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LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. “GL HOME Grand FC Convention 2024” will be held in Sendai

LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.
“GL HOME Grand FC Convention 2024” will be held in Sendai
Awards for activities in 2023
GL Home Company
On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, GL Home Company, LIXIL Housing Institute Co., Ltd., held an event at Royal Albert Court Sendai in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, with the participation of over 70 member stores, headquarters, and related parties from all over the country. GL HOME GrandFC Convention 2024” was held to recognize the achievements of each member store in 2023.
[Image 1:×2113.jpg] 2024 GL Home All Stores Awards Ceremony
[Image 2:×2113.jpg] 2024 GL Home All Stores Awards Ceremony
[Image 3:×2480.jpg] 2024 GL Home All Stores Awards Ceremony
Continuing from last year, this year’s store-wide competition was held under the theme of “#ONE HEART.” Also, this time, in keeping with GL Home, the theme colors were green and pink, and the dress code was American smart casual. As this was the second time we had a dress code, all member stores participated in casual attire of their choice, and it was a homely experience for member stores who would not normally get to meet each other. At the beginning of the award ceremony, our president, Nobuhiko Kashima, gave words of praise to the winners, and Shoji Nishihama, who has been appointed president of GL Home Company since October last year, congratulated the winners and gave a speech of praise to the winners. We talked about the philosophy of the home and its future direction. In addition, in recognition of the achievements of franchisees over the past year, headquarters staff read out the award recipients, and all franchisees and headquarters staff congratulated each other on their achievements. GL Home Maebashi store won the GL HOME OF THE YEAR Grand Prix, the highest award in the new construction category. In addition, the Maebashi store was outstanding, receiving awards such as the 2011 Individual Sales Award, Individual CS Award (Design/Construction), Group CS Award, and Design Contest. The winners and winning stores of various contests in 2023 are as follows. GL Home’s slogan is “Building homes that value what you like,” and by working with our member stores to create homes that each customer can enjoy, we offer an American lifestyle that proposes a Western lifestyle and Japanese quality. We will do our best to provide you with a home that will please you.
◆Award Ceremony Winners of each award (excerpts from the contest awards)
[Image 4:×1196.jpg ]
◆Company overview
Company Name: LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd. GL Home Company Representative: Shoji Nishihama, President, GL Home Company Head Office Address: 1-1-1 Nishishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0033 URL [LIXIL Housing Research Institute Co., Ltd.] https://www     [GL Home]◆LIXIL Housing Research Institute Overview Manufacture and sale of housing and building construction materials and equipment, and housing franchise chain. We are a member of LIXIL, which develops comprehensive housing related businesses such as management. As a company responsible for operating the housing franchise chain business, we have developed three brands: Iful Home, Fierce Home, and GL Home, and are developing one of the largest housing franchise chain businesses in Japan. GL Home Overview GL Home was founded in 1970. Founded as “Daiichi Mokkou”. In 2020, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. In 1974, when the 2×4 construction method became open to the public as a general construction method for residential construction, we were among the first to introduce it. Since then, we have built up a track record as Japan’s leading 2×4 housing company, and based on our founding philosophy of “a home where you can enjoy your life first and foremost,” we are promoting the idea of ​​“enjoying your home as you and your family.” doing. This year, we are proposing an American lifestyle with the theme of “Let’s have fun at home.”

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