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Dog and cat life, homemade food for dogs, now available with a new package with plenty of texture (starting in early June)

Dog and cat life, homemade food for dogs, now available with a new package with plenty of texture (starting in early June)

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Press release: June 7, 2024
Dog and cat life, homemade food for dogs, now available with a new package with plenty of texture (starting in early June)
*~We paid attention to the number of ingredients and the particle size of the ingredients, and sales were strong at more than 5 times compared to last year! ~*

Dogneko Seikatsu Co., Ltd. operates a pet care business that includes the sale of domestically produced, additive-free (*1) premium pet food based on the philosophy of “For a happy life for all animals and their families.” Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Jun Sato, hereinafter referred to as Inuneko Seikatsu) *
Regarding the popular product “Handmade Food for Dogs”*, which is selling well at more than 5 times (*2) compared to last year, the packaging has been renewed* starting from delivery in early June 2024.

The 25g small pack, which is easy to use for toppings, remains the same, but with the renewal *
Adopts a design that conveys the freshness of the ingredients used and the freshness of fresh food*
We created this product with the hope that daily meals will be an even more enjoyable time for both owners and their dogs.
“For dogs”
“Handmade Rice” is a fresh type (*3) comprehensive nutritious food made by carefully cooking up to 15 items of meat, fish, and vegetables using unique recipes and quickly freezing it, allowing you to easily make meals that taste like you made them at home. I can. It has been well received since its release in September 2022.
Dog and Cat Life is a product for dogs.
We continue to donate 20% of the profits we earn through our businesses, including “Handmade Meals,” to the Dog and Cat Life Welfare Foundation, a general incorporated foundation, with the aim of solving social problems related to dogs and cats and improving animal welfare.

*1 Additive-free: No preservatives, fragrances, or colorants used *2 Comparison of the average monthly sales volume in 2024 (January to April results) and the average monthly sales volume in 2023. *3 Pet food that is not dry processed or retort processed, maintains freshness after production by rapid freezing.

* ■“Handmade food for dogs” product details*
* -Three features-*
* ・* * Human-grade, reliable quality rice with lots of ingredients * Ingredients are of the same quality as those eaten by humans, are additive-free (*1), and are grain-free. By using up to 15 meats and vegetables, we have devised recipes that allow you to get as much vitamins and minerals from the ingredients as possible, and do not use vitamin supplements. This is a rice full of ingredients, with ingredients that are difficult to digest made smaller in size and ingredients that are easier to digest made larger, so that you can enjoy the texture while taking into consideration digestion. * ・* * Under the double supervision of a dog cooking expert and a veterinarian, we are committed to both nutritional balance and deliciousness! *

Double supervised by a dog cooking expert who knows the preferences of dogs and a veterinarian who is familiar with dog nutrition, we are particular about both nutritional balance and deliciousness. Up to 15 items of meat, fish, and vegetables are carefully prepared using unique recipes and quickly frozen to preserve the flavor of the ingredients. A comprehensive nutritional food that also meets AAFCO (*5) standards. In a survey conducted in February 2024, *
Regarding the popular chicken flavor, 93% of respondents said their dog ate it* (*4).

Ayako Ichikawa, dog cooking expert “Dog Gohan Sensei”
[Ayako Ichikawa Profile]
I started studying dog food after my dog ​​became unwell. While making a lot of dog food and dog snack recipes, I realized that no matter how healthy they are, if they aren’t fun, it’s meaningless! So I create recipes that are both time-consuming and visually enjoyable. He has also appeared in numerous media such as magazines, websites, TV, and radio.
Veterinarian Dr. Mitsuko Kobayashi
[Profile of Professor Mitsuko Kobayashi]
Graduated from Azabu University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. While attending school, he conducted research on SRSV (small spherical virus) at the virus laboratory of the National Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (formerly the National Institute of Public Health). Specializing in dermatology, he also provides dietary guidance as part of allergy treatment, and has a wealth of knowledge about food. * ・* * Three flavors and small packs make it easy to use and continue! *

