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Home » Life Vision Co., Ltd. Petite la’ deux, a shop for feminine blossoming, won the “Reproductive Health Award ” at the 1st Reproductive Health Awards

Life Vision Co., Ltd. Petite la’ deux, a shop for feminine blossoming, won the “Reproductive Health Award ” at the 1st Reproductive Health Awards

Life Vision Co., Ltd.
Petite la’ deux, a shop where femininity blossoms, wins the
“Reproductive Health Award” at the 1st Reproductive Health Awards ……
Petiteladeux (hereinafter referred to as Petiteladeux), a shop for femininity blossoming operated by Life Vision Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters/Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, President/Mitsuyuki Oku), provides comprehensive sex education support for children and support for people trying to conceive. Sponsored by the NPO TGP (representative: Riko Higashio), which engages in community
management, lectures, and other activities to provide knowledge about health and reproduction, this event aims to promote understanding and initiatives for reproductive health throughout society. We are pleased to announce that we have received the “Reproductive Health Award” at the “Reproductive Health Awards 2024,” which recognizes activities, products, etc.
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What is the “Reproductive Health Award”?
Through awards, we will recognize outstanding initiatives, people, students, schools, organizations, products/services, companies, etc. related to reproductive health. With the theme of “Shining light on innovation for a healthy society that respects self and others,” we hope to accelerate understanding of reproductive health throughout society by sharing initiatives that serve as excellent models. It was established with the aim of contributing to the creation of a future where everyone can live their own lives in everything related to having children, and the executive committee led by Riko Higashio, chairperson of the NPO TGP and chairperson of the Reproductive Health Award executive committee, and 8 Based on a strict examination by a jury of 300 people and a special judge (International NGO JOICFP), one company was awarded a Gold Award, one company was awarded a Silver Award, one company was awarded a Bronze Award, and other awards were given for the Reproductive Health Award. We have selected people who are expected to be “RH leaders.”
Petit Radu Award-winning product “Cloth napkins”
Thoughts about the brand when applying
[Image 2:×539.jpg] Menstruation is a natural beauty treatment that can detox your body and mind. During this period, the effects of “self-love,” which means taking care of yourself, will be more effective than usual. “Normal” reactions such as lowered resistance, fatigue and sleepiness are the body’s signs that it needs a good rest. I want you to cherish this special period even more. With this in mind, in addition to cloth napkins, we also wear pajamas that improve the quality of your sleep to get a good night’s sleep, loungewear that makes your body happy, relax with underwear that doesn’t tighten, and warm your body with hot water bottles, ankle warmers, and brown rice warmers. There are also items that warm you up. We hope that you will start using cloth napkins as an opportunity to properly accept the monthly menstruation that only women have, allow yourself time to rest and heal, and live a fulfilling life.
Petit Ladou Owner Sakiko Fujimoto Comments
The background behind our entry into the Reproductive Health Award at Petit Ladou is that in reproductive health, “In all matters related to sex and reproduction, the will of the person is respected physically, mentally, and socially, and This is because I resonated with the concept of “being able to live your life in a way that suits you.”
Petit Ladoux is a brand based on the concept of “making you love your period even more.” Through cloth napkins, we hope that by accepting and liking your period more, you will be able to see being a woman in a positive light, and live a happy life in your own way, whether you are on your period or not. I’m making it.
By receiving this Reproductive Health Award, I would like to contribute in some small way to creating a society where more women can shine by creating products that support women, such as cloth napkins. I am.
What is reproductive health?
“In all matters related to sexuality and reproduction, a person’s wishes are respected physically, mentally, and socially, and they are able to live their lives in their own way.” This concept was proposed at the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994. In Japan, as a national policy, the Cabinet Office’s Gender Equality Bureau promotes awareness of reproductive health and promotes measures to “support women’s health throughout their lives*,” but this term has not been proposed. Even now, nearly 30 years later, there is little discussion or improvement due to low awareness and interest. Even from a global perspective, we are behind the times and many issues remain. Efforts by society as a whole, including companies, are required to protect the rights of all people and lead safe, secure, and healthy lives.
About Petit Radu
Owner Sakiko Fujimoto
[Image 3:×459.png ]
Born in 1981, from Aomori Prefecture.
A leading figure who launched petite la’ deux in 2009 and has worked hard to popularize cloth napkins in Japan.
Petite La’ Deux’s products include super cute cloth napkins that will make you look forward to your period, and many other items that will help you face yourself. We hope every day that all women can love themselves and be beautiful and healthy, and we will do our best to help you blossom into your feminine side.
Publication History: How to be loved by the God of Beauty [Special Appendix] Cloth napkins & panty liners
Set of 2 (Kadokawa SSC Mook 2021.1.25)
Petit Radu Manager Yuko Kobayashi
[Image 4:×414.jpg] Born in 1975, from Aomori Prefecture.
Brand manager of petite la’ deux.
For six years since joining the company, she has been engaged in disseminating information about cloth napkins and supporting events in order to support the blossoming of femininity. In charge of product sales.
Petite la’ deux’s cloth napkins sharpen your body’s senses through your five senses. We would like to deliver the depth of care with cloth napkins to more people as an opportunity to reconsider the negative concept that menstruation = blue day.

Petit Radu official website
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Official Instagram
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