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Home » Cumulative sales exceed 1.2 million units! The capsule toy “Spongibako”, which has become a hot topic overse as, is finally available as a game! “IZON. Section 1: Tower of Fengaku” will be released this winter on Steam!!

Cumulative sales exceed 1.2 million units! The capsule toy “Spongibako”, which has become a hot topic overse as, is finally available as a game! “IZON. Section 1: Tower of Fengaku” will be released this winter on Steam!!

Cumulative sales exceed 1.2 million units! The capsule toy
“Spongibako”, which has become a hot topic overseas, is finally available as a game! “IZON. Section 1: Tower of Fengaku” will be released this winter on Steam!!

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Press release: June 7, 2024
Cumulative sales exceed 1.2 million units! The capsule toy
“Spongibako”, which has become a hot topic overseas, is finally available as a game! “IZON. Section 1: Tower of Fengaku” will be released this winter on Steam!!
*~Jointly developed by popular modeling artist Yoshi. and C&R Creative Studios~* *C&R Creative, a development studio operated by Creek & River Co., Ltd. (C&R) The game department of “IZON.
We have started the development project for “The Tower of Fukuyaku” and have decided to release it on the online gaming platform “Steam” this winter. *

In addition, to start crowdfunding for the “IZON.” development project from 22:00 on June 14th (Friday), we will open a teaser site today, June 7th (Friday). Also, C&R
Creative Studios is currently recruiting development members for “IZON.” *

* ▼Teaser site*

* ▼Crowdfunding details page * **
* Point 1: Popular modeling artist Yoshi.’s game “IZON.” development project has finally started! To be released this winter!!*
Mr. Yoshi. has created many unique modeling works in various genres such as games, anime, and figures. In 2021, the original content “Spongibako” consisting of his modeling works will be released as a capsule toy “Spongibako”.
When it was released as “Section 1”, its mysterious, eerie, and sad world view and unique design that made extensive use of streamlined lines became popular, and it sold out one after another. After that, the capsule toy “Spongibako”
An image movie was released at the time of the release of “~Section 2~”, and the magnificent world view that could never be contained in a capsule became a hot topic not only in Japan but also overseas. The long-awaited game project “IZON.” based on “Spongibako” has finally started! Yoshi. and C&R Creative
Studios has teamed up to begin joint development of the game “IZON. Section 1: Tower of Fengaku”. This game is scheduled to be
distributed on Steam this winter.

* [What is Yoshi.] *
A sculptor who has created many unique sculptural works with his outstanding sense. He is involved in character design and prototypes in various genres such as games, anime, and figures. Spinning box game project “IZON.
”, where he takes direction as the director and develops the product himself. ▼Yoshi.’s official X account
* [What is a spinning box] *
World map of “Spinning Box”
Original content consisting of sculptural works by sculptor Yoshi. A total of 10 series have been released so far as the capsule toy “Spongibako”, all of which are sold out. Along with the uniquely designed figures, the included mini-book contains scenarios and image art related to each character, allowing you to enjoy a glimpse of the epic story. In addition, image movies and image songs were released, and the world view that could not be contained in a capsule became a hot topic not only in Japan but also overseas. Cumulative sales of the series and its spin-off series have exceeded 1.2 million units. ▼What is a spinning box? Summary for those who say (Mr. Ichimi’s note)
▼ Hajimeteno Spinning Box distribution (Tsumugibako official YouTube channel)
▼Spinning box – Section 2 – Image movie
* Story of “Spinning Box” *
“Miyako” and “Hakoniwa”
A world where two different places are connected like an hourglass. The people of “Miyako” sacrifice their sins in order to be perfect, and the strange form of “Hakoniwa” purifies their sins and returns them to “Miyako.”
Through this cycle, the peace between the two lands was maintained, but one day something strange happened to “Hakoniwa” and the balance was fragile, but it crumbled…
* [What is IZON.] *
This is a game based on Yoshi.’s original content “Spongibako”. A codependent adventure game (12 chapters in total) in which a decadent and painfully beautiful world is carved out by the contradictory powers of destruction and creation. Game “IZON.
“Section 1: Tower of Fengaku” is scheduled to be released on the online gaming platform “Steam” this winter*.
*Development after Section 2 is undecided. We plan to make a comprehensive judgment based on the sales numbers and reactions in Section 1.
* Story of “IZON.” *
* -Protect your beloved with the power of disaster. -*
“Tomohito”, a strange girl with the power of creation, and “Kyoto”, a weapon that destroys everything.
The two, who have opposing powers, communicate with each other and become dependent on each other as they overcome various obstacles. * ▼ “IZON.” Official X Account *
Game screen (part)
* Power of Destruction *
Kyouto can overwhelm his enemies with overwhelming power, but he also needs to protect Tomohito, so he cannot always use his full strength. Whether to protect or fight, you will need to use tactics depending on the situation.
* Point 2: 6/14 (Friday) Crowdfunding for the “IZON.” development project has started! Target amount is 30 million yen!!*
From June 14th (Friday), we will start crowdfunding (CF) for the development of the game “IZON.” on the CF site “CAMPFIRE”. For details on return items, etc., please check the project details page. * ■Contents*
Modeling artist/Indie game creator
This is a project in which Yoshi. developed the codependent adventure game “IZON.” in order to make the game even more exciting together with all the fans who have supported him thus far. By setting the implementation of additional features to the game as the next goal, we will further increase the expectations and enthusiasm of fans and create the game together. In addition to game development, we also offer special rewards that can only be obtained here.
(1) Goods such as special color versions of capsule toys and figures painted by the author himself
(2) Right to implement “hidden room (with name)” in the game (3) Completion unveiling party, etc.
* ■Period*
June 14, 2024 (Friday) 22:00 – July 31, 2024 (Wednesday)
* ■Target amount*
30 million yen
* ▼Details page of this project*

