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Home » ~Hotel Taisetsu ONSEN & CANYON RESORT celebrates its 70th anniversary, Daisetsuzan National Park celebrates its 90th anniversary~ “We have walked together for 70 years with all of you. We look forward to the next 100 years with gr atitude.”

~Hotel Taisetsu ONSEN & CANYON RESORT celebrates its 70th anniversary, Daisetsuzan National Park celebrates its 90th anniversary~ “We have walked together for 70 years with all of you. We look forward to the next 100 years with gr atitude.”

~Hotel Daisetsu ONSEN & CANYON
RESORT celebrates its 70th anniversary and Daisetsuzan National Park celebrates its 90th anniversary – “We have spent 70 years together with you all. We look forward to the next 100 years with gratitude.”
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Press release: June 7, 2024
~Hotel Daisetsu ONSEN & CANYON
RESORT celebrates its 70th anniversary and Daisetsuzan National Park celebrates its 90th anniversary – “We have spent 70 years together with you all. We look forward to the next 100 years with gratitude.” *Hotel Taisetsu will be implementing various accommodation plans and campaigns to commemorate its 70th anniversary. *
“Hotel Daisetsu ONSEN & CANYON” operated by Nishinome Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Head office: Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, President and CEO: Tomohiro Nishinome)
Since its founding in 1954, RESORT (Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido) has been supported by many people including customers, and this year we have reached a major milestone of our 70th anniversary. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your patronage and support over the years, and Hotel Taisetsu is offering a 70th Anniversary Accommodation Plan, a sauna renovation, a memorable retro meal, and a collaboration with Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery. We will be developing a variety of projects that will please our customers, such as a commemorative collaboration sake release and a 70th anniversary lucky capsule (lottery). Please look forward to it. Left: First generation Hotel Taisetsu (around 1955)
Right: Current Hotel Daisetsu

* ■About the 70th anniversary logo*
Sounkyo Onsen, located in Daisetsuzan National Park, which celebrated its 90th anniversary this year, has an image of the steep gorge and the rich mountain range of Daisetsuzan, which includes Mt. Asahidake and Mt. Kurodake. We created a commemorative logo mark that expresses our desire to make this the starting point for the next 100 years.

* ■About the 70th anniversary project*

-70th anniversary accommodation plan-
“Hotel Daisetsu” has a 70th anniversary accommodation plan.
We offer special plans such as “Room Upgrade Plan”, “Very Popular Kazo Pack Plan”, “Continuous Night Plan”, “70 and 35 Years Old Celebration Plan”, and “70,000 yen Plan for Two People”.
We will be preparing many other accommodation plans, so please look forward to it.
*Please see the Hotel Taisetsu official website for details on the plan.

[70th Anniversary Special Plan] Dinner “inankur” plan limited to 35-year-olds who are celebrating their 70th birthday and half birthday

-70th anniversary lucky capsule (lottery project), 70th anniversary exhibition- ・To express our gratitude for the 70th anniversary, we have installed a “70th Anniversary Lucky Capsule” at the front desk on the 1st floor. At check-in, you can enjoy a lottery to see which prize you’ll win from among seven types of prizes, including gift certificates and hot spring steamed buns that can be used at the hotel. (There is an exchange ticket with a number written inside the capsule, which can be exchanged for a prize at the front desk.) *Only for customers making individual reservations.

・We will also have videos and panel exhibitions summarizing our history from our founding to the present in the hotel lobby.

-Providing retro Showa and Heisei cuisine at the buffet venue “HINNA no Mori”- [First round] Starts from April 23, 2024
Macaroni gratin, valley steamed, offal stew, fried white fish, cold jellyfish, Nostalgic candy from the Showa era (sauce cutlet, squid tempura, dried spicy cod)
*Keikoku Mushi is a dish that we remember from when our hotel’s restaurant “Top of Canyon” opened in January 2000.
In the future, the menu will change for the second and third editions. Details will be posted on our homepage from time to time.
Retro food corner

-“Sauna” renewal-
In January 2024, we renovated the sauna on the 7th floor of the West Building, “Taisetsu no Yu.”
You can now make self-lowry using Higashikawa Town’s “Rosemary Water.” In addition, a waterfall mechanism has been introduced in the water bath, in honor of Sounkyo Onsen’s tourist attractions, “Galaxy Falls” and “Ryusei Falls.” In addition to being able to bathe in water that falls from a height of approximately 2 meters, the “dressing space” has also been completely redesigned.
We have renewed our sauna in gratitude for our 70th anniversary.

