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Home » Japan Functional Cosmetics Research Institute Co., Ltd. Event Report Centara Grand Hotel Osaka x frunflynn c ollaboration dessert buffet “Thailand Summer Fruit x Frunflynn” media reception held

Japan Functional Cosmetics Research Institute Co., Ltd. Event Report Centara Grand Hotel Osaka x frunflynn c ollaboration dessert buffet “Thailand Summer Fruit x Frunflynn” media reception held

Japan Functional Cosmetics Research Institute Co., Ltd.
[Event Report] Centara Grand Hotel Osaka x Frunflynn Collaboration Dessert Buffet “Thai Meets Summer Fruit x Frunflynn” Media Reception Held
A media tasting event for a collaborative dessert buffet will be held between a hotel from Thailand and “frunflynn”
Japan Functional Cosmetics Research Institute Co., Ltd.
( is a Thai-Japanese hybrid cosmetics brand “frunflynn” and a Thai-based “Centara Grand Hotel Osaka (location: Osaka City)”. In collaboration with 2-11-50 Namba Junior High School, Naniwa-ku, General Manager: Shigeki Nakagawa), the event will be held only on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays from June 8th (Saturday) to September 1st (Sunday), 2024. , a media reception for the dessert buffet “Thai meets Summer Fruit x Furunfurin” was held on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.
[Image 1:×854.jpg] Dessert buffet “Thai meets summer fruit x Furunfurin”
[Image 2:×569.jpg] A collaboration between the Thai x Japanese hybrid cosmetics brand “frunflynn” and the Thai-based “Centara Grand Hotel Osaka”, which will celebrate its first anniversary on July 1, 2024 (Monday), has been realized. From June 8th (Saturday) to September 1st (Sunday), 2024, the dessert buffet “Thai meets Summer Fruit x Furunfurin” will be available at the Thai restaurant “Suan Bua” on the second floor of the hotel, only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The event will be held at
The dessert buffet features sweets such as cakes, tarts, and jellies made with plenty of summer fruits such as mango and muscat, which are in season during the summer, savories that are traditional Thai dishes arranged with fruits, and the popular acai that can be customized to your liking. You can enjoy over 45 different menu items, including bowls.
Sweets and photo spots that reflect the worldview of the Thai cosmetics brand “frunflynn” will also be available. All guests who come to the dessert buffet will receive a free bottle of Frunflynn Shine You Glow Tint, which is popular as a lipstick that won’t fall off.
Media reception held
[Image 3:×960.jpg] Prior to holding this collaboration dessert buffet, a tasting event for the media was held on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.
A “frunflynn” display corner has been set up in the store, where you can actually see the brand’s various products such as lipstick and eyeshadow palettes.
At the beginning of the event, Ai Reynolds, Marketing Communications Director of Centara Grand Hotel Osaka, introduced the hotel and provided information about the collaboration buffet.
“The theme is summer fruits and Thai food, and for the first time, we have also prepared sweets that reflect the worldview of the popular Thai cosmetics brand, Furunfurin.Thai cosmetics are now as popular as Korean cosmetics. We have decided to work together with Centara, a hotel in Thailand, because of the growing popularity of the hotel.” Next, our representative director, Sayo Hayashi, gave a greeting and an explanation about Furunfurin.
“We are very happy to have realized this wonderful collaboration with Centara Grand Hotel Osaka. Furunfurin is a hybrid cosmetics brand jointly developed by Thailand and Japan, which means “sparkling, glittering, dazzling” in Thai. “Shine You Glow Tint” has received high praise, including winning the Anan Mote Cosmetics Award as a lip product that won’t fall off.Please try it while enjoying the buffet. I sent a message.
*anan No. 2365 released on September 20th Mote Cosmetics Award New standard category Furunfurin “Shine You Glow Tint” won the “Lip award that moisturizes without falling off”
Makeup demonstration by Suisai Taniguchi
[Image 4:×862.jpg] Hair and makeup artist Suisa Taniguchi and freelance announcer Mari Miura took to the stage to give a makeup demonstration using “frunflynn.”
She taught me tips on how to apply lipstick and makeup that is perfect for summer.
[Eye makeup & cheek]
For the eyeshadow, I used “Shine You Eyeshadow Palette” 02 Shining Thursday at Dusk (orange).
(1) As a base, spread the third rose gold from the left on the top row of the palette over the entire eyelid.
(2) Apply the second sunset orange from the left on the top row to the entire eyehole. Apply the same color to your lower eyelid.
(3) Apply Shine Coco, second from the right on the bottom of the palette, to the middle of the eyelid and above the black eye for a glossy, three-dimensional look.
