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Greens Co., Ltd. Announcement of hotel preview and trial stay for media

Greens Co., Ltd.
Announcement of hotel preview and trial night for media
~22 roadside hotels to open from July 2024~
Greens Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Yuya Muraki, Stock Code: 6547) will open 22 roadside hotels in sequence from July 8, 2024 (Monday) through a change of operator.
Prior to the opening, we will hold a hotel preview and trial night for the media. Although this event will be held to inspect the facilities before opening and provide staff training, we hope that by actually staying there, you will have the opportunity to experience the “Comfort” brand of hotels that we operate nationwide. is. Depending on the content of the interview, we will adjust the time of day and the person responding to the interview, so we would appreciate your cooperation in interviewing us regarding this matter.
[Image 1:×298.png ]
[Image 2:×1500.jpg] ■Preview & Trial Night Inspection Details
Date and time: Dates vary depending on the store. Please check the schedule below.
*Previews will be arranged individually. We will adjust the date and time.       *The trial night inspection will be limited to one night per store. *Check-in available from 18:00
Contents 1. If you wish to view the property
It will be and explain the facilities in the hall and rooms before check -in time.
2. If you wish to test stay
You will be staying in the form of participation in the trial stay inspection group before the hotel opened (free).
The purpose is to check each hotel’s equipment, functions, and services before opening, so
Sorry to trouble you, but we may ask for your cooperation in the accommodation questionnaire.
■Applications will be accepted by email.
Send an email to the General Affairs Department of Greens Co., Ltd., specifying the store you would like to interview, the content of the interview (preview, trial stay, or both), time period, company name, media name, and interviewer’s name and contact information. Please apply. We will contact you later.
Please note that the trial night inspection will be held in a limited number of rooms, including other parties, so we may not be able to accommodate your request. Please arrange your own transportation to the venue. Our hotel has parking spaces available, so if you are arriving by car, please use our parking lot.
Application deadline: Until 7 days before the test stay date (will close as soon as the room is full)
Email for application:
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-About Greens Co., Ltd.-
Greens Co., Ltd. has a global brand of hotel chains with more than 7,400 hotels in over 45 countries, including the “Choice Brand” that operates “Comfort Hotels,” “Comfort Inns,” and “Comfort Suites” nationwide, and a track record of over 60 years of hotel management. Through synergies with our original brand, which offers services that take advantage of regional characteristics, we are the only mid-rate global brand hotel chain to successfully expand nationwide.
Greens Group CSR Declaration
~Aiming to be a company full of hospitality that is kind to the environment and people~
One of our corporate objectives is to “serve and contribute to the local community,” and we engage in community-based social contribution activities and environmental activities through our business. We will continue to earnestly engage in CSR activities in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and further solidify the trust in the community that we have cultivated over more than half a century. By realizing the Greens Group’s CSR priority themes, we will also contribute to the realization of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). URL:
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