-Sales of 70th anniversary collaboration product (Junmai Ginjo) with “Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery” (Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido)-
We are selling Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery Junmai Ginjo (720ml) with Hotel Taisetsu 70th Anniversary label.
Scheduled to start selling from Friday, June 7, 2024
Sales location: “Hotel Taisetsu” 1st floor shop, mail order site: “Taisetsu Shoten”, “Taisetsu Sakedokoro”
“Kamikawa Daisetsu Sake Brewery”
The concept is to “build normally”.
Our goal is to make sake that people will enjoy drinking.
The water used for brewing is natural water that comes from a spring in the Daisetsuzan Mountains, which is perpetually covered with snow, and has a temperature of approximately 7°C, which is ideal for sake brewing.
Sake rice is rice suitable for sake brewing from Hokkaido, produced by well-known producers who are bonded with trust.
We produce small-scale, high-quality sake using traditional handmade methods.

・Donation to Kamikawa Town: June 10th (Monday) 13:30, we will donate 1,000,000 yen to Kamikawa Town, where Sounkyo Onsen Hotel Taisetsu is located, as a token of gratitude for celebrating its 70th anniversary. I will do it. (Scheduled attendees: Nishiki
Mitsuhide, Mayor of Kamikawa Town, Nobuo Nishinome, Representative Director and Chairman of Nishinome Sangyo Co., Ltd., Tomohiro Nishinome
President and Representative Director of Nishinome Sangyo Co., Ltd.). We hope that the donations will be used for educational purposes. *This is the second year since last year that we have donated 1 million yen.

・We have started various 70th anniversary commemorative activities, such as selling the “70th Anniversary Bakery Set” at Hotel Daisetsu’s 1st floor bakery and installing a “face panel” in the lobby.

-70th anniversary development on mail order site-
In commemoration of the 70th anniversary, new products have been added to the mail order sites “Daisetsu Shoten,” “Daisetsu Shudokoro,” and “Kitanomori Garden Hokkaido Product Market (Amazon, Rakuten Market, Yahoo!)” operated by Hotel Daisetsu. We are working to strengthen our product lineup.
In addition, commemorative collaboration products (Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery on Hotel Taisetsu 70th anniversary label)
Junmai Ginjo 720ml) (scheduled to start selling from June 7th at Hotel Daisetsu 1F Shop, mail order sites “Daisetsu Shoten” and “Daisetsu Shudokoro”) and a campaign are planned and decided. We will keep you informed of any information we receive through our homepage, Instagram, etc.
“Taisetsu Shoten”
“Taisetsu Sakedokoro”
“Kitanomori Garden Hokkaido Product Market”

■Hotel Taisetsu is reconsidering the nature of mountain resorts for the next 100 years, and aims to be a hotel that continues to be loved by everyone while coexisting with the great nature of Mt. Daisetsu and Sounkyo.
Please look forward to Hotel Daisetsu for the next 100 years. “Thank you for the wonderful 70 years. Now, let’s move on to the next 100 years.”

■Hotel Daisetsu ONSEN&CANYON RESORT is a popular hot spring inn hotel. We have been selected as a 5-star inn for 25 consecutive years in the Top 250 Hotels and have been selected as a Platinum Inn.
*The 250 Popular Hot Spring Inns and Hotels is a popularity poll of hot spring inns and hotels conducted by the Kanko Keizai Shimbun along with the 100 Hot Spring Selections. If there are two or more lodging facilities managed by the same company in one hot spring area that meet the selection criteria, all of the lodging facilities will be selected as one. For this reason, 272 houses (269 last time) were selected for this year’s 250 selection. Four businesses were selected for the first time (compared to six in the same year).

Excellent inns and hotels that have been selected five or more times are awarded the title of “5-star inn.” There are 253 “5-star inns” this time (247 in the same year). Seven hotels were given five stars for the first time (compared to 11). In addition, there are 70 inns and hotels that have been selected continuously for 25 years since the first award in 1999, and in recognition of their honor, they will be recognized as “Platinum” and presented with a shield as a certificate.

【Company Profile】
Company name: Nishinome Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Nishinome, Representative Director and President Address: 6-jo 14-chome, right 9, Asahikawa, Hokkaido
TEL: 0166-29-2525
URL: Hotel Daisetsu ONSEN&CANYON RESORT Nishinome Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Business details: Hotel business (Hotel Taisetsu ONSEN&CANYON RESORT, Hotel Crescent Asahikawa), Bakery business (Taisetsu Bakery) Cafe & Bar), EC sales business (own EC sites “Taisetsu Shoten” and “Taisetsu Shudokoro”, each mall site “Kitanomori Garden Hokkaido Product Market” (Rakuten, AMAZON, Yahoo!)

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Company name: Nishinome Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Yoshinori Otsuka
TEL: 01658-5-3211 (Hotel Daisetsu Representative)
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