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Sato Style Lymph Care Ear Back Tape Sales start on June 12th

Medica Sato Co., Ltd.
Sato Style Lymph Care [Ear Back Tape] Sales start on June 12th ~ Just stick it on! The ease you feel. +More comfortable with care~ ……
Medica Sato Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Seiji Sato / hereinafter referred to as Sato Lymph Care) has devised the “Sato Lymph Care”, focusing on the importance of the jaw and oral cavity on overall health, which we have learned through the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders as a dentist. On June 12th, we will start selling “Ear Back Tape,” which allows you to easily experience “Shiki Lymph Care” by just applying it and taking care of it. This product is a collaboration product with Phiten Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Phiten Co., Ltd.), a body care company that supports health. Just apply it to the back of your ears and other areas of concern, and with some care, you can get a relaxed and better feeling. .
[Image:×297.jpg] “Ear Ura Batten Tape” is a completely new tape that uses thin tapes that are crossed to move the skin and make it easier for lymph to flow. You can expect relaxation with simple body care that you just press with your fingers and apply to a comfortable area.
【Product Details】
Release date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Product name: Ear back tape
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Price: 50 marks/bag 2,000 yen (excluding tax)
Material: Tape/Polyester: 61% Cotton: 33% Polyurethane: 6%
Adhesive/Acrylic adhesive
Features: This is a new collaboration product between Sato style lymph care and Phiten.
[EC site] Sato style lymph care EC site [About Sato style lymph care]
This care focuses on loosening muscles and increasing the flow of interstitial lymph that surrounds cells. As each cell becomes healthy, your body and mind will naturally rejuvenate. What’s more, the good thing about this care is that you can see the effects right away without even trying! The theory and technology are completely different from traditional methods.
01: The body is made up of cavities
02: Support muscles are flexor muscles
03: Loosen your muscles
Health and beauty seminars are held all over the country, with more than 30,000 people attending, and instructors and seminar instructors of the “Sato Style Lymph Care” are currently active. Since 2012, we have held seminars overseas, including in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Thailand, with a total of 2,000 people taking the courses overseas.
The method of making the face smaller and anti-aging, which eliminates the need for cosmetic surgery, has created many beautiful witches all over Japan, and is supported by many people, including being fully introduced in hospitals as a treatment method. Broadcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 p.m. – Become a happy and beautiful woman in 5 minutes a day – has 450,000 subscribers
[About Phiten Co., Ltd.]
Adhering to the policy of “Everything is to support your health,” we have developed a variety of stress care and body care products that utilize Phiten’s unique water-soluble metal technology. Products impregnated with “Aqua Titanium,” a nano-level titanium dispersed in water, support the body in a relaxed state. It is widely used by everyone from the world’s top athletes to the general public. More details about this release: