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Home » Vector Vision Co., Ltd. Event Report 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo Masaharu Kawamori Produced Pavilion Joint Projec t “Connecting Life! Myakumyaku Creature Quest” ecosystem observation event will be held on Awaji Island!

Vector Vision Co., Ltd. Event Report 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo Masaharu Kawamori Produced Pavilion Joint Projec t “Connecting Life! Myakumyaku Creature Quest” ecosystem observation event will be held on Awaji Island!

Vector Vision Co., Ltd.
[Event Report] 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo Masaharu Kawamori Produced Pavilion Joint Project “Connecting Life! Myakumyaku Creature Quest” ecosystem observation event will be held on Awaji Island!

[Image 1:×1838.jpg] Vector Vision Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) led by Macross series director and mechanical designer Masaharu Kawamori, Biome Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director Shogoro Fujiki), Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Prefecture, Representative Director, President and CEO) Karin Dragan), TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Prefecture, President and CEO Hideharu Maro), and Kura Sushi Co., Ltd. (Osaka Prefecture, President and Representative Director Kunihiko Tanaka) will be participating in the 2025 Japan World Expo
(hereinafter referred to as Osaka-Kansai Expo). A citizen
participation event for the joint project “Connecting Life! Myakumyaku Creature Quest” was held on May 26th (Sunday) at Nijigen no Mori on Awaji Island.
*Joint project is a general term for projects undertaken by each Signature Pavilion with partner companies.
The venue this time was Nijigen no Mori, located in Awajishima Park, surrounded by rich nature. This facility is operated by the Pasona Group, and the event was held in cooperation with the same group that exhibited the “PASONA NATUREVERSE” pavilion at the Osaka/Kansai Expo. On behalf of the group, Masato Ito, Managing Executive Officer, CBO Regional Advantage and Natureverse, Pasona Group, Inc., took the stage.
[Image 2:×1837.jpg] The Pavilion “The Adventure of Life” produced by Masaharu Kawamori offers exhibits that immerse you in the dynamism of ecosystems, allowing you to experience that we humans also exist on the basis of biodiversity. Based on the background of the pavilion, the theme of the joint project is “Nature Positive.” Because this concept and the Pasona Group’s concept of “Thank you for life” have a very high affinity, we asked Mr. Ito to speak on behalf of the group.
He said that he wanted to make people realize that health and bonds, that our bodies are connected to the ecosystem, and that humans are supported by nature.
Talk session 1.
We invited Mr. Suga, Director of the Environment Department of Hyogo Prefecture, to talk about the importance of biodiversity and actions related to conservation. Theme: The importance of biodiversity that we want to convey at the Expo Speaker: Producer Masaharu Kawamori Biome Co., Ltd. Shogoro Fujiki
Mr. Noriaki Suga, Director of the Environment Department of Hyogo Prefecture
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] It is easy to see small actions to combat climate change, such as turning off lights frequently, but the reality is that actions for the ecosystem are difficult to see.
At Biome, we want to be able to take on the role of having fun looking for living things, taking pictures, and posting them, even if you don’t have to be conscious of protecting living things.Even though it’s a simple action, it can lead to the conservation of living things. Fujiki also said that he would be happy if people could take this as an opportunity to think about consideration for living things, such as catching and photographing animals and then letting them escape, or not catching them and only photographing them.
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] Producer Kawamori, on the other hand, says that even though he has the knowledge to protect the ecosystem, he still has hurdles in taking the first step. However, with Biome, when we are filming, we are already taking the first step by going to the location. I thought it was revolutionary that we could have fun collecting data and that it would lead to conservation. When I heard this story, I wanted to work together with them, which led to our current joint project. I commented.
Mr. Suga from Hyogo Prefecture said that there are four crises that threaten biodiversity due to human activities, and that he has been working on countermeasures by formulating the “Biodiversity Hyogo Strategy,” which outlines specific action guidelines that will lead to solutions. I received it.
In preparation for the Osaka/Kansai Expo, the Hyogo Prefecture Environment Department has set the theme of “revitalizing satoyama and satoumi.”
Currently, in Hyogo Prefecture, trees are being cut down to be used as fuel for boilers in a woodland in the Nishitani district of Takarazuka City. It helps take care of Satoyama, and since it does not use oil, it also helps prevent global warming. In this way, we would like to promote new satoyama initiatives together with the traditional satoyama of Kurokawa, Kawanishi City, which is said to be the best in Japan. I heard from you.
[Image 5:×1542.jpg] Mr. Suga also spoke about alien species, which is one of the threats to biodiversity. Exterminating alien species that affect traditional ecosystems is costly and difficult, and in order to exterminate them, we need to know where they are. Meanwhile, Fujiki also commented that he is using Biome to help with biological surveys in Hyogo Prefecture. In response to the story of Satoyama in Hyogo Prefecture, producer Kawamori said that he feels that there are not many places where nature and humans are very close and it is valuable. It is important to have a place where you can see the cycle as a whole. If Satoyama conservation does not demonstrate the possibility that ecosystems can be enriched by human intervention, all development will turn out to be bad, and human civilization will no longer be possible. There was a comment that it is not impossible for humans and nature to coexist. Talk session 2.
A talk session was held with three companies that are partner companies of the Masaharu Kawamori Pavilion and owners of Quest. Theme: What we want to convey through the Expo: How humans and nature will interact in the future
Speaker: Producer Masaharu Kawamori
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd. EXPO Sales Promotion Department Self Ms. Sarai
TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd. Expo Promotion Office EXPO2025 Business Promotion Group
Mr. Toride Kakutani