* Point 3: C&R Creative Studios is recruiting development members for “IZON.”! Let’s work together to create a hot topic that fans have been waiting for!!*
In the game department of C&R Creative Studios, a development studio operated by C&R, client engineers (Unreal
We are looking for development members for “IZON.” such as engine) and background modelers.
* [What is C&R Creative Studios]*
The video and web development studio that was established within C&R in 2002 has expanded year by year, expanding its fields to include games, web, video, XR, CG, video, advertising, manga, novels, architecture, and fashion. “C&R” was born in 2021 by incorporating those studios.
Studios”. Currently, we are one of the largest development studios in Japan, with 2,000 creators working on over 6,000 projects a year. * -Current job openings-*
Client Engineer (Unreal Engine)/Background Modeler
* -Comment from Kinoshita, producer of “IZON.” at C&R Creative Studios-*

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Yoshi. and all the more than 30 creators who are involved in “IZON.” Looking at the steady progress of development on “IZON.”, I feel that it is all thanks to everyone’s passion. This is exactly what we mean by “great teams create great products.” C&R
This is an unusual endeavor for Studios, and there are many things that are not easy to do, but we would like to work together with everyone to make “IZON.” a work that will be loved by many people. Thank you for your continued support.
* Yodo Kinoshita Profile *
2010 Creek & River Co., Ltd.
Joined the company. He has been in charge of the gaming machine and game industries for 14 years, and was involved in the launch and expansion of the company’s creative studio. Currently, in addition to producing “IZON.”, he is also involved in contract sales for game development, “Game
serves as the person in charge of “meets”.
▼We are recruiting development members for “IZON.”! Click here to apply to the C&R Creative Studios game category
▼ 6/14 (Friday) C&R event with modeling artist Yoshi. * [Inquiries regarding the development of “IZON.”] *
Creek and River Co., Ltd.
In charge of digital content group “IZON.”

Since its founding in 1990, C&R has been a pioneer in creator agency, supporting the career and skill development of creators through corporate joint information sessions, career consultations, and seminars. We also have an in-house game development studio (
), we handle a wide range of projects from resource production to comprehensive development, including 3DCG, 2DCG, VFX, scenarios, gaming machines, and XR. C&R will continue to aim to realize its mission of “improving the lifetime value of creators” through various initiatives.
* -Game-related seminars/courses/services-*
▼6/21 (Friday) TA Night “About team building and organizational management” ~ Colopl’s TA team from its launch to the present ~
▼Create outstanding UI for games, apps, websites (e-learning) ▼“Game Career Scout”, a career change scouting service specialized in the game industry
▼C&R Creative Academy, a game creator training program for inexperienced people
▼Creator-only metaverse “C&R Creative Studios Metaverse”
* ■Creek & River Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Head office: Shintora-dori CORE, 4-1-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: March 1990
Representative: Atsushi Kurosaki, Representative Director and President Base :
Tokyo (head office), Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Saitama, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Funabashi, Takasaki, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Naha/Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Montreal
Business content: Professionals in 18 fields: video, games, web, advertising/publishing, writers, medical care, IT, accounting, law, architecture, fashion, food, AI/DX, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, and agriculture. We are developing agency
(dispatch/introduction), production (development/contracting), and rights management (intellectual property planning, development, and distribution) businesses specializing in We are creating endless innovative businesses with our professional wisdom.
U R L: (corporate site) (official website/SNS list) (Professional x Connect x Media “CREATIVE VILLAGE”)
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