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Home » “Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set”, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, from hair care during the rainy season when hair is difficult to get tangled to hair arrangement during the yukata season, will be on sale from Saturday, June

“Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set”, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, from hair care during the rainy season when hair is difficult to get tangled to hair arrangement during the yukata season, will be on sale from Saturday, June

Be Co., Ltd.
“Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set”, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, from hair care during the rainy season when hair is difficult to get tangled to hair arrangement during the yukata season, will be on sale from Saturday, June 22, 2024.
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Be Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Inagaki), which operates the sustainable beauty brand “Be,” has created a ” “Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set” will be on sale from Saturday, June 22, 2024. The set includes “Be Organic Hair Oil,” which contains oil from organically grown camellias grown on Toshima Island, about 140km south of Tokyo, as well as a camellia comb (hair comb) finished with camellia oil by a craftsman in Izumi, Osaka, and a close-up. We have items that will make your summer hair arrangement fun, such as collaboration hair accessories designed by cycle accessory brand “KiNaKo” and finished by woodworker “maru wood working.” The camellia comb and hair accessories are made from materials obtained from the thinning of camellia bushes as they grow, and are a set created to fulfill Be’s product manufacturing philosophy of “contributing to sustainability.” Masu.
Collaboration background
Be is engaged in a wide range of sustainable activities in order to be kind to both people and the earth. One of these is to focus on using domestically produced raw materials, which will lead to regional revitalization and expansion of farmland. The raw material used for the “Be Organic Hair Oil” included in the “Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set” that will be sold this time is camellia oil produced in Toshima, Tokyo.
Toshima is one of Japan’s leading camellia producing areas, where organic cultivation is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We produce organic oil using only the seeds of Yabutsubaki, an ancient Japanese variety, and we are proud to be number one in Japan (*1) in terms of production volume. However, it is said that it takes about 10 years to produce camellia oil, and in order to maintain camellia fields, some of the trees must be cut down as they grow to adjust the density of the overcrowded forest. A process called “thinning” is required. Since 600 to 1,000 trees are thinned annually on the entire island, the use of thinned wood has become an issue for the future. Therefore, Be wanted to help solve the problems of JA Toshima, the producer of camellia oil, by incorporating it into product development and making it an ongoing activity.We realized the use of camellia “thinned wood” and created Toshima’s In June 2022, we started a project to create attractive products that will give us strength in the future.
*1 There may be years when it is not ranked No. 1 due to fluctuations in production volume. (About Toshima | Toshima’s camellia oil “Kamidai Tsubaki” ( )).
“Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set” that will give you a cool hair arrangement
“Be Organic Hair Oil” is a 100% natural ingredient that aims for moisturized hair and a healthy scalp, including camellia oil extracted from Yabu camellia grown in Toshima, Tokyo, broccoli oil, and sunflower oil, as well as Yabu camellia grown in Toshima. This camellia comb is made from “thinned wood” and each tooth is polished and finished with camellia oil by craftsmen in Izumi, Osaka, which is known for its production of combs.The more you use it, the more your hair will become shiny. In addition, this limited edition set includes hair accessories in collaboration with KiNaKo, an accessory brand that works on upcycled manufacturing.It is a limited edition set that can be enjoyed not only for hair care, but also for scenes in which you wear a yukata, as well as hairstyles such as summer hairstyles. I’m here.
□ Product information
[Product Name] Be Toshima Tsubaki Hair Care Limited Set
【set content】
[Image 2:×3900.jpg] ・Be organic hair oil 50mL / 1 bottle
A hair oil made from 100% natural ingredients that prevents dryness, breakage, and splits, gives firmness and body, and aims for
moisturized hair and scalp.
Contains ingredients that moisturize the hair, such as camellia oil extracted from camellias grown in Toshima, Tokyo, refined olive oil *2, and golden jojoba oil *3.
It can be used not only for hair care and styling, but also for the face, hands, and body, and is also recommended for scalp massage before shampooing. Obtained JOCA/Ecocert Cosmos Organic W
*1: Camellia oil from Toshima, Tokyo = camellia seed oil (moisturizing) *2: Refined olive oil = olive fruit oil (hair care)
*3: Golden jojoba oil = jojoba seed oil (scalp/hair care)
[Image 3:×2798.jpg] ・Tokyo Toshima camellia comb / 1 piece
Manufactured using old-fashioned handwork using thinned wood. Each tooth is polished and finished with camellia oil, making it a product that will make your hair shine the more you use it. We reuse trees that are felled for the maintenance of camellia groves, and it takes about three years to create this product from raw wood, so it can be used for a long time along with hair oil.
[Image 4:×2006.jpg] ・Be + KiNaKo Sustainable hairpin using camellia from Toshima, Tokyo / 1 piece or
・Be + KiNaKo Sustainable bangle using camellia from Toshima, Tokyo / 1 piece Triple collaboration hair accessories designed by “KiNaKo” and produced by “maru wood working” using camellia from Toshima. A total of 12 pieces, 6 hairpins and 6 bangles, are made from one log. Thinned camellia wood has been upcycled into two types of hair accessories.
[Image 5:×3607.jpg] ・Be + KiNaKo mini drawstring bag / 1 piece
An original drawstring bag with a collaboration limited design. Made of 100% fair trade cotton, it feels nice to the touch and is a material that will help expand organic farmland.

