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Michinori Holdings Fukushima Kotsu Collaboration with Fukushima town information magazine “CJ Monmo”

Michinori Holdings
[Fukushima Transportation] Collaboration with Fukushima town information magazine “CJ Monmo”
We will be distributing free papers with discount coupons on Fukushima Kotsu route buses, express buses, and Iizaka Line!
To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Iizaka Line, Fukushima’s town information magazine “CJ Monmo” (published by SCC Co., Ltd.) is offering discount coupons for 28 spots in Fukushima City, mainly gourmet food. We have created a free paper entitled “Travel along the Iizaka Line for great deals with coupons.” This free paper with a coupon is distributed on board Fukushima Kotsu Co., Ltd.’s route buses and express buses that run in the center of Fukushima city, as well as at major stations on the Iizaka Line.
[Image 1:×770.jpg] About “Travel along the Iizaka Line with coupons”
This free paper was produced by the town information magazine “CJ Monmo” and is a set of articles introducing 28 attractive stop-in spots in Fukushima City and along the Iizaka Line, as well as coupons. Coupon benefits range from discounts at restaurants to gifts of goods, and some shops offer benefits unique to Iizaka Onsen, such as “1 free Radium egg.”
At the same time, in the June issue of “CJ Monmo”, we have planned a special feature called “Walking along the Iizaka Line, which marks the 100th anniversary of its opening this year,” to convey the charms of the Fukushima area, including the Iizaka Line, to visitors to Fukushima.
■Installation period: Until Saturday, August 31, 2024
■Installation location: 1. Inside the bus: Circulating buses mainly running in the center of Fukushima city
2. Inside the express bus departing from and arriving at Fukushima Station: Fukushima-Aizuwakamatsu Line, Fukushima-Iwaki Line, Fukushima (racecourse)-Sendai Line / Fukushima-Kyoto/Osaka Line Galaxy-go / Fukushima-Koriyama-Shinjuku Line Abukuma-go
3. Ticket sales counter: Fukushima Station east exit bus information counter 4. Iizaka Line: Fukushima Station, Sakuramizu Station, Iizaka Onsen Station, Soneda Station “Nanasen” Rest Area
Overview of town information magazine “Monthly CJ Mnmo”
■Publisher: SCC Co., Ltd.
■Area: Entire area of ​​Fukushima prefecture centered on Fukushima City and Koriyama City
■Release date: 25th of every month
■Size: A4
■Number of circulation: 38,000 copies
■List price: 680 yen
Fukushima is even more fun! Local editors delve deeply into selected information from within Fukushima Prefecture. We post the latest information on Fukushima Prefecture, including great deals, gourmet food, events, and sightseeing. We deliver carefully selected information that only a local editor can provide, in in-depth reporting, accompanied by beautiful visuals. This is a book that will help you rediscover the charm of Fukushima and make you feel that “My hometown, Fukushima, is fun!”
[Image 2:×595.jpg]

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