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Home » JCG Co., Ltd. JCG, Keio Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN will be held! Entries are accepted today!

JCG Co., Ltd. JCG, Keio Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN will be held! Entries are accepted today!

[JCG Co., Ltd.] JCG, Keio Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER
PREMIER JAPAN will be held! Entries are accepted today!

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Press release: June 7, 2024
JCG, Keio Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN will be held! Entries are accepted today!
* JCG Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Junichi Matsumoto), which operates an e-sports event production business and provides an online tournament platform. “JCG”) is a fighting game “STREET FIGHTER” provided by Capcom Co., Ltd. that will be held on November 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday / Holiday).
6” official tournament “Keio Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER
JAPAN” (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”) will be held under the auspices of JCG. Entries for this tournament are being accepted starting today. *
* ■About “CAPCOM Pro Tour”*
“Tour” is a general term for a group of e-sports tournaments held throughout the year using the popular fighting game series “Street Fighter”, and includes various qualifying tournaments held throughout the year in various parts of the world and the world tournament finals. “CAPCOM
It consists of “CUP”. “CAPCOM
“CUP” is the world’s top e-sports tournament in the “Street Fighter” series, which has a history of over 10 years and includes past winners such as Sako, Momochi, Kazunoko, and Gachikun. Players from all over the world, both professional and amateur, will gather to determine who is the world’s strongest player.

2024 season “CAPCOM CUP”
11”, the winning prize will be $1 million, the same as last season, and the venue will be Ryogoku Kokugikan. The tournament has been held at Ryogoku Kokugikan for the first time in about 30 years since the national tournament for the Street Fighter II series, and has become a hot topic of conversation.

This tournament is part of the “CAPCOM Pro Tour,” which is held around the world to determine the right to participate in “CAPCOM CUP 11.”
2024” is one of the offline tournaments and is a PREMIER tournament held in Japan. In addition, in Japan, offline
This is the first time PREMIER has been held since 2019, and it can be said to be a long-awaited tournament for fans. And this year SUPER As PREMIER, the top two players in this tournament will get a ticket to “CAPCOM CUP 11”.

“CAPCOM Pro Tour
Schedule and host countries of the eight PREMIER (offline tournaments) to be held in 2024. This tournament is the only offline tournament held in East Asia.
* ■Tournament Overview*
Tournament name: Keio Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER
Sponsor: JCG Co., Ltd.
Special sponsor: Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Event dates: November 2nd (Saturday), November 3rd (Sunday/Holiday), 2024 Venue: Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena (5 minutes walk from Tobitakyu Station on the Keio Line)

* ■How to enter the tournament*
Purchase an entry ticket for this tournament from the service “Ticket Pia” developed by Pia Co., Ltd., and enter the entry code issued at that time and other necessary information (player name, name, email address, password, date of birth, Complete your tournament entry by entering your nationality and nationality on the entry site below. Please check each website for details.
Ticket Pia:
Entry site:
*Details regarding general viewing tickets will be released soon.

* ■Tournament rules*
Title used: Street Fighter 6
Platform: Coming soon
Eligibility: 15 years or older at the time of the tournament Match format: BO3 to top 8 (first to win 2 BATTLE), BO5 to top 8 (first to win 3 BATTLE)
*For details, please check the tournament homepage and tournament rules. Tournament homepage:
Tournament rules:

* ■Greetings from the event organizer*
* Masashi Sawatari *
*General Producer*
Joined Shinseisha in 1989 and worked as an editor for the monthly Gamest. In 1991, he was responsible for the director/technical direction of Japan’s first fighting game tournament, “All Japan Street Fighter II Championship,” and since then he has served as director and producer of the Gamest Cup. Joined Enterbrain Co., Ltd. in 1999. Worked as general editor of the commercial video game magazine “Arcadia”. From 2003 to 2012, he served as the general producer of the comprehensive arcade fighting game event “Tōgeki.” e-sports
After working as a booking manager at SQUARE, he currently works at JCG, where he is in charge of technical direction for various events, as well as stage director, technical direction, and producer for offline events.

* Greetings from Masashi Saruwatari: *
It’s been about 33 years since I directed the “Street Fighter II” national tournament in 1991. It has been supporting the fighting game boom for a long time. “Street Fighter 6” is supported by a wider range of age groups than ever before, and I’m happy to see that the influx of game players from various genres is creating competition. In order to support this momentum, we have decided to produce this tournament. We hope that more people will participate, including those who have been playing for many years, those who are making their fighting game debut with this work, and the younger generation who have never experienced an offline tournament in the first place. let’s have fun!

*Junichi Kagesawa*
* Tournament Advisor *
Born in Sumida Ward, Tokyo in 1979. In 2004, he completed graduate school at the University of Tsukuba and joined a major
telecommunications company.
He has been involved in various events for over 25 years, mainly fighting games, since he was still in school, and has been involved in various events such as “Tōgeki”, “CAPCOM Official Tournament”, “CAPCOM Pro”, etc.
Engaged in commentary and tournament management at large tournaments such as “Tour”.
In the latest work “Street Fighter 6”, he is the host and
representative of Japan’s largest community event “Fighters
As a tournament advisor, he was in charge of a wide range of activities including planning and collaboration with companies and the community.

* Greetings from Junichi Kagezawa:*
This is Kagecchi. Ever since I participated in the Gamest Cup for Street Fighter III when I was in high school, I have been captivated by the appeal of tournaments, and since then I have followed Mr. Saruwatari and his team to the event for about 25 years. Currently, “Street Fighter 6” is based on the experience gained from “Street Fighter III,” “Street Fighter IV,” and “Street Fighter V.”
Official competitions and tournaments called “Crossover” are held at approximately 30 locations across Japan. Thank you everyone as always.

“CAPCOM Pro Tour” featured OFFLINE, which was held at Tokyo Game Show in 2016. Tournament management director at PREMIER, WORLD in 2022 and 2023 I served as a tournament producer at WARRIOR. This is the first time in five years that the offline PREMIER will be held in Japan, and the final “CAPCOM
CUP 11” will be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan, my hometown, so I am quietly dancing with excitement.

In my role as tournament advisor, I want to make this an event that will be a lifetime memory for not only the Japanese players, but also the overseas players visiting Japan and the fan community who visited the venue. If you have any hopes or requests, please feel free to contact me. Let’s all have fun together!

* ■What is JCG?*
JCG is one of the largest e-sports providers in Japan that provides online e-sports tournament platforms. We organize and manage more than 1,000 esports online/offline tournaments each year, with a total of 292,000 people participating annually.

In addition, based on our social philosophy of “continuing to be a company that provides a place of trust, security, and immersion,” we support the formation and revitalization of user communities through e-sports tournaments and events.

JCG Co., Ltd. official website:
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