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Whiskey Culture Research Institute Co., Ltd. Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC) 2024

Whiskey Culture Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC) 2024
Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC) 2024 Special Award Announcement ……
~Open class “BEST OF THE BEST” to decide the number one from the top prizes. This year, a total of 7 categories have been decided, including 5 Western liquor categories and 2 Shochu categories, which is the largest number ever! ~
Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC), Japan’s only and one of Asia’s largest distilled spirits competitions, has announced the special awards for 2024. TWSC’s most popular project, BEST OF THE BEST, has been decided in 7 categories, the most ever. In addition, “Best Distillery of the Year”, “SDGs Award”, “Innovation Award”, “Tourism Award”, “Newcomer Award”, “Best Category Award”, “Best Value for Money Award”, etc. It has been decided. BEST OF THE BESTThe BEST OF THE BEST, one of the highlights of TWSC, is a special award that can be called an “indiscriminate” award that goes beyond countries and regions and selects the number one winner in a category. Nominated items will be selected from the Grand Prize and Gold Prize, a second round of blind judging will be conducted, and the item with the highest score will be awarded. This year, five bottles won Best of the Best in the Western liquor category and two in the Shochu category.
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*Bottle images of products other than new products are posted. [Western liquor category]
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[Shochu section]
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Western Liquor Category Best Distillery of the Year This award is selected by the TWSC Executive Committee and given to the distillery that has performed the most in a year. This year, 17 distilleries received the award.
[Image 5:×138.png]
[Image 6:×429.png ]
Best Category Award
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This award will be given to the item that received the highest score in the first round of judging by approximately 300 judges from this year’s notable categories. This year, 15 bottles won awards in the Western liquor category and 9 in the shochu category. [Western liquor category]
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[Shochu section]
[Image 9:×433.png ]
*”UNDER25 category” has an alcohol content of 25% or less. The “OVER26 category” has an alcohol content of 26% or more. Best cost performance award
[Image 10:×239.png ]
This award is given to items with excellent cost performance from among the highest gold medals and gold medals. The screening standard amount differs depending on the department. Eight bottles were awarded in the Western liquor category and nine in the shochu category. [Western liquor category]
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[Shochu section]
[Image 12:×314.png ]
Inducted into the Hall of Fame for 3 consecutive years
[Image 13:×406.png ]
For the first time, items that have won the gold award or the highest gold award three years in a row are announced as “Hall of Fame.” 14 new bottles in the Western liquor category and 13 in the shochu category were inducted into the Hall of Fame. [Western liquor category]
[Image 14:×469.png ]
[Shochu section]
[Image 15:×440.png ]
What is Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC)? Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC) is the only competition in Japan that judges whiskeys and spirits from around the world using the delicate tastes cultivated by Japanese culture. Sponsored by the TWSC Executive Committee, chaired by whiskey critic Mamoru Tsuchiya, the event aims to widely disseminate high-quality whiskey and spirits from both Japan and around the world, as well as the future of whiskey and spirits. Its purpose is to foster domestic drinkers who are responsible for the development of culture. The event was held for the first time in 2019, and from 2020, we established a new shochu section with the desire to let people around the world know the appeal of shochu, Japan’s proud distilled spirit. TWSC2024, which was held for the 6th time, had 832 items exhibited in the Western liquor and shochu categories, making it one of the largest competitions in Asia. [TWSC2024 Sponsor List] Women’s Association of Japan Who Loves Sake and Wine/Japan Hotel Barmen’s Association/Japan Cognac Association/Japan Rum
Association/Japan Tequila Association/Japan Vodka Association/Japan Western Liquor Brewing Association/Japan Western Liquor Importers Association / NPO Professional Bartenders Organization / SHOCHUNEXT / NPO Cheese Professionals Association / Embassy of Ireland in Japan / American Embassy Agricultural Trade Office / Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Japan / Government of Wales / Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan / Scotland Agency for International Development / Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany / Agricultural Department of the Embassy of Mexico / Commercial Department of the Embassy of Australia / Trade and Investment Agency – Business France (more) About the Institute of Whiskey Culture The Institute of Whiskey Culture is represented by whiskey critic Mamoru Tsuchiya. This is an organization that promotes whiskey culture. Since its establishment in March 2001, we have been conducting research to learn deeply about whiskey and alcohol culture in general both domestically and internationally, collecting information, and disseminating it. We have also worked with people involved in the industry to plan, formulate, and implement initiatives aimed at nurturing whiskey lovers and drinkers and spreading whiskey culture. In addition to editing and publishing Japan’s only whiskey specialty magazine “Whisky Galore” (published bimonthly, six times a year), planning and managing events such as whiskey festivals, the world’s first qualification certification that tests knowledge of whiskey and appraisal ability. We host programs such as the “Whiskey Concert Certification Exam” and the “Whiskey Certification,” which tests your knowledge on how to enjoy whisky. Since 2019, we have also been running the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC), the only competition in Japan that judges whiskeys and spirits from around the world.
[Company Profile] Company name: Whiskey Culture Institute Co., Ltd. Head office location: 5F Tech Hiroo Building, 1-10-5 Hiroo,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 Representative director: Mamoru Tsuchiya Business details: Whiskey Galois editorial publication / Whiskey Concert qualification certification Editing and publishing exam textbooks/Writing and supervising whiskey-related books/Whiskey festival planning and management/Whiskey Concert certification exam planning and management/Whiskey certification planning and
management/Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC)
management/Whiskey manufacturing advice and technology Guidance established: March 2001 HP: Culture Research Institute Representative Mamoru Tsuchiya Profile
Born in 1954 in Sado, Niigata Prefecture. Graduated from Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters. Moved to England in 1987 after working as a weekly magazine reporter. During a research trip to Scotland, he encountered Scotch single malt for the first time and fell in love with Scotch. After returning to Japan, he became active as a whiskey critic, and in 1998 was selected by Highland Distillers as one of the “Five Whiskey Writers of the World.” He supervised the NHK morning TV drama series “Massan”, which aired from September 2014 to March 2015, as a whiskey researcher. “Complete Single Malt Scotch
Encyclopedia”, “Blended Whiskey Encyclopedia” (Shogakukan), “Masataka Taketsuru and Whiskey” (Tokyo Shoseki), “Whiskey Complete Bible” (Natsume Publishing), “Whiskey as Business Education: Why Now?” Can high-quality whiskey be sold for 200 million yen?” (KADOKAWA), “Japanese Whiskey as Education for Business” (Shodensha), “Mamoru Tsuchiya’s Whiskey One Thousand and One Nights (Volumes 1-5)”, “Japanese Whiskey Yearbook ( Author of many books, including “Japanese Distillery Yearbook” (Whiskey Culture Research Institute). In addition to serving as the editor-in-chief of the bimonthly magazine “Whisky Galore,” he also serves as the executive committee chairperson for TWSC and Japanese Whiskey Day. [For inquiries regarding this release] Whiskey Culture Research Institute Co., Ltd. TWSC Secretariat TEL 03-6277-4103 (Weekdays 10:00-18:30) MAIL

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