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Home » YOSHIKI PR Office “Y by YOSHIKI” New rosé & new vintage wine now available! A whirlwind in the Japanese w ine industry! YOSHIKI Champagne selected as house champagne for Monaco debut luxury hotel

YOSHIKI PR Office “Y by YOSHIKI” New rosé & new vintage wine now available! A whirlwind in the Japanese w ine industry! YOSHIKI Champagne selected as house champagne for Monaco debut luxury hotel

“Y by YOSHIKI” New rosé & new vintage wine now available! A whirlwind in the Japanese wine industry! YOSHIKI Champagne selected as house champagne for Monaco debut luxury hotel

[Image 1:×1667.jpg] It was announced at a press conference on Thursday, June 6th that Y by YOSHIKI, a wine brand produced by YOSHIKI, will release a new rosé wine and a new vintage wine.
The rosé wine announced this time is a new addition to the white Chardonnay and red Cabernet Sauvignon from “Y by YOSHIKI California”, one of the representative series of “Y by YOSHIKI”. In recent years, rosé wine has become extremely popular worldwide. In France, consumption has tripled over the past 23 years, to the point where one out of every four bottles of wine consumed is said to be rosé wine. It is also gaining popularity in the United States, and YOSHIKI has had more opportunities to enjoy fresh and refreshing rosé wine, so he has decided to add it to the lineup with the hope of spreading the word about rosé wine in Japan.
[Image 2:×1667.jpg] In addition, new vintages will be released from “Y by YOSHIKI California,” “Y by YOSHIKI Russian River Valley,” and “Y by YOSHIKI Oakville.” In particular, “Y by YOSHIKI Russian River Valley” and the highest peak in the series, “Y by YOSHIKI Oakville”, had to give up wine production due to smoke pollution from the wildfires in 2020, and after overcoming major obstacles, they were finally able to produce wine. Expectations are high for the release.
“Y by YOSHIKI” is a wine brand with a 15-year history that began in 2009 through a collaboration between YOSHIKI and Rob Mondavi Jr., a fourth-generation winemaker from a Napa Valley winemaking family. It is also called a “phantom wine” because it sells out instantly every time it is released, and this new rosé and new vintage wine are also attracting attention.
[Image 3:×1667.jpg] In addition, the prestigious French maison POMMERY, known as YOSHIKI Champagne and which has been in business for over 180 years, has teamed up with YOSHIKI for the first time in its long history, creating the best-selling champagne “Y by YOSHIKI×CHAMPAGNE POMMERY Brut”. ” has been selected as the glass of champagne at the
world-famous Japanese and Peruvian fusion restaurant brand “Nobu” at the luxury hotel “Fairmont Monte Carlo” in Monaco.
As a result, the “Y by YOSHIKI x CHAMPAGNE POMMERY” series, which continues to expand sales around the world, will now be available in Monaco, following Japan, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Nathalie Vranken, owner of Champagne Pommery, commented on the expansion of YOSHIKI Champagne in Monaco.
“Y by YOSHIKI It is a great honor to be able to collaborate with and comments.
Furthermore, Ken Morii, CEO of Vranken Pommery Japan, said, “Monaco is known as a special city where the world-famous F1 Grand Prix is ​​held and where wealthy people from all over the world gather.A top-class hotel in such a special city. I feel that it is a great honor that “Y by YOSHIKI x CHAMPAGNE POMMERY Brut” has been selected as the glass champagne,” he said enthusiastically about this great achievement in Monaco.
“Y by YOSHIKI×CHAMPAGNE POMMERY Brut” was released for the first time in Japan in September 2022 ahead of the rest of the world, and the first lot of 10,000 bottles sold out in just 10 minutes after sales began. The importer’s inventory, including pre-order sales at stores and restaurants, was all sold out on the day of release, setting an unprecedented record in the history of POMMERY, which has a long history dating back to 1836, for the speed at which the first lot sold out.
In December 2023, the first rosé champagne “Y by YOSHIKI Both are creating new legends as “phantom champagnes.”
It was also mentioned at the press conference that a gift box with a red logo exclusively for the rosé champagne “Y by YOSHIKI x CHAMPAGNE POMMERY Brut Rose” announced last fall has been completed and will be on sale for Christmas. This rosé champagne box was born out of a sudden inspiration that YOSHIKI made during a press conference at the time: “I think the box should be red to match the bottle,” and it is a creative YOSHIKI style. I can see it.
[Image 4:×1667.jpg] During the press conference, YOSHIKI said, “In Europe and the United States, there is a custom of enjoying rosé wine quite casually.The genres are different, but in my music career, I have spread a new genre of music that was not heard in Japan at the time.Wine. I feel the same way about the production.In Japan, wine is still associated with red and white, and rosé is not common.This wine is a product that we are proud of and have completed after hundreds of tastings, so it is popular in that market. We hope that Y by YOSHIKI will make a difference. ” he commented.
Furthermore, when asked about the recommended way to drink the new rosé wine, he said, “First of all, you have to be healthy to enjoy such delicious wine (lol)”, and when asked how he usually refreshes himself, he said, “I talked to a reporter… It’s refreshing to have a press conference to speak to,” he said, making the audience laugh. On the other hand, when asked about his health, he replied, “What I am conscious of in order to stay healthy is to avoid stress as much as possible.Speaking of stress, recently, a fan of mine was victimized by an impersonation problem on social media.” “My staff has been warning people on SNS, but considering the feelings of the fans, I feel stressed by such actions,” he said, referring to the recent SNS trouble. Ta.
YOSHIKI is currently holding “EVENING / BREAKFAST with YOSHIKI 2024 in TOKYO JAPAN”, the “world’s most luxurious dinner show”, at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo for 13 performances over 8 days starting August 2nd (Friday). For this dinner show, a new “VIP Premium Package” has been prepared, and despite the price of 300,000 yen, the highest price ever for a Japanese artist, applications have already far exceeded expectations, and the package is currently being held. Advance sales of “YOSHIKI+(PLUS)” and “Sumitomo Mitsui VISA & MASTER Card” have been abruptly discontinued. Following the unprecedented price setting, the show sold out at an astonishing speed, and there is no doubt that it will be a premiere show that overturns common sense, and YOSHIKI’s popularity on the world stage was on display here as well.
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