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on-shi-on Co., Ltd. Launch of “scouteacher”, a scout-type recruitment site for teachers

[on-shi-on Co., Ltd.] Launch of “scouteacher”, a scout-type
recruitment site for teachers

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Press release: June 6, 2024
Launch of “scouteacher,” a scout-type recruitment site for teachers. *Scouts will be sent directly to teachers from the school. Introducing a direct recruiting system to school education to achieve win-win matching between schools and teachers. *
Information on “Scout Teacher”, a scout-type recruitment site for teachers. on-shi-on Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshiyuki Haneda), which operates an educational services business, announced on June 6, 2024 that it will launch the school education version of the direct recruiting service “scouteacher”. ” is now available.

Background to the launch of “Scout Teacher”
Our company, on-shi-on Co., Ltd., obtained approval as a paid employment placement business on August 1, 2023, and has been providing recruitment services specializing in part-time instructors. Since the service began, we have received strong inquiries from both teachers and schools to hire part-time instructors. On the other hand, as the shortage of teachers in Japanese schools becomes a major social issue, we have realized that there is a growing need to hire not only part-time teachers but also full-time and full-time school teachers.

Therefore, we have decided to expand the scope of our recruitment services to include not only part-time instructors but also full-time instructors and full-time instructors. With today’s release of “Scout Teacher”, you can register all teachers, from full-time full-time teachers to part-time part-time teachers, and you can specify your preferred work style when registering your profile. Schools can also search for teachers by work type. “Scout Teacher” is a recruitment site specializing in school education, responding to needs for teachers by employment type based on schools’ recruitment plans and needs for various work styles according to teachers’ lifestyles. I am.

Utilization of web direct recruiting in teacher recruitment
Recently, in job hunting and mid-career recruitment for new graduates, so-called direct recruiting (*) recruitment services are being used, such as the “scout type” and “reverse recruitment type,” in which companies directly approach job seekers. In the field of school education as well, it is expected that a variety of employment forms utilizing technology will expand in the future. “Scout Teacher” can be used as a direct recruiting platform that allows schools looking for teachers and teachers who wish to take the teaching position to communicate directly on the website without involving the human resources of a recruitment agency. .

(*)Direct recruiting in this release is a general term for a recruitment method in which a company that is recruiting directly contacts a job seeker and recommends that they apply to the company, rather than a method in which a job seeker applies to the company. means. Strictly speaking, scouting and direct recruiting are different in some respects, but in this release we treat them as the same thing.

Message screen for teacher users and school users
Efficient matching by registering free time schedules
Based on his experience working as a part-time instructor at junior high and high schools, our representative, Mr. Haneda, has seen first-hand the current situation where schools are facing the urgent issue of teacher shortages, and the needs of teachers who want to work at schools are not fully matched. I’ve been to In particular, when filling vacancies during the academic year, in addition to the requirements of work location and subject, there was also a matching requirement of matching the timetable, which was a factor that hindered rapid recruitment.

Therefore, in “Scout Teacher”, teacher users register their desired work location, school type and subject for their teaching license, as well as their weekly free schedule, and the days of the week they are available to work and class times are made available only to school users. can do. School users can search for teacher users on the site, check the latest available slots, and then send scouts, making the matching more accurate for both parties.

Screen of teacher user’s weekly free schedule as seen from school user (displays part of profile screen)
Intended users of “Scout Teacher” and future plans
At the beginning of the service, we will primarily seek registration from teacher users in the Tokyo metropolitan area and provide opportunities for scouting by private schools located in the metropolitan area. Next, we plan to expand our registered teacher base through marketing activities aimed at aspiring teachers nationwide, and expand our system so that we can receive scouts from private schools in all prefectures.

In the future, we will continue to improve the quality of our service so that it can be used by anyone who wants to work as a teacher, and can be used by all types of public schools located throughout Japan, as a matching platform that connects schools and teachers. We will strive to expand the functionality.

This service is seen not only as a job change for current teachers to improve their careers or change careers, but also as an initiative aimed at resolving the nationwide teacher shortage. Therefore, user registration as a teacher is available not only to current teachers, but also to those who obtained a teaching license but were employed by a private company, those who were employed as teachers but have now left the teaching profession, and those who have reached retirement age. We are looking for people from various backgrounds, including veterans.

Students currently enrolled in a teaching course who plan to obtain a teaching license and graduate students who have already obtained a teaching license can also register. We will continue to actively work on this with the aim of diversifying and multi-tracking the career paths of those involved in the teaching profession.
Click here for details on Scout Teacher Please use the service website to register as a teacher.
For inquiries regarding use by school personnel, please use the contact page. About on-shi-on Co., Ltd.
on-shi-on Co., Ltd. has the mission of “creating education and a world that fosters the zest for life in children and everyone involved with children through freelance teachers who live freely and happily.” We are an educational venture company that provides services for
If you have any inquiries regarding teacher registration on Scout Teacher, a scout-type recruitment site for teachers, or the use of services by school corporations, please contact us through the inquiry form on the service site.
In addition, for inquiries other than the “Scout Teacher” business, inquiries from companies and media, and job applications for our company, please contact us from the contact page on on-shi-on Co., Ltd.’s corporate website.

Company Profile
Company name: on-shi-on Co., Ltd.
Established: March 2021
Representative: Yoshiyuki Hada
Address: GRANDIR OTEMACHI 503, 1-15-7 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Corporate website:
Click here for details on Scout Teacher management company

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