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Home » Kamitsubaki “Shido” from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO releases their 6th single “Cold Halo” today!

Kamitsubaki “Shido” from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO releases their 6th single “Cold Halo” today!

[Kamitsubaki] “Shido” from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO releases their 6th single “Cold Halo” today!

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Press release: June 6, 2024
Shido, a member of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, releases his 6th single “Cold Halo” today!
*Original MV released today, June 6th (Thursday) at 7pm*
* ■June 6th (Thursday) Shido new single “Cold Halo” digital release & MV released*
STUDIO singer Shido released his 6th original song “Cold Halo” digitally on June 6th (Thursday). Wiz_nicc, a composer with unique musicality, is in charge of writing, composing, and arranging the song.
This will be Shido’s first collaboration since his debut song “Suiko” released in April 2023.
It’s a sad and beautiful song, with Shido’s clear singing voice expressing the difficult feelings of life, set on a guitar pop sound, and the poetry rap part brings out the emotional side of the song even more.
The original MV, illustrated by popular illustrator Mello Moxibustion, will be premiered on Shido YouTube Ch from 19:00 on the same day. * ■Shido 6th Single “Cold Halo” *
IIllustration: Moxibustion field Melo

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Wiz_nicc
Distribution URL:
MV: (released on June 6th (Thursday) 19:00) * ■Shido Artist Profile*
At the age of 13, he started broadcasting his solo guitar performances on SNS under the name “410”. In the midst of the pandemic, he dedicated his youth to music, live-streaming his singing and singing almost every day and posting videos in the hopes of “bringing comfort to others.”
In the spring of 2023, he will debut from SINSEKAI RECORD as “Shido”. He has gained support from listeners for his gentle, sweet and relaxed singing voice and skillful acoustic guitar playing.
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