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Home » Mobils Co., Ltd. Mobils provides Visual IVR, MOBI AGENT, and MOBI BOT to NTT Nexia’s “Hello Tap” guidance agency service that uses “human x digital”.

Mobils Co., Ltd. Mobils provides Visual IVR, MOBI AGENT, and MOBI BOT to NTT Nexia’s “Hello Tap” guidance agency service that uses “human x digital”.

[Mobils Corporation] Mobils has added Visual IVR, MOBI to NTT Nexia’s “Hello Tap” guidance agency service using “human x digital”
AGENT provides MOBI BOT.

*View in browser* *Mobilus Co., Ltd.*
Press release: June 6, 2024
Mobils, NTT Nexia’s “Hello Tap” guidance agency service using “human x digital”, Visual IVR, MOBI AGENT, MOBI
Provide BOT.
*~Contributing to improving CX by expanding customer contact points~* The SupportTech
Mobils Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomohiro Ishii), which develops and provides solutions for customer support, is a company that develops and provides solutions for customer support.
The guidance agency service “Hello Tap”*1, which will be launched by Koichi Koichi from June 2024, will be provided with a visual that centralizes the Mobils inquiry line and visualizes the guidance and flow.
Including IVR, the manned chat tool MOBI AGENT (Mobi Agent(R)), and the chatbot tool MOBI
We would like to inform you that we have launched BOT (Mobibot(R)). This will promote the use of “people x digital” and contribute to improving the customer experience. *1
“Hello Tap” is a registered trademark of NTT Nexia.
* ■ Background of introduction *
In recent years, it has become increasingly important for contact centers to spread the use of digital technology, diversify
communication methods, and improve CX (customer experience value). It is changing into a channel for supporting people.
At NTT Nexia, while implementing various proposals to design optimal customer contact points, we focused on the need for facility and event operators to outsource simple and high-volume responses to inquiries. The challenge was to provide a guidance agency service that utilizes “people*2” and “digital tools” that can solve this need.
Visual IVR provided by Mobilus includes manned chat (MOBI AGENT), chatbot (MOBI In addition to being able to collaborate widely with other companies such as BOT), it was also possible to collaborate with other companies’ FAQ systems, which was evaluated from the perspective of NTT Nexia’s “utilization of people x digital”, and was recommended. It has been adopted for introduction into the agency service provider “Hello Tap”.
*2 Refers to the operator and chat operator.

Visual IVR centralizes the response line suitable for customer inquiries within “Hello Tap” and visualizes guidance and flow. * ■ Overview and outlook for introduction *
“Hello Tap” will begin operation on NTT Nexia from June 2024. By utilizing multiple digital tools*3, we can expect to improve customer satisfaction by making it possible to respond on holidays and outside business hours*4, and by reducing the burden of responding to inquiries, we can improve employee satisfaction. It also contributes to improvement. NTT Nexia’s packaging of digital tools makes it possible to introduce them in a shorter period than before.
At Mobils, MOBI
Through the development and operation of solutions such as the MOBI series, including AGENT, and MooA(R), an operation support AI that incorporates generative AI and unique AI technology, we aim to improve contact center business efficiency, improve CS (customer
satisfaction), We are working to improve EX (employee satisfaction), etc. We will support NTT Nexia’s goal of utilizing “people x digital” and improve the value of customer experience.
*3 Refers to Visual IVR, manned chat (MOBI AGENT), chatbot (MOBI BOT), and FAQ. ※Four
Manned chat is available during the day.
* ■NTT Nexia Corporation Overview*
Company name: NTT Nexia Corporation
Representative: Koichi Takami, Representative Director and President Established: January 20, 1986 (Showa 61)
Location: Sapporo Head Office (main store) 10th floor, NTT East Odori 14-chome Building, 7 Odori Nishi 14-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido Tokyo Head Office 3-8-21 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Contact center construction/operation contract, operational consulting, business process outsourcing
Official website: ** * ■About Visual IVR*
IVR is a system that displays a list of multiple inquiry channels, such as telephone, web chat, LINE, chatbots, and voicebots (automatic telephone answering), and guides customers to the most appropriate contact point depending on their purpose and call status. By simply placing a button or QR code, you can direct inquiries that tend to be concentrated on phone calls to appropriate contact points such as FAQs or chatbots, creating an inquiry channel that makes it easy for customers to resolve their inquiries on their own.
Visual IVR product site **
* [About Mobilus Co., Ltd.] *
Mobilus uses technology to renew support through The SupportTech Company. MOBI is a chat system that provides seamless chat support using AI chatbots (automatic responses) and manned responses for corporate contact centers.
AGENT (Mobi Agent(R)) (**
)”, AI telephone answering system “MOBI VOICE(R)” (** )”, segment information distribution system “MOBI CAST (R)” compatible with LINE official account (** )” and “Visual IVR ( ** )” and other solutions for customer support support. The Mobi series has been introduced by over 500 companies (as of December 2023), and has been ranked No. 1 in sales share of the chatbot market for 6 consecutive years*.
In addition, the “LINE Yahoo!
We have been certified as a “Technology Partner” in the Partner Program. In addition, Technology
Partner includes the “LINE Official Account” account service for individuals and corporations, the operational advertising “LINE Ad”, the in-store sales promotion solution that utilizes LINE “Apply with LINE”, and the “LINE Mini App”, a platform that allows you to provide your own services on LINE. We are a partner that provides technical support in the introduction of advertising products and API-related services centered on “.
Partners who meet a certain level of performance in each solution area are awarded various certification badges, and are recognized for their ability to improve operational efficiency and user satisfaction in the area of ​​customer care. Customer
Obtained the “Care” badge.
*“ITR Market View: Interactive AI/Machine Learning Platform Market 2023 Chatbot market: Sales amount trends and share by vendor (FY2022)” * ■About Mobilus SupportTech Lab*
This lab was established by Mobilus for the purpose of researching and disseminating “SupportTech,” a technology that will evolve customer support. “Mobilus
At the Lab, we will engage in activities that use technology to solve problems at customer support sites and promote change. Specifically, we publish research reports and chaos maps, disseminate information through owned media, host and co-sponsor seminars, give presentations, and conduct research and development through demonstration
-Press release- **

-Owned Media- ** Company name: Mobilus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Ishii
Address: 15th floor, Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: September 2011
Listing market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (Stock code: 4370) Business content: Providing CX solutions such as SaaS products (Mobi series) for contact centers
Official website: ** IR information: ** *About details about this release*

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