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Home » Shibuya City Tourism Association The 2nd “Tokyo Night Market” had a total of 200,000 visitors over 5 days, and ended with great success!

Shibuya City Tourism Association The 2nd “Tokyo Night Market” had a total of 200,000 visitors over 5 days, and ended with great success!

General Incorporated Foundation Shibuya City Tourism Association The 2nd “Tokyo Night Market” had a total of 200,000 visitors over 5 days, and ended with great success!

[Image 1:×1500.jpg] -Photo by. Yoshiyasu Shimo / Shomo Yoshiyasu- Last October 2023, this event was held until 10pm, the first of its kind in Yoyogi Park, with the theme of “Tokyo x Asian Night Market.” This time, the second time, it was held for five days from May 22nd to May 26th at the same venue, Yoyogi Park Keyaki Namiki. The event was filled with repeat visitors from the first time, as well as more and more visitors through social media and word of mouth, and enjoyed the music, art, and market.
[Image 2:×1998.jpg] As you pass through the iconic entrance gate, you will see a street performance! Looking back, three art booths follow, and the road to the moonlit outdoor art festival begins. At the art booth, there will be an art exhibition combining paintings and flowers by “Birumachi kuu x Takashi Niisato”, a live painting gallery curated by Kaiteru Ohara (ein), who is also an active actor and model, and several other locations. There were many impressive booths filled with a live performance atmosphere, including a show house run by the Tokyo Theater Club, where spectators could peek into an empty hole to complete the event.
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] -Photo by. MAYUMI-The night market, which is reminiscent of festivals in traditional Japanese culture, and which many people who have traveled to Southeast Asia will have experienced, sells brightly colored miscellaneous goods purchased in Thailand and decorations made on the spot. Seven miscellaneous goods stores are participating, including Henna Tattoo.
[Image 4:×2000.jpg] -Photo by. MAYUMI- “Megumi Kitchen Car” is a grilled xiao long bao that is made from the skin on the spot by an authentic craftsman every day, and “Ramen Gonokami Seisakusho” is served piping hot using carefully selected soup stock at an old-fashioned food stall. Previous article The food court boasts 43 stores, twice as many as the first event, including “Bantacos” which can be eaten with one hand, which was very popular, “Tan Tan Tan” which specializes in tandan noodles without soup, and “Udagawa Khao Man Gai” where you can feel the night market of Asia. are lined up in a row. A DJ booth appears between the food courts. Ten music bars and clubs that liven up the night culture in Shibuya and Shimokitazawa are gathered here. They each swayed their bodies and thoroughly enjoyed the open space.
[Image 5:×398.jpg] ▲ Stores participating in the DJ booth
[Image 6:×2000.jpg] -Photo by. MAYUMI- When the audience finally arrived at the final stage, the live stage, a lineup of artists from young to veteran who transcended genres welcomed the audience at the final point of the event, including a special arrangement by Shingo Maekawa (Kariyushi 58) and a folk song unit. At the stage of “Koderanni”, a circle of Bon dancers was formed at the invitation of the artists, and overseas tourists also enjoyed the “Japanese festival”.
[Image 7:×720.jpg] -Photo by. miya_basket-On the second and third days, exciting idol stages will be held by Club Malcolm’s “Yurumeru Mo!”, “BELLRING Shojo Heart”, and “Tokyo Psychopath”. Enthusiastic fans flocked to the event, and even though it was a weekday, the number of visitors after hearing the rumors increased day by day. As we approached the fourth weekend, the place was crowded from the moment it opened at 12:00. The closing headliner for the 5-day live stage show featuring 22 groups will be Natsuko Nikko, who celebrated her 15th anniversary this year.
[Image 8:×2000.jpg] -Poto by. MAYUMI-
[Image 9:×1998.jpg] -Poto by. MAYUMI- Starting with their signature song “Mizuryu no Rock”, a large audience gathered one after another, and towards the end of the stage, the collaboration with “LA SEÑAS”, which was realized on the day of last year, was performed for the last number “Logma Rope”. ” is a surprise feast again this year. The crowd erupted in cheers.
[Image 10: eB2636F88F436A320D2E-9.jpg &3=19275-114-7DC69328157FC05721620D1205161 d48-3000×1998.jpg]
-Photo by. MAYUMI- Amidst the lingering vestiges of the final day, the night market in Shibuya, which has now become one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks, was filled with performances by street performers, a karaoke booth at “The Closet,” a closing performance at an art gallery, and more. Approximately 200,000 people visited over the five days, and the event was filled with entertainment until 10 p.m. every day.
[Image 11:×1998.jpg] -Photo by. MAYUMI-
[Event Overview] Name: Tokyo Night Market Dates: May 22nd (Wednesday) to May 26th (Sunday), 2024 Location: Yoyogi Park Keyaki Namiki ■Organizer: L.D.&K Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Night Market Executive Committee ■Planning and production: Earth Garden / en Co., Ltd. / L&K Co., Ltd. ■Sponsor: Shibuya City ■Cooperation: Shibuya City Tourism Association ■Eco Station Cooperation: NPO iPledge■Special cooperation: X- RATED / Corelex Shin’ei Co., Ltd. ■Support: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Arts Council Tokyo [Support for creating the appeal of art and culture]

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