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Home » FM Yokohama Third release! ! Held for the first time in Yokohama! 6/29 (Sat) and 30 (Sun) “YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE 2024~Yokohama Sake Square 2024~” Food and content that go well with sake will be announced!

FM Yokohama Third release! ! Held for the first time in Yokohama! 6/29 (Sat) and 30 (Sun) “YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE 2024~Yokohama Sake Square 2024~” Food and content that go well with sake will be announced!

FM Yokohama
Third release! ! Held for the first time in Yokohama! 6/29 (Sat) and 30 (Sun) “YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE 2024~Yokohama Sake Square 2024~” Food and content that go well with sake will be announced!
Date and time: June 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2024 Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
This year, it will be held for the first time at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse! In order to expand new encounters with sake, FM
Yokohama/ZIP-FM and the Kanagawa Prefecture Sake Brewers Association are holding the sake tasting event “YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE”, which aims to revitalize the sake brewing industry in Kanagawa and the
metropolitan area. . We have already announced a total of 53 brands of sake and liqueurs from 19 breweries, and we have also announced 10 food stalls to accompany these drinks.
[Image 1:×1260.jpg] 10 food stores
◎Otsukemono Kei (
[Image 2:×630.png ]
Otsukemonokei’s “Royal Chinese Cabbage Kimchi” has been selected as one of the “100 Kanagawa Specialties” and “Kawasaki Specialties.” This is a kimchi specialty store in Kawasaki, where there are long lines. Handcrafted every day by a kimchi craftsman with 40 years of experience using carefully selected ingredients!
・Royal Chinese cabbage kimchi 320g [4 coins]
・Yannyeom cream cheese 160g [5 coins]
・Engawa Kimchi 120g [6 coins]
◎TSUBAKI Shokudo (
[Image 3:×624.png ]
TSUBAKI Shokudo, a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meat dishes and fresh vegetables run by Naoki Tsubaki, a locally produced and locally consumed worker, will be selling grilled gyoza and grilled xiaolongbao, which are popular at the restaurant.
・TSUBAKI Shokudo Grilled Gyoza [3 coins]
・Yokohama local production and local consumption spicy gyoza [3 coins] ・Yokohama-yaki xiaolongbao [3 coins]
◎Kamakura Mameya (
[Image 4:×622.png ]
This is a bean confectionery specialty store with stores mainly in Kamakura. We offer new and fun bean sweets using traditional manufacturing methods.
・Kamakura Mameya Sake Square limited assortment [3 coins]
・Kamakura Newsletter Drawstring Bag Set [5 coins]

◎Teppan Dining Danran (
We offer delicious food and drinks in a homey atmosphere!
[Image 5:×632.png ]
We deliver delicious food from Ibaraki Prefecture!
・Fried monkfish (small) [4 coins]
・Fried monkfish (large) [6 coins]
・French fries [3 coins]

