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Intimate Merger begins providing targeting technology for the post-cookie era to SMN

Intimate Merger Co., Ltd.
Intimate Merger begins providing targeting technology for the post-cookie era to SMN
Linking common ID solution “IM UID” that does not rely on 3rd party cookies to DSP “TVBridge Ads” – Enables advertisement delivery to the web browser of iOS devices –
Intimate Merger Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ryoji Yanashima, hereinafter referred to as the Company), a data platform company that provides Japan’s largest public DMP, uses 3rd party cookies provided by the Company. “IM Universal Identifier (IM-UID)” is a common ID solution that links 3rd party data between different domains without any hassle. We would like to inform you that we have begun providing technology and collaboration with the DSP (Demand Side Platform) “TVBridge Ads” provided by Naoki Harayama (SMN).
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In recent years, as the privacy protection of web users has increased, regulations on data collection and utilization have been strengthened in Europe through such laws as GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). In addition, Apple’s browser Safari will block 3rd party cookies due to an update to ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) in March 2020, and Google has announced that it will phase out 3rd party cookies in Chrome. I am. Due to these effects, there is an urgent need for countermeasures to replace the 3rd party cookies that have been used to date in advertising delivery and effectiveness measurement in Internet advertising.
As a countermeasure to these issues, IM started providing a common ID solution “IM-UID” that does not rely on 3rd party cookies in December 2020, and has provided the technology to a number of marketing technology companies. We have now started working with the DSP “TVBridge Ads” provided by SMN.
Through this collaboration, it is possible to deliver advertisements to the web browser of iOS devices using “TVBridge Ads.” In fact, as a result of SMN testing advertising distribution using IM-UID, it became possible to distribute advertisements to the web browser of iOS devices, increasing the overall targeting volume of promotions by approximately 1.7 times. Did.
■Test distribution results
In addition to increasing volume, CPM (Cost per Mille) improved by 200% by utilizing the web browser side of iOS devices, which has less bidding competition compared to the web browser side of Android devices. CTR (Click Through Rate) also improved significantly by 55%, and as a result, CPC (Cost Per Click) improved by 400%. The results of the test distribution confirmed that distribution using IM-UID expanded the distribution volume of TVBridge Ads and improved advertising effectiveness.
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By collaborating with businesses that provide DSPs and SSPs, we plan to continue supporting the post-cookie era in the AdTech field by using the post-cookie solutions we provide.
While considering consumer privacy, we aim to respond to corporate privacy governance in the DX era, and provide alternatives to 3rd party cookies and device IDs in the digital advertising ecosystem in the post-cookie era of programmatic advertising. We will continue to provide and contribute to the industry.
– [For the media] Explanation in 7 minutes! Intimate merger
post-cookie solution summary and implementation process-
[Video 2:] ■“TVBridge” (, which utilizes Japan’s largest TV viewing data
“TVBridge” is a data utilization service that realizes advertising distribution based on TV viewing data obtained by four major domestic TV manufacturers and digital media exposure data held by SMN. Utilizing TV viewing data from approximately 10 million connected TVs (as of May 30, 2023), we are implementing effective advertising measures using various targeting methods. Television viewing data is viewing data of television broadcasting (national terrestrial, BS, CS) that users have given permission to use for advertising purposes. This data does not include any personally identifying information. ■SMN Co., Ltd. (
Established in March 2000. We are developing a marketing technology business based on the technological capabilities cultivated within the Sony Group. We continue to evolve by linking big data processing and artificial intelligence technologies in order to achieve “solving customers’ marketing issues through technological capabilities.” Currently, in addition to the DSP “Logicad” and the marketing AI platform “VALIS-Cockpit,” we are providing solutions to various marketing-related issues, including the “TVBridge” advertising distribution service that utilizes TV viewing data.
■About Intimate Merger Co., Ltd. ( A data marketing company whose mission is to “improve efficiency using data in various areas of the world” and owns the data utilization platform “IM-DMP”, which has the No. 1 market share (*1) in the domestic DMP market. We provide and build support for the data utilization platform “IM-DMP”, which combines approximately 470 million audience data (*2) with advanced analysis technology, and provide consulting services regarding data utilization. In addition, as an initiative to protect privacy, we support the “Declaration on Management of Appropriate Use of Personal Data” advocated by the Japan Business Federation. In the future, we will expand our business into X-Tech areas such as Sales Tech, Fin Tech, and Privacy Tech, and aim to become a “data business producer group.”
*1 Source: “Teach me URL Web Service Survey Report 2021.2”
*2 Indicates the number of unique browsers measured within a certain period of time. Cookies are often used to identify browsers and indicate the number of unique cookies measured within a certain period of time.
*The company names, organization names, product names, and service names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company or organization.
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