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JAF Yamanashi JAF Day We will be holding a hotou and ozara making experience session.

Japan Automobile Federation General Incorporated Association [JAF Yamanashi] JAF Day We will be holding a hotou and ozara making experience session.
Enjoy the “hotou” and “ozara” you made yourself with
charcoal-grilled dishes.
On June 29th (Saturday), the Yamanashi Branch of the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) (Branch Chief Hiroaki Sasaki) will be holding a “JAF Day Hoto and Ozara Making Experience!” at Shosenkyo Sawarabi (Hirase, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture) on June 29th (Saturday). in Shosenkyo” will be held.
JAF holds JAF Day for the purpose of interacting with many people including members and providing quality experience opportunities. This JAF Day, with the concept of discovering the charms of Yamanashi, we have planned an event where you can experience making the local dishes “hotou” and “ozara.” Participants will be asked to choose either “hotou” or “ozara,” and after making their own noodles, they will enjoy them with charcoal-grilled dishes. The charcoal-grilled dishes are prepared with local vegetables and river fish from Shosenkyo, allowing you to fully enjoy Yamanashi’s gourmet food with local production for local consumption.
[Image 1: &3=10088-5196- EF37E8647DB5B3AEF7D323780B64b64b64 B5C2-1920×1080.png]
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] “Hoto” is a dish made of thick flat noodles kneaded with wheat flour and simmered in a miso soup with plenty of ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, mainly pumpkin. “Ozara” is made by eating “Hoto” as cold noodles and dipping them in warm soy sauce-based soup. Unlike hoto, which is simmered in a pot, noodles that are boiled and soaked in cold water have a smooth texture.
[Image 3: &s3=10088-5196-c702BC00625858BCA3A6E8DCE4B a1a-1920×1080.jpg] [Event Overview] [Date and Time] Saturday, June 29, 2024, 11:00 to 13:00 [Venue] Shosenkyo Sawarabi (3221 Hirase-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture) [Contents] Hoto and ozara making experience [Recruitment] 50 (Minimum of 10 participants, lottery will be held if there are many applications) [Participation fee] 2,350 yen (3rd grade of elementary school and above) [How to apply] Apply from the website ( [Application deadline ] June 16, 2024 (Sunday) 23:55 Please see the URL below for details. In addition to road services, the JAF Yamanashi Branch has partnered with various companies to provide JAF membership cards. We are implementing the “JAF member preferential service” where you can receive discounts and benefits. As of the end of May 2024, we are affiliated with 477 member benefit facilities in the prefecture, and we will continue to expand and enhance member benefit facilities in the future. Yamanashi local information

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