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Home » Talk about trends in the game industry! The 23rd game industry information exchange meeting was held.

Talk about trends in the game industry! The 23rd game industry information exchange meeting was held.

Marketing Association Co., Ltd.
Talk about trends in the game industry! The 23rd game industry information exchange meeting was held.
Supporting network building and idea generation for people involved in the game industry
Marketing Association Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hirokazu Nakazono, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which provides game support agency services, will hold an exchange event “The Company” on Friday, May 24, 2024 in Tokyo. The 23rd Game Industry Information Exchange Meeting was held jointly with Creative House Pocket Co., Ltd. and Beyond Co., Ltd.
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Situation of the day
The 23rd Game Industry Information Exchange Meeting was held at the venue in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku.
This time, we received applications from more than 30 people, and participants were from various companies involved in games, including publishers, developers, and animation production companies.
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■Company introduction
After the venue opened, our company, co-sponsor companies, and other companies who requested the event gave explanations about their businesses and services.
[Image 3:×2448.jpg] ■Subcommittee
We held breakout sessions where each group had a discussion based on the theme. This year’s theme was “Trends and Prospects of the Game Industry.” Groups of 5 to 6 participants will form a group and exchange opinions based on the theme.
Various topics came up during the discussion, including “the decline in game development projects” and “the rise of overseas game companies such as China and South Korea.”
After the discussion, the opinions expressed in the group were presented in front of everyone.
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■General exchange
In the second half of the meeting, we held a general interaction time where participants could freely talk to each other while drinking drinks.
The venue had a lively atmosphere from beginning to end, with people exchanging business cards and continuing the discussion from earlier.
[Image 6:×2448.jpg] Click here for the detailed report of “23rd Game Industry Information Exchange Meeting”
We have published a more detailed report of the day on our official note. Please take a look at this as well if you like.
What is the game industry information exchange meeting?
The “Game Industry Information Exchange Meeting” creates a network of people involved in the game industry,
・By gaining a deeper understanding of industry needs and actual conditions, we can provide better services.
・Building customer networks and creating business opportunities It has been held more than 20 times so far for these purposes. The valuable information obtained through such opportunities is utilized in our services.
What is “Game Support Plus”?
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Service site:
We provide customer support (telephone and email) for various game genres, including consumer, online, mobile, social, and native apps, 365 days a year.
In addition to basic first-level support, we can also provide second-level support, including debugging, reporting, and other incidental work.
Next event scheduled
We regularly hold game information exchange meetings. The next event is scheduled for around August.
The next information will be posted on the website below. We look forward to your participation.
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Company Profile
[Image 8:×38.png] Company name: Marketing Association Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Hirokazu Nakazono
Address: 1-1-15 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Minamisei Ueno Building 1, 3, 4F Capital: 17.5 million yen
Business content: BPO operations including call center agency and EC management agency
■Corporate site:
■Call center management agency service:
■Game support agency service: ■“Game Appli Info”, a media that delivers positive information to the game industry:
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