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SIRUI JAPAN Co., Ltd. New product sales SIRUI Night Walker S35 55mm T1.2 large aperture manual focus portrait cine lens

[SIRUI JAPAN Co., Ltd.] [New product sales] SIRUI Night Walker S35 55mm T1.2 large-diameter manual focus
portrait cine lens

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Press release: June 7, 2024
[New Product Sale] SIRUI Night Walker S35 55mm T1.2 Large Aperture Manual Focus Portrait Cine Lens
*5% off special price for a limited time from June 7th to June 21st, 2024* SIRUI Night Walker 55mm T1.2 large aperture manual focus cine lens is SIRUI It is on special sale at JAPAN’s official Amazon shop. Suitable for close-up and portrait photography.
– *Product information*
SIRUI Night Walker S35 55mm T1.2 Cine Lens | Unraveling the beauty of the night The SIRUI Night Walker S35 series features a large T1.2 aperture and excellent optical performance, providing clear images even in dark places.
– *Sales information*
Product Name: SIRUI Night Walker 55mm T1.2 Cine Lens Large Diameter Manual Focus Lens
Focal length: 55mm
Compatible mounts: E/MFT/RF/X/L
Selling price:
53,900 tax included (black)
61,600 tax included (metal gray)
– * Product Features*
* [T1.2 large diameter] *
Featuring a large aperture of T1.2, this cine lens is ideal for shooting in low light conditions. You get pure low-noise night scenes without the need for extremely high ISOs. Furthermore, the high-speed aperture of T1.2 contributes to pleasant bokeh and clear subjects, giving images richer expressive power and aesthetics.
* [Night Walker 55mm] * SIRUI Night Walker series cine lenses feature S35 cover. Night
The Walker 55mm is equivalent to a 77mm full-frame lens and is perfect for close-up and portrait photography. SIRUI Night
Walker is available in two color options: classic black and
fashionable metal gray. Both options have a premium and beautiful look.
* [Excellent optical performance] * SIRUI Night
Walker takes an innovative step forward to improve optical performance even at maximum aperture, delivering perfect sharpness, minimal focus breathing, and well-controlled aberrations.
* [Excellent Cine Body] *
The sturdy aluminum cine housing is durable and portable. The minimum weight of the lens has been reduced to approximately 500g, and by protecting the internal optical elements, it opens a new era of lightweight, large-diameter lenses.
– * accessories*
– *Product specifications*
Model: SIRUI 55mm T1.2
Compatible mounts: E/MFT/RF/X/L
Focal length: 55mm
Frame: APS-C/S35
Aperture: T1.2-T16
Lens configuration: 11 elements in 10 groups
Aperture blades: 12 pieces
Shortest shooting distance: 0.6m
Filter specification: M67*0.75
Focus ring rotation angle: 270°
Maximum diameter (mm/inch): 79/3.11
Focus ring diameter (mm/inch): 77.6/3.06
Length (mm):
E-mount: 85.4
X mount: 85.7
RF mount: 83.7
MFT mount: 84.1
L mount: 88.7
Weight (g):
E-mount: 555
X mount: 573
RF mount: 585
MFT mount: 570
L mount: 541
– * Company Profile*
Founded in 2001, SIRUI is the world’s leading optical imaging brand, with products including broadband cinema lenses, cinema lenses, and autofocus lenses, and a sales network spanning more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Sharp has cutting-edge optical technology, with 324 patent applications and 64 patents granted worldwide. Over the years, we have won numerous internationally recognized awards and are driving the rapid development of imaging technology around the world.
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