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Home » Ocean and Japan Project Public Relations Office All plastic-free event! Fukui Marine Litter Action Championshi p held! “Fukudon World Bowl Festival” was held!

Ocean and Japan Project Public Relations Office All plastic-free event! Fukui Marine Litter Action Championshi p held! “Fukudon World Bowl Festival” was held!

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
All plastic free event! Fukui Marine Litter Action Championship held! “Fukudon World Bowl Festival” was held!
June 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun), 2024 [Happy Terrace – Fukui Station Train Street] ……
The Fukudon Prefecture Project, a general incorporated association, brings together 5 stores listed in “Fukudon Book”, 10 stores from outside the prefecture, and 5 stores from overseas to sell rice bowls using seafood that Fukui and the whole country are proud of. The “Fukudon World Bowl Festival” was held on June 1st and 2nd.
This event will be held as part of the marine litter countermeasure project “Ocean and Japan Project – CHANGE FOR THE BLUE” promoted by the Nippon Foundation.
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Event overview
・Event Overview: Fukudon World Bowl Festival
・Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024, 11:00-19:00, Sunday, June 2, 2024, 10:00-16:00 ・Venue: Fukui City Lively Exchange Facility Hapilin 1st floor Hapiterrace ~ Fukui Station Train Street
・Number of participants: 50,000 people
・Cooperating organization: Machizukuri Fukui Co., Ltd.
                                                            Fukui Prefectural Fukui Agriculture and Forestry High School, Fukui Prefectural Wakasa High School, Fukui Commercial High School Fukui High School attached to Fukui National College of
Technology/Fukui Institute of Technology
Seibu Fukui store
Solid Lab Co., Ltd. / Manufacturing exchange base Tonkan Terrace FUKUIRAYS (Fukui Maruoka RUCK, Fukui Eiheiji Blue Thunder, Vercosta Fukui) Fukui Prefecture Energy and Environment Department Environmental Policy Division An all-plastic-free event using edible containers and paper rice cakes! This event is an event in which all containers and bags are made from plastic-free products in order to raise awareness of zero marine litter. We aimed to be the ultimate plastic-free food event by serving food in bagasse containers, edible containers, and paper rice cakes. (Baggasse container: 100% biodegradable container made from sugarcane residue)
In addition, this time we will be serving rice bowls using three new types of edible bowls (shrimp, starch, and wheat bran).
Inside the venue, we set up shop signs promoting plastic-free, panels explaining the purpose of providing bagasse containers and edible utensils, and panels promoting marine litter issues.
[Image 2:×1125.jpg] There will also be a tasting session of edible utensils!
At this year’s “Fukudon World Bowl Festival,” we will be holding a “tasting session for edible bowls” and a “trial session for making edible bowls” at the Umi to Japan Project “Fukudon Prefecture Booth.” At the “edible bowl tasting event,” participants sampled edible bowls of shrimp, starch, and wheat bran, and answered a questionnaire. In the survey, many people answered, “I didn’t know there were edible containers,” and some also asked, “Which container would you like to purchase in the future: “plastic containers,” “bagasse
containers,” or “edible containers?” ”, many people answered “a bowl that can be eaten.” We would like to collect the responses from the survey and utilize them in our future activities.
At the “Experience event for making edible utensils”, many visitors, mainly children, were interested and visited our booth, and each day we were able to have more than 50 people try out our products.
[Image 3:×1125.jpg ]
“Fukui Marine Litter Action Championship” will be held!
We have been recruiting high school students in the prefecture to submit their “Marine Litter Reduction Action Plans” since spring, and the final judging of the “Fukui Marine Litter Action
Championship” will be held by the five teams that won the first screening on the “Fukudon World Bowl Festival” stage. held. We also streamed live at the same time.
The participants are as follows.
1. Entry number 1: Fukui Prefectural Fukui Agriculture and Forestry High School Let’s play with sea trash
2. Entry number 2: Fukui Prefectural Wakasa High School Proposes ordinance to solve marine litter problem
3. Entry number 3: Fukui Commercial High School Barefoots
4. Entry number 4: Yuzuki Sakuma, Fukui National College of Technology 5. Entry number 5 Fukui High School attached to Fukui Institute of Technology N-M-D (Maribou)
The examination items are as follows.
1. “Thoughts/Ideas”
2. “Social contribution”
3. “Feasibility”
4. “Enthusiasm”
5. “Slide”
6. “Presentation content”
Each contestant clearly communicated their thoughts on the marine litter problem to the audience, and explained why they came up with this plan, resulting in a presentation that conveyed their feelings toward the ocean.
The grand prize winner was entry number 4, Yuki Sakuma from Fukui National College of Technology. The proposed action plan is to “make musical instruments from marine debris, hold concerts, and sell the instruments.” The plan is to mainly use the top four types of marine debris collected through trash picking projects, such as plastic trash, empty cans, and driftwood. He announced that he is thinking about recovering it. The plan selected for the grand prize will be matched with companies in the prefecture by the Fukudon Prefecture Project, a general incorporated association, and will move forward with commercialization.
[Image 4:×1125.jpg] FUKUIRAYS players will also appear!
At this time’s “Fukudon Whirl Don Festival” stage, players from “Fukui Maruoka RUCK”, “Fukui Eiheiji Blue Thunder”, and “Velcosta Fukui” from the Fukui prefecture citizen support team “FUKUIRAYS” will appear, and they will play a marine garbage quiz and talk about their daily lives. We talked about our efforts to tackle the marine debris problem.
[Image 5:×725.jpg] Pick up trash around the venue!
On the final day, a “collection of trash around the venue” will be held. We were able to pick up trash with many children, and were able to appeal to young people about the problem of marine litter and the importance of picking up trash.
[Image 6:×1125.jpg] Voices from participants
Participants said, “Learning about edible utensils made me think about the importance of efforts to reduce garbage.It gave me an opportunity to think about marine litter.” “The high school students talked about marine litter with very solid ideas, and I felt like I should be more self-sufficient.” We received comments such as “I feel like we all need to think about marine debris issues,” and “I want to try making edible utensils at home.”
[Image 7:×1538.jpg] -Group Overview-
Organization name: General Incorporated Association Fukudon Prefecture Project URL:
Activity details: We are practicing “plastic-free” by using containers made from “100% natural materials [plastic smart compatible products] that naturally decompose within 3 months when buried in the ground” at all stores at the donburi event venue. Through the approximately 300 Sandon restaurants, food events, and TV announcements throughout the year, many people become aware of Sandon, and through the Fukudon Prefecture website, we raise the awareness of stores, store visitors, and consumers to “don’t litter” and “recycle.” A project to spread “CHANGE FOR THE BLUE” nationwide by making people “CHANGE” the awareness of “to do it” and “to eliminate plastic waste” more than in 2023.
[Image 8:×260.png ]
As part of the Nippon Foundation’s “Ocean and Japan Project,” the 2018 This is a project that has been underway since November. We will work with stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the public to create a marine litter reduction model and disseminate it domestically and internationally.
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Nippon Foundation “Ocean and Japan Project”
The sea supports Japanese people’s lives in various ways, sometimes giving them peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project that aims to encourage people across the country, including children, to view the ongoing environmental deterioration of the ocean as their own, and to expand the circle of action to preserve the ocean for future generations. is.
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