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Home » Parisienne Beauty Group Eyebrow cosmetics brand “PARISBROW” A touch-up event will be held at the Bay Cruis e Group “Maison IENA” Jiyugaoka store!

Parisienne Beauty Group Eyebrow cosmetics brand “PARISBROW” A touch-up event will be held at the Bay Cruis e Group “Maison IENA” Jiyugaoka store!

Paris.Co., Ltd.
[Eyebrow cosmetic brand “PARISBROW”] A touch-up event will be held at Bay Cruise Group “Maison IENA” Jiyugaoka store!
On June 15, 2024, the eyebrow cosmetic brand “PARISBROW” developed by IL Co., Ltd./Paris. Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Sayaka Shimizu), the operating company of PARISIENNE BEAUTY GROUP, which develops Parisienne Lash Lift, will be announced. A touch-up event will be held on (Saturday) at the “Maison IENA” Jiyugaoka store operated by Bay Cruise Group.
Free eyebrow touch-up event held at “Maison IENA” Jiyugaoka store!
[Image 1:×502.png ]
A touch-up event for PARISBROW will be held on Saturday, June 15, 2024 at the “Maison IENA” Jiyugaoka store, which is operated by the Bay Cruise Group, which develops various brands from apparel to food and beverages.
“L’EAU par iena”, which was launched from “IENA” as Bay Cruise Group’s first cosmetics select brand, already handles “PARISBROW” products, and this time “Maison The event will be held at IENA.
Free eyebrow touch-ups will be provided to customers who make a reservation through the reservation site.
PARISBROW’s makeup artists will suggest the eyebrow shape that suits you. Furthermore, a makeup advisor will customize the item that matches your eyebrow makeup from over 40 different items, including the brand’s most popular item, “PARISBROW Slim Brow Pencil.” We will make suggestions to upgrade your everyday eyebrow makeup.
[Image 2:×925.jpg] Also, the day before the event starts, we are planning an Instagram live on the official PARISBROW account.
“PARISBROW × L’EAU par iena” Instagram live
Date and time: June 14th (Friday) 20:30~
Account: PARISBROW official (@parisbrow_official)
Content: “Makeup that matches your clothes” for Bay Cruise staff What is L’EAU par iena?
“L’EAU par iena” was launched by Bay Cruise Group from “IENA” as the first cosmetics select brand.
The name Roper Jena comes from the French word “L’EAU”, which means water, and expresses the sense of transparency and appreciation for nature that Jena values. The concept is “Beauty is for me, Michiru,” and they approach inner beauty by adding skin care items selected with a focus on Jena’s fashion values ​​and clean beauty. The target is not divided by age or gender, but is proposed to a wide range of people. In addition to skin care cosmetics from Japan, we also carry original miscellaneous goods.
[Image 3:×315.jpg] “PARISBROW” is an eyebrow cosmetics brand that boasts one of the largest number of items in Asia (more than 40 types in total). In order to achieve eyebrow makeup tailored to each individual, we have hair and makeup artists and eyebrow beauty experts as advisors, and we have developed a rich lineup that focuses on shape, texture, and feel. This is a brand that offers items that allow anyone to draw perfect eyebrows.
Currently, it is carried in over 5,600 beauty salons nationwide and has been featured in many media outlets.
Additionally, in March 2024, we will start offering self-eyebrow makeup lessons for companies.
We offer eyebrow makeup lessons that will help you draw eyebrows that suit you, considering that “eyebrows are part of your appearance.” ( Event overview
Name: PARISBROW touch up event
Date and time: Saturday, June 15, 2024, 13:00-18:00
Location: Maison IENA (Jiyugaoka store)
2-9-17 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035
Touch-up reservations start: June 5, 2024
Company Profile
IL Co., Ltd./Paris. Co., Ltd.
1-6-10 Giraffa 3F, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
10:00-18:00 *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and New Year’s holidays [PARISBROW]
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➤Official Instagram: [PARISIENNE BEAUTY GROUP]
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