(4) Apply Magic Light, the large glitter in the center of the palette, all over the upper eyelid. When you put it on, it matches other colors and looks sparkly and gorgeous depending on the angle. Since clothes tend to be simpler in the summer, layering your makeup a little darker than usual will give you a gorgeous look. We recommend applying it to just below your eyebrows, as it will reflect the light when it hits your eyebrows and make your skin look nice and bright.
(5) Apply Aurora Mist from the top of the palette to about 1/3 of the way on your lower eyelid.
(6) The key to summer makeup in 2024 is aggressive cheeks. The eyeshadow palette can also be used for cheeks. Take the two colors from the top of the palette, rose gold and sunset orange, on your brush and mix them together with the back of your hand. Apply it gently over your nose and onto your cheeks for a slightly tanned blush. Add a balanced and cute look with healthy eye makeup and makeup.
It has a slight pink element in the base, so it’s a palette that can be used regardless of your personal color. She told me that the three textures of glitter, pearl, and matte give different impressions, so if you want a natural look, just use matte, and if you want a glamorous look, use the glitter or pearl textures used this time to create a gorgeous finish.
[Lip makeup]
Uses 03 Fig and 05 Golden Shower from Shine You Glow Tint, which is popular as a lipstick that won’t fall off.
(1) Paint 03. Even if you apply it lightly once, we recommend layering it if you want a crisp finish. When applied, it is coated with a glass-like glossy film that gradually develops color. As time passes, it becomes even more sticky.
(2) Overlap 03 in the middle. Apply on the outside of your lips in a blurred motion to create a smudge-like texture.
(3) Layer 05 and add orange.
Summer juicy and healthy makeup for adults is now complete.
Even when layered, the colors do not fight with each other, so it is recommended to combine them. You can also have fun creating colors. “It really doesn’t come off!” he said, showing how even after applying it on his hands and rubbing it, it didn’t come off, and the audience erupted in surprise.
To commemorate this first collaboration, all guests attending the dessert buffet will receive a bottle of Furunfurin Shine You Glow Tint per person. You can enjoy the dessert buffet to your heart’s content without having to worry about touching up your makeup.
[Image 5:×853.jpg] Afterwards, there was a lively and friendly atmosphere at the buffet table and photo spot, as well as the tasting session, and the venue had a lively and fun atmosphere from beginning to end.
Collaboration sweets that express Furunfurin’s worldview
[Image 6:×853.jpg] In a corner of the exotic space of the Thai restaurant “Suan Bua”, which is reminiscent of a lively Thai street food stall, collaborative sweets that express the Hurunfurin brand image will appear. Inspired by the brand’s signature product “Shine You Glow Tint,” the cupcake toppings are inspired by the lip-shaped chocolate “Frunfurin Bonbon,” which is studded with delicate glitter, and lips with the language of flowers. The buffet table will be adorned with
#ShineSweets that are heart-warming just by looking at them, such as “flower cupcakes” and “jelly glasses” that express the brand theme of “sparkle.” In addition, the drink corner offers five types of mocktails that reflect the brand color pink. Please enjoy the “Frunfurin Pink Mocktail”, which uses rose, strawberry, and cherry syrup for a sweet and refreshing taste.
Event overview
[Image 7:×853.jpg] ■Date: Held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from June 8th (Saturday) to September 1st (Sunday), 2024
■Time: 15:00-17:00
■Location: Thai restaurant “Suan Bua” (2nd floor of Centara Grand Hotel Osaka) ■Price: 6,800 yen per person, 3,400 yen for children (4-12 years old) ■Bonus: One free bottle of “Furunfurin Shine You Glow Tint” per person *You cannot choose the color. *Applicable only to those paying adult rates.
■Reservation: ■Inquiries: TEL: 06-6695-7204 / E-mail: [Menu example]
– Furunfurin collaboration sweets – Flower cupcake, palette cookie, jelly glass, lip candy, Furunfurin bonbon, carrot cake, raspberry pistachio mousse
-Summer Fruit Sweets – Coconut Mango Dacoise, Muscat Shortcake, Melon Charlotte, Summer Rainbow Cake, Lemon Meringue Tart, Chocolate Banana Fudge, Chocolate Banana, Grass Sweets, Various Tropical Fruit Jelly, Watermelon Jelly
-Thai food-Spicy salad tart with shrimp and summer vegetables, bite-sized fried vermicelli, Thai-style yakitori, stir-fried red rice noodles, som tam (papaya salad) with salmon roe, spicy shrimp dip with rice cracker, tom yum goong, pineapple and shrimp Red curry, tom yum fried rice, watermelon jasmine rice
-Thai sweets – Mango sticky rice (Khao Niao Mamuang), steam noodles with coconut milk, coconut noodles, Thai agar jelly, watermelon with fish powder
-Fresh fruits – mango, watermelon, melon, pineapple, orange, pink grapefruit, buntang
– Acai Bowl – Frozen berry mix, mango, kiwi, banana, cereal, coconut chips, honey, mixed nuts, dried fruit