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Home » LUSH Co., Ltd. Held on Sunday, June 23, 2024. LUSHBOMU vol.4. WBC World Youth Super Flyweight Championship Match All matches will be streamed live for free on Travel TV!

LUSH Co., Ltd. Held on Sunday, June 23, 2024. LUSHBOMU vol.4. WBC World Youth Super Flyweight Championship Match All matches will be streamed live for free on Travel TV!

[LUSH Co., Ltd.] Held on Sunday, June 23, 2024. LUSHBOMU vol.4. WBC World Youth Super flyweight championship match – Harukata Sano – All matches will be streamed live for free on Travel TV!

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Press release: June 6, 2024
Held on Sunday, June 23, 2024. LUSHBOMU vol.4. WBC World Youth Super Flyweight Championship-Harukata Sano-Travel
All matches will be streamed live for free on TV!
LUSHBOMU vol.4 is the world youth championship match! Sunday, June 23rd at Twin Messe Shizuoka! !
The “LUSHBOMU” series* held its first world title fight in May last month, promoting a new type of entertainment called “a fusion of boxing and music.”
* This vol.4 is also a world battle! *  * WBC World Youth S Flyweight Championship* will be held.

* The main event is the world championship match between Japan S flyweight 6th place* (as of 5/31)*, 2022 All Japan S Flyweight Rookie of the Year – Harukata Sano (Ayumu). *
In the semi-finals, it will be the 10th place Japanese lightweight athlete * British Australian (LUSH Midori Gym) *.

In addition, there will also be S Flyweight, Bantamweight, S Bantamweight, Featherweight, and Lightweight *Central Japan Rookie of the Year Tournament*
is incorporated, and the battle between future champion candidates aiming for the 2024 Rookie of the Year award is also a highlight. In particular, the S bantamweight player * Shota Fujimoto * belongs to the same * LUSH Boxing GYM * as the main player Sano, *
He is aiming to win the Rookie of the Year award for the third consecutive year at the same gym.* He is a player to watch.

Please look forward to “LUSHBOMU vol.4”*, a big event* where heated battles will take place on the big stage of *Twin Messe Shizuoka*. * [Event schedule] *
*Sunday, June 23, 2024 12:00 OPEN / 13:30 START*
* 【venue】*
*Twin Messe Shizuoka North Building Large Exhibition Hall*
3-1-10 Magagane, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, 422-8006
* 【access】*
* [Sponsor] *
* LUSH Co., Ltd. / LUSH Boxing GYM / LUSH Midori Gym *
* [Ticket] *
* Now on sale *EC site “Furusato Meguri City” *

* *All matches and all LIVE free live streaming on Travel TV: Scheduled from 13:30*

*Harukata Sano comments on the first world championship match* Since the second grade of elementary school, I have been immersed in boxing with my father. Harukata Sano declares victory, saying, “I will win by KO.”
Standing in the professional ring, I learned the greatness of the techniques of the top athletes. In particular, I have absorbed what I can, such as how to put my shoulders in close combat, how to deliver and land punches at short distances, and I am now able to steadily do things that I could not do before in my daily practice. . This is connected to the feeling of growth.
* From now on, I’m determined to win everything by KO. * One punch can be fatal, so I want to use a style that allows me to win without getting punched.
* My dream is to become the unified champion of all four world organizations and surpass Naoya Inoue, the strongest player in the world. *
I want more people to see boxing and myself.
Please provide some support.

* -Match card-*
All 10 matches including the world championship match & live stage! Experience the excitement and excitement!
* -Music live: Performing artists-*

* Appointed as Kyrgyzstan Tourism Ambassador, appeared on TV Shizuoka 55th Anniversary Campaign CM, “Monyusode Shiranigabuta Upper” broadcast on TOKYO FM (JFN38 station network) *
* Monyusode, TAK, BONKLUSH*, and other artists belonging to
*LushMusic*, who have gained the support of many followers on various SNS such as *LushMusic*.
Once again this time* Lubu Karma, DOTAMA*
will appear as a special guest. Don’t miss out on their stage performance, which attracts attention on TV and radio as rappers.

*Monyusode: Comments for LUSHBOMU vol.4*
The latest single “Kao Maru” is also currently being released on distribution. All LushMusic artists led by Monyuso will appear! Please stay tuned!
“LUSHBOMU” will be held for two consecutive months following May. This will be the fourth time.
The location is *Twin Messe Shizuoka* in Shizuoka, which is our home at LUSH! ! At his home ground, our * LUSH Boxing GYM * Harukata Sano * will take on the * WBC World Youth Championship *.
We will embrace the contestants with the fist of music.
Please look forward to the powerful music stage that you can feel with your body, created by the Monyusode team and the LushMusic team! ! Also, a new song created in collaboration with each label mate for this LUSHBOMU.
Monyuso’s new song “Kao Maru” was recently released on May 31st. It might be unveiled for the first time in front of everyone…! ! looking forward to! !

* -Gourmet Zone-*
*Updated from time to time
There will be lots of delicious gourmet food on the day. There may also be collaboration products from each store! ? Please enjoy! On the day of the event, there will be food trucks and food booths selling Shizuoka Oden, Takoyaki, Ramen, etc., so you can enjoy delicious gourmet food.

-List of store openings/in no particular order-
・Takoyaki & Smile: Takoyaki, collaboration bento, various drinks ・Moetora Curry: Curry
・Hamayonja: Shichigahama Seafood Teppanyaki
・Hinode: Shizuoka Oden
・Soupmen: Ramen
・La coeur ~crepe&gateau~: Crepe
・Imofuku: Daigakuimo
・Asaic: Sandwich
・Fes Coffee: Coffee, various drinks
・Fujita Farm: Strawberry ice cream
*Store information is constantly updated on the official website

* -Live streaming-*

Live streaming starts from 13:30 on the day. You can watch all matches and all LIVE for free. All 10 boxing matches will be broadcast with live commentary and commentary. Please stay tuned.
The entire schedule of the day will be broadcast live on the video distribution service “Travel TV.” You can watch for free on your PC or smartphone
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