Since it is packaged in 25g portions, you can quickly take it out of the freezer and cut it out by hand to use as much as you need without having to weigh it. It’s the perfect size to use as a topping on top of dry food. There are also three flavors with chicken, pork, and cod as the main ingredients, and you can freely choose the combination when using the subscription.
* -Product Summary-*
・Name: Comprehensive nutritional food for dogs for all stages “Handmade rice for dogs”
・Contents: 150g per bag (25g x 6 pieces)
・Country of origin: Japan
・Taste: 3 types available: [Chicken, egg, and 8 kinds of colorful vegetables], [Pork, green and yellow vegetables, and mushrooms], [Cod, cheese, and plenty of vegetables]
・Expiration date: 1 year after manufacture (frozen storage) *Please consume as soon as possible after opening
・Storage method: Freezing
・Price: [Regular delivery] First time
3 bags / 1,960 yen (tax included / shipping included), 2nd 10 bags / 6,358 yen (tax included / shipping included), 3rd and subsequent 10 bags / 6,358 yen (tax included) + shipping 800 yen, *For orders over 7,150 yen (tax included) free shipping
[Single item] 10 bags/8,008 yen (tax included)

*4 Responses from 65 customers who purchased “Dog and Cat Handmade Rice” after the ingredient size renewal and fed it to their dogs from February 9th to February 13th, 2024.
*5 AAFCO: The Association of American Feed Control
Officials: American Feed Control Officials Association, an American organization that sets nutritional standards and labeling standards for feed, including pet food. AAFCO’s comprehensive nutritional food standards for each life stage have been adopted in various countries and regions, and the Pet Food Fair Trade Council has also adopted these nutritional standards in Japan.

* ■“Handmade Food for Dogs” First-time limited at-home restaurant experience campaign now available in limited quantities*
For first-time customers who are using the service on a subscription basis, we are currently running an “Home Restaurant Experience Campaign” limited to 250 people per day.
* -Campaign overview-*
・Period: Currently being held
・Target: Customers using dog and cat life food for the first time ・Campaign details: Limited to 250 people per day, 3 bags/1,960 yen (tax included) can be used for 980 yen (tax included).
・Campaign URL:
(This campaign may end without notice.)

* “For dogs” from Dog and Cat Life
We are strengthening sales of “Handmade Gohan” at physical stores, and are increasingly introducing it at pet hotels, grooming salons, cafes, etc. We look forward to hearing from stores and facilities that may be considering implementing this service. *

* ■About Inuneko Seikatsu Co., Ltd.*
Based on the philosophy of “For the happy lives of all animals and their families,” we operate a pet care business that includes the sale of domestically produced, additive-free (*1) premium pet food and house call clinics. Cumulative sales of dog and cat lifestyle brand food (including snacks and supplements) have exceeded 35 million meals (*6) as of March 2024.
In addition, with the aim of improving animal welfare for dogs and cats, we have established an animal welfare foundation that advocates the three zeros (zero detention, zero culling, and zero inappropriate breeding environments), and we will continue to donate 20% of our profits to dogs and cats. We aim to resolve social issues related to cats and improve animal welfare throughout Japan. The Dog and Cat Lifestyle Welfare Foundation operates a self-run shelter and a spay/neuter hospital in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. In the future, we plan to open shelters across the country where there is a shortage.
In the future, in order to realize our corporate philosophy, we would like to pursue not only food but also what we can do for pet owners, dogs and cats in pet care.

*6 Cumulative number of dog and cat lifestyle brand meals sold until March 31, 2024 (converted to 50g per meal)

* ■Company profile*
Company name: Inuneko Seikatsu Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Atsushi Sato
Address: NBC Annex Ichigaya Building 6F, 9-1 Ichigaya Funakawaramachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0826
Established: May 30, 2018
Capital: 450.2 million yen (including capital reserves)
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