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Home » Renovation Event “Let’s! RENOVE” is being held at the popular cafe “Standard Cafe & Gallery” along O saka City Utsubo Park! !

Renovation Event “Let’s! RENOVE” is being held at the popular cafe “Standard Cafe & Gallery” along O saka City Utsubo Park! !

[Renovation event] “Let’s! RENOVE” at the popular cafe “Standard Cafe & Gallery” along Osaka City Utsubo Park
“In session! !

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Press release: June 6, 2024
[Renovation event] “Let’s! RENOVE” at the popular cafe “Standard Cafe & Gallery” along Osaka City Utsubo Park
“In session! !
*~ A gift campaign worth up to 303,000 yen is being held at the same time! ! ~* ▲ Look for the event title posted on the show window.
Standard Co., Ltd., an Osaka-based space production company, will exhibit panel examples of past construction projects. You can circulate past construction examples that reflect the changing lifestyles of the times. You can also learn about renovation costs, so this is a must-see event for those who are considering renovation or are thinking about it in the future. Why not take this opportunity to visit the cafe as well?

* [Event Overview] *
The following exhibitions are being held in each space within Standard Cafe & Gallery. Standard’s philosophy and product is “A comfortable space.”
Please experience “A comfortable space enriches your life.”

Event period: Until Sunday, June 30, 2024
Venue: Standard Cafe & Gallery
Address: 1-16-8 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka 550-0004 Event time: 7:00-20:00
※No regular holiday

▲ A facade that expresses an event.
▲ Terrace seats are available for a limited time.
Everything from planning and design to production is completed in-house, along with the entire show window and display. The storefront will be typical of Standard, which handles space
production. The key point is the design that blends into the urban environment by fusing renovation and cafe. Standard thinks “ With a mixed style that combines wood, mortar, and Oya stone to create a comfortable space, you can enjoy a comfortable terrace seat this season.
▲ A model set up on the big table in the center.
▲ Panel display with photos of past construction examples.
On the center table are models (1/30 scale) of projects we have completed in the past, realistically reproducing every detail. OPEN You can have an experience like visiting HOUSE. A panel display at the back of the cafe displays recommended construction examples from the past 10 years. You can also see samples of the materials actually used. This content will help you feel more familiar with renovation.

* [Concurrently held] Gift campaign worth up to 303,000 yen! * PRESENT1: A present worth about 3,000 yen!
* If you participate in [Individual Seminar or Individual
Consultation] during the target period, you will receive the following! *
– Present contents –
・Our catalog “Standard Book 3”
・Standard Cafe & Gallery drink ticket (3 free drinks)
*If you apply online, we will mail it to you at a later date. – Target period – April 12th (Friday) to June 30th (Sunday), 2024 – Where to apply –
Individual seminar
Individual consultation
PRESENT2: A gift worth the maximum amount of approximately 300,000 yen! * Get standard furniture as a gift when you sign a renovation contract! * – Present contents –
Depending on the contract amount, you will receive an iron bar, indoor window, or herringbone table as a gift!
– Target period/conditions – *Customers who meet both of the following ・Customers who applied for design between April 12th (Friday) and June 30th (Sunday), 2024
・Customers who have concluded a renovation contract until the end of December 2024 (our last business day)
▲ Herringbone table
▲ Indoor window
For more information:

The second Standard Cafe & Gallery store is now open in front of Ryokuchi Koen Station!
Since our first cafe opening in Osaka last fall, we have been loved by many customers. Standard Cafe &
Gallery will open its second store in front of Ryokuchi Koen Station in Hokusetsu. Like the first store, we open from 7am! Standard Cafe & Gallery original products are sold and books that can be read freely (FREE) BOOK) is also available. Please take advantage of this “cozy space” that can be used for a variety of occasions, from morning activities to lunch and cafe time.
▲ This is an image. *There is a possibility of changes from here. * ■ Store information *
Store name: Standard Cafe & Gallery
Head office: Grand Maison Ryokuchi Koen 102, 2-13-5 Terauchi, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
S N S:
Click here for inquiries until opening: 070-1263-3972
* Receive an original specialty coffee drip pack! ! *
Released this June – Star Cafe Original – Get a specialty coffee drip pack as a gift! *The event will end as soon as the scheduled number runs out.

Event period: Thursday, June 20, 2024 to Sunday, June 23, 2024 Present contents: – Star Cafe Original –
1 cup of specialty coffee drip pack (regular selling price 330 yen) *MORNING BLEND ~Mellow and balanced taste~ or DAY BLEND ~Clean and bright taste~ ▲ Left: DAY BLEND Right: MORNING BLEND
* ■ What is Standard Cafe & Gallery *
This is a cafe and renovation gallery operated by Standard Co., Ltd., a space production company. We offer specialty coffee while
experiencing a renovated and comfortable space. In addition to the regular cafe menu, the cafe also hosts art exhibits and events, making it an attractive place for local residents and art lovers alike. * ■ Company profile *
Company name: Standard Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Ichiro Sano
Established: August 8, 2012
Head office: 4-13-15 Kasuga, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone number: 06-6155-8684
Business content: Interior space production (housing, stores, offices) From design to construction, furniture production, real estate business, Apparel and goods planning to sales/Cafe business
Official website:

Real estate
*About details about this release*

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