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Home » The latest major update “Mud Melody” for the survival action RPG “Enshrouded~Mist Kingdom~” is released today!

The latest major update “Mud Melody” for the survival action RPG “Enshrouded~Mist Kingdom~” is released today!

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The latest major update “Mud Melody” for the survival action RPG “Enshrouded~Mist Kingdom~” is released today!
Adds new sub-biomes, the first dual-wielding weapon, a wealth of building materials, musical instruments, and more! Steam Deck performance optimization has also been implemented!
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The survival action RPG “Enshrouded” from indie game publisher Keen Games has announced the release of a content update “Melody of Mud” today.
“Mud Melody” introduces new musical instruments and a giant tree sub-biome called “Kuronuma.” Additionally, new features, wildlife, and building materials have been added, enemy factions have been expanded, and game quality has been optimized. These changes were made in response to a Feature Upvote from the Enshrouded community.
Keen Games, the development team behind Enshrouded: The Fog Kingdom, says it is steadily achieving the goal it set for 2024, and plans to release the full version and console version in 2025. Masu. Check out some of the new content and optimizations in the Melody of Mud trailer below.
▽Click here for the trailer of the latest major update “Mud Melody”
[Video 2:] “Enshrouded ~Kingdom of Mist~” will begin early access on Steam on January 24, 2024, with the full version and console version scheduled for release in 2025. This game has gained over 2 million players in just a few weeks since its release on Steam, and has received high praise.
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The latest information on “Enshrouded~Kingdom of Fog~” and the large update “Melody of Mud” is being posted on the official website, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Discord, TikTok, YouTube official accounts, etc. Please take this opportunity to follow us!
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■The latest major update “Mud Melody” is released today! A variety of new content has been added! Steam Deck performance optimization has been implemented!
-Let’s play instruments in Kuronuma-
Kuronuma–Welcome to a new area nestled deep within Rebel Wood. It is characterized by towering trees, undulating roots, and houses hidden among the branches. The emphasis is on verticality compared to other areas, and some locations can be accessed using the new jump pad. Hidden between the trees is the Vuk, a creature that lives in this forest. They may look cute, but they can be quite ferocious at times. Additionally, new beasts live beneath the canopies of giant trees, in swamps, and underground. Always watch your step in this area. If you are careless, you may find yourself stuck in a deep quagmire. The instrument was implemented in response to requests from many players. This allows you to fully enjoy your bard fantasies. Pick up an instrument like a lute, harp, drum, or flute and enjoy some cozy moments around the campfire with your friends. These instruments also have the ability to grant buffs that will help you during your journey. More instruments will be added in future updates.
-Enjoy building a new base using the trees that grow in Kuronuma- A new sub-biome, the Giant Trees of Kuronuma, not only offers new exploration possibilities, but can also be used to create new materials, decorations, items, and furniture. Let’s explore
unprecedented architectural possibilities using new wood discovered in Kuronuma. New terrain and building styles, as well as new items and furniture sets give players even more freedom to create their ideal base, whether it’s the treehouse of their dreams or the swamp of their nightmares.
In addition, “Player Progression” and “World Progression”, which were the most requested features in Feature Upvotes, will finally be implemented! This allows you to progress through quests that other server administrators have already completed at your own pace. Additionally, we’ve added a highly requested feature: the ability to customize the name of the Altar of Flame and base, and the ability to display your character name instead of your Steam account name during play and on tombstones. Now, when you return to the place where you died, you won’t be confused as to who stole it!
Additionally, you can now give your Flameborn a suitable name to bring your world closer to your ideal. Why not enjoy a more unique adventure at Skull Castle with your favorite name?
-Steam Deck and dual-wielding weapons-
Good news, Steam Deck players! Enshrouded now runs more smoothly on your favorite portable system. This allows you to enjoy the latest content anytime and anywhere. In addition to the addition of exciting new sub-biomes, creatures, and materials, there are also numerous game quality optimizations and improvements that will benefit all players. This update also includes optimizations for combat. The class balance has been adjusted and a dual-wielding dagger has been added, making it possible to perform a continuous attack that slashes twice in a row. Also includes changes to improve the playing experience for all players, including game balance and player progression improvements, more appearance system options, server configuration options, and a setting to prevent other players from accessing the contents of your chest. are being carried out in large numbers.
■ Game overview
Title: “Enshrouded~Mist Kingdom~”
Genre: Survival action RPG
Compatible platform: PC (Steam)
Price: 3,400 yen
Release date: January 24, 2024 (early access)
Supported languages: In addition to Japanese, all four languages ​​are supported (English, French, Italian, German)
Rights notation: (C)2024 Keen Games. All Rights Reserved.
*Company names and product/service names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
■ About Keen Games
Keen Games is a leading German indie game development company based in Frankfurt. Run by industry veterans with over 30 years of successful game development, the company is best known for its collaborative 3D sandbox action RPG Portal Knights. The game won the “BEST GAME” and “BEST ONLINE GAME” titles at the 2017 German Computer Games Award (DCP).
Keen Games is committed to developing creative RPGs, aiming to provide epic adventures where players form their own characters and worlds, and define their own journeys within them. They believe that creative experiences make adventures more appealing. Since its founding in 2005, the company has continued to develop unique tools and
technologies, including its voxel-based engine. This voxel-based engine allows developers to create a vast, lush open world, allowing players to freely modify and change the terrain.
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