◎manaka (
[Image 6:×624.png ]
This is Makana, a sea-colored truck! The son of a fisherman from Sotobo, Chiba Prefecture, offers grilled seafood. We serve carefully selected seafood with our heartfelt desire for you to enjoy plenty of seafood that goes perfectly with alcohol.
・Hamayaki squid [4 coins]
・Scallop skewers [4 coins]
・Grilled tuna skewers [4 coins]
*Amounts are subject to change.
◎Hakata Yasuke
[Image 7:×632.png ]
Founded in 1963, we have been dedicated to making gyoza in Hakata. Please enjoy our carefully selected, easy-to-eat, bite-sized gyoza. ・Hakata Hitokochi Gyoza [4 coins]
・Charcoal grilled yakitori gyoza [4 coins]
・Shaved ice [3 coins]
◎Hotman Project (
[Image 8:×626.png ]
Granvia’s freshly shaved ham, which is a pioneer in domestic ham and has many fans all over the country, is sold at wine festivals, sake events, craft beer festivals, etc. in Tohoku, Kanto, Hokkaido, etc. We deliver Azumaya wakame from Sanriku Otsuchi Town, carefully selected nuts from around the world, grissini made at a long-established bakery in Akita City, Shirakami rolls, delicious natural cheese, and more through mobile sales and mail order.
・Raw ham [5 coins]
・Prosciutto ham bone GIWA [5 coins]
・Prosciutto ham cheese set [5 coins] etc.
◎Ajinookubo (
[Image 9:×624.png ]
Thanks to you, we have been in business for 30 years. 4 minutes by car from Shin-Tomei “Hadano Tanzawa SA Smart IC”. “Ajino Okubo” is located in Bodhi, Hadano City. With a focus on local production and local consumption, the soup is cooked using Hadano’s famous water and is a ramen that will be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly.
・Domestic beef sirloin steak bowl [6 coins]
・Kimchi steak bowl [7 coins]
・Garlic steak bowl [7 coins] etc.
◎Hungry Tiger (
[Image 10:×630.png ]
If you want to eat original hamburgers and steaks made with 100% charcoal-grilled beef, go to Yokohama’s long-established restaurant “Hungry Tiger.”
・Domestic beef cut steak [5 coins]
・Original hamburger [3 coins]
・Original hamburger and steak [6 coins], etc.
◎Shonan Fish (
[Image 11:×628.png ]
Enliven Odawara fishing port with the power of women! This is Odawara Fisheries Girl. The kitchen car will deliver delicious foods directly from Odawara fishing port, such as large fried horse mackerel and small fried horse mackerel using local horse mackerel from Odawara, and local fish sashimi from Odawara from the mobile sales vehicle! ・Large fried horse mackerel from Odawara [4 coins]
・Tuna cutlet [4 coins]
・Fried small horse mackerel [3 coins], etc.
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[Image 12:×782.png ]
Furthermore, on the stage of the day, as a square DJ, FM Yokohama DJ’s DJ Emperor, Kentaro Ryuguchi, and MC Akira Kumagaya appeared. Furthermore, it has been decided that there will be a live performance by HANDSIGN, an artist who also serves as a DJ at FM Yokohama and who delivers messages using the original expression methods of “singing”, “dancing” and “sign language”, so you can enjoy “music” as an accompaniment to your drinks. This will be an event where you can. Live guest: HANDSIGN
Date and time: June 30, 2024 (Sunday) 15:40~
[Image 13:×1133.jpg] HANDSIGN
A “Starter Set” is required to participate in the event. Purchase a starter set and exchange it for “10 coins for eating and drinking that can be used at the venue + an original choko spout + wristband” at the venue reception on the day. We recommend purchasing tickets through the convenient Sake Festival Guide app, which comes with a limited edition craft tray.・Sake Fest Guide App Ticket (App download link *Smartphone only) At YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE, feel the voyage of the past and future story of sake. please.
Event overview
[Event name] YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE 2024 – Yokohama Sake Square 2024 – [Date and time] June 29, 2024 (Sat) 11:00-19:30 / June 30, 2024 (Sun) 11:00-18:30 * Last order 30 minutes before closing [Venue] Red Brick Warehouse Event space Train: Approximately 15 minutes’ walk from JR/Municipal Subway Sakuragicho Station via Kishamichi Approximately walk from Minatomirai Line’s Bashamichi Station or Nihon-Odori Station 6-minute bus: Right from the “Red Brick Warehouse” bus stop [Sponsor] FM Yokohama/ZIP-FM [Sponsor] Kanagawa Prefecture Sake Brewers Association [Official site] Inquiries] YOKOHAMA SAKE SQUARE Executive Committee / FM Yokohama (Weekdays 11:00-17:00) 045-224-1000 / ZIP-FM (Weekdays 10:00-18:00) 052-972-0778■Tickets and How to Enjoy・Purchase of the starter set is required to participate in the event.・The starter set includes 10 coins for eating and drinking, an original choko spout, and a wristband.・You can purchase sake and appetizers in exchange for food and drink coins. – Appetizers and soft drinks can also be purchased with coins. ●Advance starter set: ¥3,300・Sake Fest Guide App Ticket (App download link *Smartphone only)・Low ticket (L code 34358) https://・Ticket Pia (P code 994-761)・Eplus・Rakuten Ticket .jp/?s=&q=SAKE+SQUARE ●Same-day starter set: ¥3,800 Will be sold on-site only if there is sufficient capacity. ●Additional coins Additional coins (200 yen each) will be sold at the additional coin venue. [Notes] – Persons under 20 years of age are not allowed to sample or purchase sake. – Driving under the influence of alcohol and drinking alcohol under the age of 20 are strictly prohibited.・Please use public transportation when visiting.・To prevent people under 20 years of age from drinking alcohol, our staff may ask you to confirm your age. ■Opening Breweries Over 19 breweries from Chiba, Yamanashi, Saitama, and the suburbs of the Tokyo metropolitan area will be exhibiting, with a focus on 11 breweries from Kanagawa, and you can enjoy 53 types of brands. Ishii Brewery (Kanagawa) / Izumibashi Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Inoue Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Oyataka Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Kanai Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Kawanishiya Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Kubota Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Kumazawa Sake Brewery ( Kanagawa) / Koganei Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Shimizu Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Nakazawa Sake Brewery (Kanagawa) / Kido Izumi Sake Brewery (Chiba) / Sudo Honke (Chiba) / Nabe Shop (Chiba) / Ide Brewery (Yamanashi) / Sasaichi Sake Brewery (Yamanashi) / Taikan Sake Brewery (Yamanashi) / Yorozuya Jozoten (Yamanashi) / Sato Sake Brewery (Saitama)
FM Yokohama
[Image 14:×554.jpg] FM Yokohama is an FM radio station in Kanagawa Prefecture. The frequency is 84.7MHz, and you can listen throughout the Kanto region. Listen on radiko (!/live/YFM) from your computer or smartphone.
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