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Publishes sustainability PR magazine “Sasmore” vol.16

Publication of sustainability PR magazine “Sasmore” vol.16
Produced by a construction company with an eco certification certification rate of 90.2%. Special article: Talk with Mr. Ryuzaki, representative of hotel production company Mercury Co., Ltd. ……
GOOD PLACE Co., Ltd. (formerly Cosmos More Co., Ltd., head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hisao Edahiro) is a construction company that creates “better places” through building renovation, office construction, and outsourcing of back office operations. has published vol.16 of its sustainability public relations magazine “Sasmore” and made it available on our corporate website in June 2024. “Sasmore” is an annual magazine that summarizes sustainability initiatives carried out in business and internal activities in one volume. As the times change, the way we approach social issues is changing, from CSR activities to CSV activities to sustainability promotion. In light of emerging environmental issues and changes in the circumstances surrounding us, we will continue to communicate the importance of promoting sustainability.
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“Sasmore” vol.16 cover
Susmore vol.16: GOOD PLACE sustainability page: Excerpt from “Sasmore” vol.16
■ Eco test qualification possession rate over 90%
At our company, we believe it is essential for each and every employee to promote their business with consideration for the environment, and we encourage them to obtain the “eco test” sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As of fiscal 2023, 222 people, or 90.2% of all employees, hold the eco test.
■ Calculating CO2 emissions for the entire supply chain in your own business In 2022, we launched the “MORE SUSTAINABLE PROJECT” to calculate CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain, aiming to improve the sustainability of our own business. Emissions in fiscal 2022 will be 35,900 tons, and as we were able to calculate this figure in the second year of the project, we will take actions to further reduce CO2 emissions in the future.
■ Study tour to learn from external sustainability initiatives A study tour to think about what GOOD PLACE should be working on by learning about other companies’ sustainability efforts. This time, our Sustainability Promotion Office visited IKEA Kohoku and Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd., which are implementing various initiatives to achieve sustainability, to learn about the activities of each company. ・IKEA Kohoku: Initiatives to eliminate CO2 emissions from the global furniture value chain
・Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd.: What is the 1-1-1 model that “net zero” Salesforce has continued since its founding?
■ REAL TALK: Dialogue with Shoko Ryuzaki, Representative Director and CEO of Mercury Co., Ltd.
“A hotel is the place you end up at the end of your day. That’s why I want it to be the destination of your journey.” Mr. Ryuzaki has continued to give form to the thoughts he felt at the age of eight. We are posting a conversation between Mr. Ryuzaki and GOOD PLACE President and CEO Edahiro on the theme of “What is a special accommodation experience?”
SOCO HAUS KORAKUEN, which our company designed and constructed, is a rental residence for women living alone, which is a renovated company dormitory in the city center. In addition to compact living rooms, the common areas include high-quality spaces such as a kitchen studio, library, theater room, and training room, as well as high-performance furniture and appliances. We will introduce the development background and thoughts behind the design of the SOCO HAUS project, which proposes a new style of urban housing that combines the best aspects of rental housing and hotels.
■ Introducing cases in which GOOD PLACE has been particularly active in SDGs initiatives from among the projects in which it has been involved.
・ETOWA KISARAZU: Opening a glamping facility utilizing an abandoned school where local people and guests can interact
・TMES Shibaura Head Office Relocation Project: Build an office where favorable winds will blow, combining the borrowed view of Tokyo Bay and the movement of people.
・Recruit Okayama base: Upcycled denim scraps and used them for walls. Creating a space where workers can feel attached to the local area GOOD PLACE Sustainability Promotion Office
GOOD PLACE started working on solving social issues in 2008, and in 2011 established the “CSR Promotion Office.” We have actively supported earthquake disaster recovery and regional development. In recent years, we have also been aiming to create a system to solve social issues from the perspective of SDGs, and have been producing “Sasmore”, disseminating information through e-mail newsletters, holding meetings to acquire external knowledge, and supporting all employees to pass the “Eco Test.” Masu. From 2023, it will be renamed the “Sustainability Promotion Office” and will further strengthen its activities to lead GOOD PLACE to a leading sustainable company, including formulating a five-year CSV vision and leading the MORE SUSTAINABLE PROJECT. I am.
List of Susmores so far: About GOOD PLACE Co., Ltd.
GOOD PLACE (formerly Cosmos More URL: was established in 1990 as a company responsible for the remodeling business of the Recruit Group. In 2013, we became a group company of Daiwa House Industry (TSE Prime. 1925) together with our parent company Cosmos Initia (TSE Standard. 8844). With the brand concept of “Make a GOOD PLACE,” we are developing a construction business that includes office business, general affairs outsourcing business, and renovation, aiming to create better places in various areas such as work and gathering places. In January 2024, the trade name was changed from Cosmos More Co., Ltd. to GOOD PLACE Co., Ltd.
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