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J:COM “J:COM BUSINESS” launched to further strengthen corporate business brand

“J:COM BUSINESS” launched to further strengthen corporate business brand ……
JCOM Co., Ltd. (J:COM, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Yoichi Iwaki) is a corporation with the desire to work with local companies and local governments to realize a future where customers and local communities continue to be
prosperous. We will develop our business brand as “J:COM BUSINESS.”
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As a broadcasting and telecommunications carrier, J:COM has provided support, including providing disaster prevention and crime prevention services that support the formation of safe and secure communities, based on the brand message of “making new things the norm.” . Additionally, event planning and PR activities conducted by our own regional producers*1 have deepened our relationships with the local community and built bonds of trust over the years. Furthermore, by taking over KDDI Corporation’s cable TV-related business*2 on January 1, 2024, we have further strengthened our partnerships with cable TV operators nationwide.
These relationships and initiatives will continue and deepen at the newly launched “J:COM BUSINESS,” thereby helping companies solve problems and supporting government DX, thereby contributing to customers’ business growth. I will continue to do so.
J:COM embodies the message of “making new things the norm,” and works with local partners to promote activities that will build a bridge to sustainability, regional wealth, and the future.
*1 At J:COM, in addition to collecting and disseminating information unique to community-based media, 141 regional producers serve as contact points, and full-time staff with deep knowledge of the region respond to a variety of needs, including event planning and
promotional support in each region. (Numbers are as of the end of May 2024).
*2 For details, see the press release below. J:COM sustainability
J:COM promotes sustainability management through its business activities. As a company that supports the enriched lives of our customers, we contribute to sustainable local communities, and we aim to achieve four materialities for all people involved in the global environment, the foundation of which. The 12 more specific
sub-materialities have been reset for fiscal 2023.
-Materiality related to this project-
Materiality: “Contribution to safe, secure and sustainable local communities” Sub-materiality: “Co-creation with local communities” For the sustainable growth of local communities, we work with local governments and partners to solve unique local issues such as transportation, medical care, and education through DX. In addition, we have assigned “regional producers” who are in charge of promotions to 65 stations nationwide, who propose plans for regional revitalization and disseminate detailed information through
community-based media such as “community channels.” We will create a positive local community.
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