[Price] 5,610 yen (tax included)
 *It is now easier to purchase at the same price as “Be Organic Hair Oil” alone! [Release date] Limited quantity available at Be Organic and Be Online Store from Saturday, June 22, 2024
□ KiNaKo (Natsuko Kigami)
[Image 6:×467.png ]
After working at an architectural design firm, he became independent as KiNaKo in 2015. Started full-fledged architectural design and production of upcycled accessories using architectural scraps. TSUGI-WA is a bangle that uses scraps of wood and acrylic for its work, and uses the traditional construction method of joints (joints) at the joints, without using any glue or nails. There are works such as “contigo,” which were made using stainless steel that was used in restaurant kitchens, walls, and range hoods, and were intentionally left unfinished because we wanted everyone to make things and share the fun. A workshop for children using wood tile scraps was also held to provide an opportunity to learn about architecture and building materials.
For this collaboration, I am in charge of designing hair accessories.
□ Toshima Agricultural Cooperative Association (JA Toshima)
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We support producers who cultivate camellias on Toshima throughout the year. All processes, from seed harvesting to oil extraction, refining, filling, and packaging, are carried out on the island. Introduced sorting equipment to improve quality. We work every day to improve quality, including thorough management to maintain freshness. Additionally, in order to achieve traceability, they continue to adopt methods that are friendly to the islanders, such as arranging a “seal” for each producer.
In this collaboration, we are in charge of producing the camellia wood that will be used as the material.
□ maru wood working
[Image 8:×831.jpg] In Sapporo, Hokkaido, he is in charge of everything from the design to production of original wood products that combine lathe (woodworking potter’s wheel) and joinery techniques. We aim to create designs that are functional, simple, and can be used for everyday use for a long time, in line with the beauty of use. We also create one-of-a-kind items such as writing instruments, plates, and cutlery that take advantage of the unique characteristics of wood, such as scraps and knotted wood, which are produced in lot production upon request or during the production of large furniture.
For this collaboration, I am in charge of producing all handmade hair accessories.
About Be Organic
[Image 9:×2129.jpg] Based on the concepts of “sustainability” and “transparency,” we select high-quality cosmetics from around the world that have acquired 10 types of organic and vegan certification. A sustainable beauty shop where you can find special cosmetics that are perfect for you. We also collect used containers. It is located in the Tokyo Station area and is easily accessible from various areas. Please feel free to stop by when you are about to embark on your journey.
“Be Organic Marunouchi Main Store” [Address] 4F Marunouchi Building, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6390 [Business hours] Weekdays and Saturdays 11:00-21:00, Sundays and holidays 11:00 :00-20:00 (Business hours are subject to change. Please check with Marunouchi Building.) [Telephone number] 03-6665-9177
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Today and tomorrow too. Paint the best beauty in your life. “Be” for the earth.For your skin, body, and mind.
For active workers who run through every day to maintain their best condition and be beautiful. Now is the time for simple and minimal energy care. “Be”, which provides skin care, hair & body care, and inner care, is a sustainable beauty brand that seeks to provide the energy and nutrition that your skin and body need in a simple form without spending time or effort. Each item is made of environmentally friendly biomass plastic and mechanically recycled PET, making it comfortable for active workers and their partners. We have obtained Ecocert Cosmos certification, which is a strict standard, in pursuit of even greater sustainability. Be, born from the B and e of Base, creates the skin, body, and mind that form the foundation of life. Be, born from Become, makes you realize your ideal self (Become). Be, born from Be, represents the state of being/being here. “Be” supports “I” heading towards a new stage.
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□ Address 2-14-17 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074 □ Telephone number 03-6868-5334 □ Date of establishment February 7, 2017 □ Capital 10 million yen □ Representative Daisuke Inagaki □ Business details / Cosmetics , planning, manufacturing, and sales of beauty products, foods, beverages, and daily necessities, and all businesses incidental to the above □URL “Be” brand site:
[Inquiries regarding products] ▷ “Be” Customer Support □ TEL 03-6868-4779 □ OPEN 10:00-17:00 (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)
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