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Yamaguchi Corporation Co., Ltd. Shizuka Will Glass film compatible with “Xperia 1 VI Mark Six” released

[ Corporation Co., Ltd.] [Shizuka Will] Glass film
compatible with “Xperia 1 VI Mark Six” released

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Press release: June 7, 2024
[Shizuka Will] Glass film compatible with “Xperia 1 VI Mark Six” released *“Xperia 1 VI,” “SO-51E,” and “SOG13” sold at docomo, au, and softbank ” Compatible with “XQ-EC44”! ! *
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Corporation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mine City, Prefecture, President and CEO: Takashi )’s brand
“shizukawill” is available on Docomo au.
Softbank has released a glass film compatible with Xperia 1 VI.

Glass film full cover type
Glass film clear type
The glass film covers only the LCD display area* Clear type* Available in full coverage type with black border*
* 1. Absolute confidence in strength *
Shizuka Will’s glass film is *heated twice at 400℃*,
* It takes a long time of 4 hours to strengthen each piece*. It has even higher hardness than conventional products and will not scratch the surface.
* 2. Smooth and excellent to the touch *
Made by the Japanese company ShinEtsu (Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry) on the glass surface
* Surface treatment with fluorine-based coating agent* provides a smooth touch* * 3. No debris scattering *
* Shatterproof PET layer* prevents glass fragments from flying* and prevents injuries from broken glass film.

* 4. Dirt can be wiped off immediately *
Even if there are fingerprints or dirt on the surface of your smartphone while using it,
You can easily clean* and keep the screen clean* just by wiping it off.

* 5.Round edge processing *
The edges of the glass film have a smooth curved surface* that prevents fingers from getting caught and being difficult to peel*. When you hold your smartphone*, it also maintains a good grip*

*Dragon Trail Blue Light Cutting Glass Film*
Dragon Trail Blue Light Cut Glass Film
* 1. Tempered glass film *
Dragontrail is *6 times stronger* than regular glass film.
*Tempered glass film*
*Excellent performance in scratch resistance, impact resistance*, etc.

* 2. Flexible and resistant to bending *
Unprecedented in the history of glass film* with* toughness* and* overwhelming suppleness* that won’t break even when bent 330 degrees*

* 3. Easy on the eyes *
It cuts blue light, so it’s easy on the eyes*

* 4. Hardness 10H and scratch resistant *
Demonstrates *strong scratch resistance* against *scratches* caused by knives, etc., abrasions* caused by drops*, and *nail scratches*.

* 5.Glass shatterproof structure *
Even if the glass breaks, it will not scatter*, thus preventing injury* caused by glass film.
*《About Corporation》*

Company name: Corporation Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 10667-1 Nishibu, Omine-cho, Mine City, Prefecture 759-2213
Representative: Takashi , President and Representative Director Business details: Smartphone accessory mail order (import/export sales business), website production, advertising/printed matter production shizukawill Trademark registration number: No. 5883712
Official website:
Shizukawill official online store: *
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