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Launch of Generative AI Co-Creation Lab., a user company participation program to co-create the future of contact center automation

Bell System 24 Holdings Co., Ltd. / Bell System 24 Co., Ltd. Launch of Generative AI Co-Creation Lab., a user company participation program to co-create the future of contact center automation ~Aiming to solve the problem of labor shortage by utilizing AI technology and expertise from CTC, which performs system development, and Microsoft Japan, Google Cloud, AWS, etc., which are at the forefront of generative AI ~
Bell System 24 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Hiroshi Kajiwara, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which operates BPO businesses domestically and overseas, is a hybrid contact center that uses generative AI and humans. We are launching the Generative AI Co-Creation Lab. (hereinafter referred to as the Program), which will be a user company participation program that will share case studies among participating companies.
In this program, in addition to our company, which has extensive operational knowledge of contact centers, and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CTC), which has a track record of AI system integration, we will join Microsoft Japan Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CTC), which is at the forefront of generative AI development. : Microsoft Japan), Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services Japan LLC (hereinafter referred to as “AWS”), our subsidiary Thinker Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Thinker”), which provides support in the data marketing field, and VEXT Co., Ltd., which provides support in the natural language processing field. We will utilize the AI ​​technology and expertise of each company, including VECT (hereinafter referred to as VECT). We will also encourage similar companies to join in the future.
You want to introduce generative AI to your company’s contact center but don’t know where to start, you want to select the one that suits your company from among the many generative AI models, you want to conduct verification using real data in preparation for full-scale implementation, etc. By participating in this program, companies with issues and needs will be able to share case studies among
participating companies, and with the support of the vendor company network, we will help solve current issues and lead to new utilization methods, as well as help solve problems that will emerge in the future. We aim to solve the problem of the domestic labor shortage, which is becoming increasingly popular.
[Image 1: &3=109272-125-C19483B4D1E62B8959C74E5C74E5C74e E410F-2550×1785.png] In this program, we have prepared an accompanying step-up menu tailored to the consideration stage and needs of user companies for the use of generated AI in contact centers.
By acting as a hub for user companies and vendor companies, and leveraging the knowledge and solutions of our company and vendor companies according to the user company’s consideration stage and objectives, we will be able to create AI generated in contact centers that would be difficult for a single company to do on its own. We will face the implementation issues. Specifically, we will share knowledge from past demonstration experiments, organize objectives through study sessions and workshops based on global advanced cases, conduct appropriate verification of AI models using real data, and develop optimal solutions. In addition to providing and implementing solutions to solve the problems of user companies by forming projects with vendor companies, we will also develop new joint services that utilize generative AI in the medium to long term.
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background purpose
Using the generative AI technology of Microsoft Japan and Google Cloud, our company aims to solve the social issue of labor shortage, which will become even more serious in Japan in the future, and will start demonstration of contact center operations using generative AI from June 2023. We have started experiments and are moving forward with commercialization. While we are proceeding with discussions with various companies, there are still few success stories in Japan, and in addition to numerous obstacles such as environmental issues and issues with output accuracy of answers from generated AI, there are also complaints that results are difficult to predict. There were many cases where people hesitated to introduce it.
Under these circumstances, in order to create advanced examples of the use of generative AI in contact centers, we are seeking companies that are familiar with contact center operations, system integrator companies that are responsible for integrated system development from small-scale verification to implementation, and technologies that are at the forefront of generative AI development. In addition to problem-solving capabilities through a network of vendor companies such as data marketing companies that play a role in the process of companies and business contributions, we also aim to build co-creation programs that involve the participation of user companies, where real voices such as company issues and needs can always be reflected in projects. It has arrived.
Overview of Generative AI Co-Creation Lab.
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-Provided value-
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-Role of each company-
・User companies: Application by partnership declaration form/entry sheet. Sharing information about current issues, center environment, consideration status of generation AI, etc.
・Bell System 24: Overall program progress, consulting and planning based on contact center management knowledge
・CTC: System development, solution provision
・Microsoft Japan, Google Cloud, AWS: Global information and case study sharing, technology support, licensing provision
・Thinker, Vect: Support in data marketing area, support in natural language processing area and surrounding areas
-How to apply-
・If you are a company that would like to participate, please contact the contact information below.
Contact: Generation AI Co-Creation Lab. Secretariat
Inquiry form: Through this initiative, we aim to have full-scale implementation at 30 user companies by the end of 2025, and we will continue to jointly develop the service. By utilizing new technologies such as generative AI together with user companies and vendor companies, we will revitalize the contact center industry and improve its presence. About Bell System 24 Company URL:
In 1982, we launched Japan’s first full-fledged call center service. Since then, we have developed a wide range of outsourcing businesses centered on contact centers, which are the point of contact between companies and consumers, and have created a standard model for the industry. Based on the operational knowledge we have cultivated by combining the power of “people” and “technology,” we develop and provide a variety of solutions, achieving our purpose of “supporting the enrichment of society through innovation and communication.” We will make this a reality.
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