   Kura Sushi Co., Ltd. Public Relations/IR Headquarters Public Relations Department
Mr. Yuichiro Koyama
[Image 6:×1837.jpg] -Comments from each company-
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd.
EXPO Sales Promotion Department Self Sarai
We would like to convey the importance of protecting and nurturing water, which is irreplaceable to our business, and the importance of forest conservation, which is essential to this end. As a company that uses water, our mission is to conserve forests, grasslands, other water source areas and ecosystems, and to pass on the global environment to the next generation in a sustainable manner. Forests have the function of cultivating water sources that produce
high-quality water that is essential to our lives, and the function of conserving biodiversity by maintaining connections between various living things.
At our company, we are conducting forest conservation activities in all of our 17 factories’ water source areas through thinning and tree planting to cultivate abundant groundwater and create an environment that is comfortable for a variety of creatures to live in. In addition, we hold an environmental experience program, the Coca-Cola ‘Learn from the Forests’ Project, in the surrounding areas of each factory, providing opportunities for many people to learn about forest, water, and biodiversity conservation, and providing local It conveys the importance of protecting and nurturing nature and living things.
With your cooperation, this joint project will allow us to understand the ecosystems of plants and insects that live in forests in more detail, so we can use this ecosystem data to further promote biodiversity conservation. I want to do it.
Another important initiative in our business is to replace PET bottles with sustainable materials and contribute to the recycling of PET bottles. We hope to use the Osaka/Kansai Expo as a place to
communicate these efforts.
[Image 7:×1328.jpg] TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd.
Expo Promotion Office EXPO2025 Business Promotion Group Toride Kakutani TOPPAN removed the word “printing” from its company name last year, but since it is a company that does printing, it is a company that handles a lot of paper. As a company, we are working on environmental protection while setting goals for how to coexist with nature and the trees that are the raw material for paper.
As part of this effort, some companies have biotopes within their factories and research institutes, where they can preserve the plants and creatures that originally inhabited the area. In this context, we are working to conserve biodiversity in cooperation with local residents and local governments.
At the “Cosmic Window,” one of the exhibits where you can feel life, you can experience the workings of life through overwhelming high-definition images projected on a huge screen. In his production, he utilizes the realistic visual expression techniques he has cultivated through printing.
In addition, we are helping to recreate the virtual world so that people can feel the roots of the cycle of life.
[Image 8:×1364.jpg] Kura Sushi Co., Ltd.
Public Relations and IR Headquarters Public Relations Department Yuichiro Koyama As a company that handles fish, we have a great responsibility to preserve the ocean’s precious blessings and marine resources. Of the approximately 15,000 species of fish in the world, we actually eat only about 500. Wild fish is purchased directly from fishermen across the country and sold as sushi. Some of them are low-use fish that are rarely seen. For example, dolphinfish is said to be a fast fish and is not widely distributed in Japan. In addition, because the sea bream eats a lot of seaweed, its flesh has a unique aroma of the ocean, making it a fish that is difficult to buy. However, this unique seaside aroma can be reduced by cooking the cabbage for a certain period of time, resulting in a taste that will appeal to everyone. In this way, they are purchasing low-use fish and commercializing it. Rather than purchasing only fish that are in high demand, it is important to make use of the fish that fishermen catch, and we believe that such efforts will lead to biodiversity.
We also conduct on-site lessons on the SDGs for elementary schools. We are developing this project with the hope that children, who will be responsible for the future, will start working on what they can do every day to help preserve the diversity of the ocean.
The company is also planning to open a store at the Osaka/Kansai Expo based on the concept of “Rotating belts bring the world together.” A rotating belt has no beginning or end. I think this has something in common with the philosophy of the Expo, and I think that conveyor belt sushi can contribute to people from all over the world gathering at the Osaka/Kansai Expo and deepening their interactions.
[Image 9:×1568.jpg] After hearing the passion of the three companies, producer Kawamori said that they were blessed with partner companies. Diversity is not simply the presence of many different things, but rather the creation of a cycle in which each person expresses themselves in their own unique way. I believe that the state in which you are able to demonstrate what you are good at is the state in which your life shines. This applies not only to humans but to all living things. I commented.
-You can watch the video of the day’s press conference here-
[Video 2:] [Looking for living things]
After the press announcement, participants searched for living things and plants in the field on Awaji Island using the free app “Biome.” Today, we announced the creatures discovered and posted on Awaji Island on the special page for the “Adventures Around Life” joint project on the official website of Masaharu Kawamori. Please take a look.
“Life is connected! Myakumyaku Creature Quest” official page
Masaharu Kawamori official website Osaka/Kansai Expo special page
[Masaharu Kawamori Profile]
animation director
mechanic designer
vision creator
2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo Theme Business Producer
Representative works: “Macross” series (original story, director, mechanical design), “Aquarion” series (original story, director, mechanical design), “Escaflowne in the Sky” (original story, supervisor, series composition), “Ihatov Fantasy KENJI’s Spring” (original work, director), “Earth Girl Arjuna” (original work, director)
Design related: “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “New Century GPX Cyber ​​Formula”, “Armored Core”, “Eureka Seven”, “Demon Ex Machina”, Sony “AIBO”, “ERS-220” ”, Nissan Dualis “Powered Suit Dualis”, Sony smart watch wena original model board design, etc.
Vector Vision Co., Ltd.
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