate each 65ml x 2) ◆Suzuhiro Kamaboko/chilled oden set 5,433 yen Shipping fee included, refrigerated (photo right)
(Chilled Oden [Kokuuma Niboshi Soy Sauce, Refreshing Sea Bream Dashi] x 3 each)
[Image 17:× g ]
◆Otsukemono Kei/Kei Kimchi curry, Chinese cabbage & oily kimchi set 4,860 yen Shipping fee included, refrigeration (left photo)
(Kimchi curry 180g x 3, Chinese cabbage kimchi 200g x 1, oily kimchi 300g x 1) ◆Tanzawa soba main store/Tanzawa soba raw flour 100% fresh soba 5,801 yen Shipping fee included, frozen (photo on the right)
(100% raw Tanzawa soba 120g x 6, soba soup 360ml x 1)
[Image 18:×443.jpg ]
◆Sagami ham/Japanese pork ham variety assortment 5,400 yen, shipping fee included, refrigerated (photo left)
(Roast ham 47g, thigh ham 47g, Arabian sausage 72g x 2 each, bacon 52g, White wiener 120g)
◆Shonan Kobo/Shonan Mikan Juice Set 4,400 yen Shipping fee included (photo on the right)
(Shonan tangerine juice 180ml x 8)
[Image 19: &s3=31382-1799-F594664DF901FEC5D018D018D018D DAC62046B-1350×474.jpg]

Kanagawa/Yokohama Sweets
(From left in photo)
◆Marlow/pudding and chestnut yokan cool sweets set 5,994 yen, shipping fee included, refrigerated
(Hokkaido fresh cream pudding x 2, Arita mandarin orange jelly x 1, Kurimizu yokan x 2)
◆Hayama Hikage Chaya/Hikage Ryoka Assortment 11 pieces 3,240 yen (3 chilled Shiruko, 2 each of Mizu Yokan [Gozen/Matcha], 1 each of Yuzu [Yuzu, White Peach, Apricot, Summer Mandarin])
◆Chakumi/Chakumi ice cream set of 12 5,295 yen, shipping fee included, frozen (Matcha, Hojicha, Tanzawa Oyama Sencha, Genmaicha, 94ml each x 3 each)
[Image 20:×347.jpg ]
Service aspects etc.
-Exclusive benefits for Millennium members at the Gift Center- ●Midyear gift gift early special benefit event
Date: June 5th (Wednesday) to June 30th (Sunday)
Venue: 8th floor = midyear gift center
 *The special early discount event at the store is exclusive to Millennium/Club On members.
Members will receive 5% to 15% off on 869 items during the period. -Benefits at Seibu/Sogo’s shopping site “e.Department Store”- ●e.Department store mid-year gift early special benefits:
Date: May 9th (Thursday) 10:00 a.m. to July 10th (Wednesday) 11:59 p.m. On the internet, 866 items are available at 5% to 15% off.

●Seibu/Sogo shopping site “e.Department Store” (internet ordering) Shipping is free for orders over 5,000 yen + consumption tax per destination after the preferential discount.
*Applicable to orders of 5,000 yen + consumption tax – or more per destination after the preferential discount.
*Gifts that include shipping charges are not eligible.
*Items with the e. department store mark listed in the midyear gift catalog, and items posted on the internet are eligible.
*e. To use the department store, you will need to register as a 7iD member (free of charge).

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