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Link Tides Group Award Ceremony Held Forbes JAPAN NEW SALES OF THE YEAR 2024 | Awarded to 5 Model Case Companies of New Era Sales Organizations

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[Award Ceremony Held] Forbes JAPAN NEW SALES OF THE YEAR 2024 | Awarded to 5 Model Case Companies of New Era Sales Organizations ……
Global business magazine “Forbes JAPAN” (Publisher: LinkTides Co., Ltd., Representative Director and CEO and Forbes JAPAN Founder: Makoto Takano) and co-sponsor company Knowledge Work Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Koji Asano) ) held the “Forbes JAPAN NEW SALES OF THE YEAR 2024” awards ceremony at Conrad Tokyo on June 5, 2024, to select companies that are implementing the new sales organization model case “NEW SALES.”
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] “Forbes JAPAN NEW SALES OF THE YEAR 2024” selects model case companies for sales organizations
The purpose of this award is to spotlight enterprise companies that are practicing “NEW SALES,” a new era of sales activities that are necessary in this new era, and to communicate new possibilities in sales to the world. Masu. “Forbes JAPAN” together with Knowledge Work Co., Ltd. held “Forbes JAPAN NEW SALES OF THE YEAR 2024” and selected five companies representing Japan as award-winning companies based on the nomination criteria.
The theme of the award ceremony was “Find Your Way – Find your NEW SALES.” In an era where needs continue to diversify, we are sending the message that in order for sales organizations to change and evolve, the key is for each company to find NEW SALES that are unique to the company and NEW SALES that are unique to each sales person. did. Click here for the special site:
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[Examination points]
1. Strengthen sales capabilities based on customer orientation 2. Sales activities based on organizational strength
3. Utilization of data, knowledge, and digital
At the award ceremony, a talk session was held with representatives of the five award-winning companies.
The award ceremony included a presentation by Koji Asano, CEO of co-sponsor company Knowledgework Co., Ltd., as well as a talk session with the award-winning companies and their advisory boards. At the award-winning company talk session, five representatives from each award-winning company took to the stage and delved into the keywords and initiatives that each company values ​​in its transformation to NEW SALES.
[Image 5:×560.png ]
A talk session on the theme of “SalesTech” was also held, with Mr. Makigo Taguchi, Corporate Sales and Marketing Support Officer, Uzabase Co., Ltd., Mr. Yasumasa Ogawa, Executive Officer / Sansan Business Department Manager, Sansan Co., Ltd. Yukari Kuramoto, a McKinsey & Company Japan Partner on the Advisory Board, also took the stage.
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advisory board
Yukari Kuramoto (McKinsey & Company Japan Partner) *Not participating in the selection process
Mr. Tsuyoshi Shimada (Professor, GLOBIS Graduate School of Management; Director, GLOBIS Publishing)
Masaki Shimizu (Managing Director, Vice President, Genba Supply Chain Division, Genba Solutions Company, Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.) Mr. Makigo Taguchi (Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Sales and Marketing Support Officer, SaaS Business, Uzabase Co., Ltd.) Kei Tomioka (Director/Executive Officer/COO/Manager of Global Business Promotion Office, Sansan Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Akie Iriyama (Professor, Waseda University Graduate School, Waseda University Business School)
Mr. Koji Asano (CEO of Knowledge Work Co., Ltd.)
Knowledge Work Co., Ltd.
Knowledge Work Co., Ltd., whose mission is to “deliver days filled with the joy of being able to do something,” provides “Knowledge Work,” which strengthens sales capabilities and improves sales productivity with a single tool. It is a cloud service that realizes various elements of sales enablement with one tool and improves the sales productivity of companies.
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Founding date: April 1, 2020
Representative: CEO Koji Asano
Forbes JAPAN
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