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Home » Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd. Introducing a limited time package for the popular ice cream “Home Run Bar” with a l ottery ticket “Home Run Bar Double Points Lucky Pack”

Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd. Introducing a limited time package for the popular ice cream “Home Run Bar” with a l ottery ticket “Home Run Bar Double Points Lucky Pack”

Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd.
A limited time package of the extremely popular ice cream “Home Run Bar” with a winning lottery ticket is now available “Home Run Bar Double Points Lucky Pack”
Sales will start in stages at supermarkets nationwide from early June 2024. ……
Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Mikio Miyazaki) has doubled the application points for its “Home Run Bar” series of ice cream bars with winning lottery tickets that are loved by a wide range of ages, from children to adults. The limited edition package “Home Run Bar Points Double Lucky Pack” will be sold at supermarkets nationwide from early June.
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Home Runbar brand site: Home Run Bar was born in 1960 as Japan’s first* ice cream bar and the first ice cream with a lottery ticket, and has continued to be loved for over 60 years. This is a long-selling product. Aiming to create ice cream that is loved by everyone from adults to children, even as times change, we have created ice creams that suit the tastes of the times, such as enhancing the characteristic sweetness to a flavor that balances the richness of milk. We are making products. *According to our research, in 2023, we will carry out a major renewal of the campaign for the first time in the Home Runner series. Based on feedback from customers that they wished they could apply more easily using their smartphones instead of the traditional format of applying for “winning sticks,” we have started a new digital campaign using the official LINE account. This campaign has been very popular with customers since its renewal. The “Home Run Bar Double Points Lucky Pack” to be released this time has a special QR code for application that doubles the “application points” on the inside of the package. By accumulating application points, you can participate in a campaign where you can win “Erabel Pay” on the spot. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the campaign at a great price! *QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.
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■Campaign overview Campaign name: Eat and guess! Let’s save on the web! Exciting gift application period: All year round (Home Run Award until December 31, 2024) Target products: Home Run Bar (R) Assortment Pack Vanilla & Chocolate Home Run Bar (R) Assortment Pack Strawberry & Chocolate How to apply : [If it comes out, it will definitely be a home run award. ! ] Enter the required information on the application mount, put the hit rod in an envelope, and apply by mail. [Save points and hit the Pay] Read the middle QR code on the package, add a friend after adding LINE formula. Save up and apply for prizes: [If you win, you’ll definitely win the home run prize! ] Home Land Bar Original Sleeping Bag [Pay to accumulate points and hit the Pay] PayPay Points and Amazon Gift Cards Winning Number of Winners: [Home Run Awards! 500 people [Pay to accumulate points and hit Pay] 50,000 people * Points from the same QR code are limited to once.         *Communication costs and connection fees will be borne by the customer. 【Product Summary】
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*It may not be available at some stores. [What is Home Run Bar] Released in 1960 as Japan’s first hit ice cream, “Home Run Bar” is a long-selling product, celebrating its 64th anniversary this year. The secret to its popularity is the prizes that reflect the current state of society. In the past, prizes such as flying round UFOs and speed guns have been popular, and recently drones and LINE smart speakers have also appeared as prizes. Until now, and from now on, we will continue to deliver the excitement and thrill of winning.
[Image 3:×1992.jpg] [What is Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd.] Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd. was founded in Nagano Prefecture in December 1953 with the aim of launching a new dairy farming business that works together with producers, and became a member of the Zen-Noh Group in June 2022. Since our founding, our business philosophy has been “symbiosis between dairy farming and the dairy industry,” and we use raw milk that is milked daily by dairy farmers as our raw material.We are particular about deliciousness, and we are pursuing improvements in production technology and research and development. In addition, in Nagano Prefecture, the birthplace of our company, our employee veterinarians still support dairy farmers’ high-quality milk production and dairy farm management with detailed and careful medical care, which is a unique initiative of our company. Through the product brand “Meito” that has been loved for many years and the “Agricultural Cooperative” brand that incorporates the thoughts of dairy farmers, we are a company that continues to be loved by producers and consumers with the concept of “adding deliciousness to the brilliance of nature.” We aim to [Company profile] Company name: Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd. President: Mikio Miyazaki Head office location: 17-2 Koami-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0016 Business details: 1. Manufacture of milk, ice cream, desserts, and dairy products , Sales business details: 2. Milk-based materials business, etc. Company URL:■For product inquiries, Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center 0120-369817 (Milk Ha Ina) Reception hours/9:00-17:00

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