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Home » URA Co., Ltd. Father’s Day limited edition products on sale at the “Awaji Island Onion Specialty Store” in waSTEP AWAJISHIMA! !

URA Co., Ltd. Father’s Day limited edition products on sale at the “Awaji Island Onion Specialty Store” in waSTEP AWAJISHIMA! !

URA Co., Ltd.
Father’s Day limited edition products are on sale at the “Awajishima Onion Specialty Store” in waSTEP AWAJISHIMA! !
“Father’s Day Limited Red Eye Set” with message tag [Sales period: June 8th (Sat) to June 16th (Sun), 2024]
URA Co., Ltd. (located at 6 Oiso, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture), which operates Awaji Highway Oasis and other facilities, held its grand opening on Saturday, March 25, 2023, a large-scale exhibition packed with the best parts of Awaji Island and delicious food. At the comprehensive shopping zone “waSTEP AWAJISHIMA”, the “Awaji Island Onion Specialty Store” inside the facility will be selling “Father’s Day Limited Edition Red Eye Set” with a message tag from June 8th (Sat) to June 16th (Sun), 2024. will be sold. Also, at “GOOD MEAT AWAJISHIMA store”,
We will be selling Awaji beef steak at a special price for two days only, June 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun).
[Image 1:×1038.jpg] Father’s Day limited edition products on sale at waSTEP AWAJISHIMA!
[Image 2:×603.png ]
After Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day is next. I think Father’s Day was in June…
Surprisingly few people know when Father’s Day is. At this time, we want to remember Father’s Day well and express our gratitude to our fathers. To your father, who is always doing his best for the workplace and for his family, let’s be grateful for his hard work on a daily basis.
Therefore, waSTEP AWAJISHIMA has prepared limited products (gifts) for Father’s Day.
“Awaji Island onion specialty store”
“Father’s Day Limited Edition Red Eye” with message tag will be on sale from June 11th (Sat) to 16th (Sun).
Awaji beef steak will be sold at a special price for 2 days only, June 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun).
[Image 3:×534.png ]
“AWAJI BEER” was founded in 1998. Awaji Island’s only craft beer. AWAJIBREWERY, a new factory built in 2019, has a direct sales shop where you can enjoy freshly brewed beer.
Since it is brewed without heat treatment and without filtration, you can enjoy the taste of live yeast as it is. We value the deep flavor and rich aroma of beer, and it has a soft taste that goes well with any dish.
There are 7 types of tastes. Received the gold medal at the
International Beer Cup 2018, one of the world’s five major beer judging committees. A refreshing Pilsner that goes down the throat, a new IPA (India Pale Ale) released in March (India Pale Ale,
characterized by its strong bitterness and hop aroma due to the use of a lot of hops), Sharp “Red Ale” with a citrus aroma, “Weizen”, a luxurious beer made with wheat malt, “Alto”, with a deep richness of caramel malt, and hops with a tropical fruit-like aroma, making it just the right amount. “Pale Ale”, a beer with a bitter taste and richness, won the “Japan Food Selection 2023” award. We have a lineup of “Shima Lemon” scented with natural lemon peel from Awaji Island. waSTEP AWAJISHIMA Tenant Introduction
■The second store of the popular pasta restaurant in Highway Oasis! “Kamatama Carbo “Trepici””
The second store “Kamatama Calbo “Trepici” of the popular Awaji Highway Oasis restaurant “Awaji Island fresh pasta and oven-baked pizza “Trepici” has opened. You can enjoy a menu that uses plenty of ingredients from Awaji Island and special thick noodles that overturn the idea of ​​pasta as Italian.
[Image 4:×520.png ]
■We have a wide variety of Awaji Island brand onions available! Onion select shop
“Awaji Island Onion Specialty Store”
Among the farmers who produce onions from Awaji Island, they are particular about varieties, fertilizers, pesticides, cultivation methods, etc., and they have a lineup of delicious onions, and at peak times they have 8 types of onions. This is a select shop where you can experience Awaji Island brands, including onions from Awaji Island, tomatoes grown in-house, seasonal vegetables, our own “Awajibiru” and dressings.
[Image 5:×523.png ]
■Curry Bread Grand Prix 2022 Gold Prize Winner in West Japan Fried Curry Bread Category!
Sumheart is a bakery famous for its Awaji beef curry bread.
“sumheart” is a curry bread specialty store that was opened a year ago by members from Awaji Island who made a U-turn and started a business at the Sumoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry Challenge Shop. We will be selling a variety of breads, centered on our signature menu item “Awaji Beef Curry Bread,” which won the gold medal at the “Curry Bread Grand Prix 2022 West Japan Fried Curry Bread Category” held in July 2022.
[Image 6:×520.png ]
■A butcher shop where you can purchase Awaji Beef and other meats and prepared foods from Awaji Island.
“GOOD MEAT AWAJISHIMA” mainly uses branded meat “Awaji Beef” and Awaji Beef fed with Awaji Beer’s pomace. You can enjoy a wide variety of items, including meat for home use or barbecue, side dishes such as croquettes and minced meat cutlets, and frozen pizza and gyoza.
[Image 7:×520.png ]
About the husband-and-wife illustration unit Harapeko Megane, which created the wall art.
In 2011, he formed Harape Kogane. Picture books include “Fruit Punch” (Nijino Picture Book Store), “Yakisoba Banban” (Akane Shobo), “Searching for Fruits” (PHP Institute), “Kanpai Yopparai” (Iwasaki Shoten), “Everyone’s Sushi” (Poplar Publishing), There are works such as “Nikunokuni” (Kyoiku Gageki). He is active in a wide range of activities with the theme of “food and people.”
[Image 8:×546.png ]
Equipment outline
[Image 9:×94.png ]
■Facility concept
do you know? Awaji Island is surprisingly large.
The area is 592.2 square kilometers. It’s a little smaller than Tokyo. The island is home to approximately 130,000 people.
A collection of the best parts and delicious foods of Awaji Island.
[Image 10:×249.png ]
“waSTEP AWAJISHIMA” was born.
A place where you can spend time peacefully, have lively
conversations, and expand your circle of connections. For both the customers who come to visit Awaji Island and the residents who live with Awaji Island, we will take Awaji Island one step above. “waSTEP AWAJISHIMA” is a place that connects us and your “wa”. About WaSTEP AWAJISHIMA
Facility name: waSTEP AWAJISHIMA
Opening date: Saturday, March 25, 2023
Location: 7-2 Oiso, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Access: Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway 7 minutes from Awaji IC, 5 minutes from Ura IC
Number of parking spaces: 37
Contact: 0799-74-3356 (Awaji Island onion specialty store)
Official Instagram: @wastep_awajishima
Each store and operating company
Hoshino Kajitsuen
Management: Star Fruit Orchard (Sumoto City)
Management: sumheart (Awaji City)
Kamatama Calbo Trepici
Management: URA Co., Ltd. (Awaji City)
Awaji Island onion specialty store
Management: URA Co., Ltd. (Awaji City)
Management: GOOD MEAT LLC (Awaji City)
Company Profile
Company name: URA Co., Ltd.
Address: 6 Oiso, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture 656-2302
Established: May 13, 1963 (Showa 38)
Capital: 50 million yen
Representative: Toshiaki Iue, Representative Director and President Number of employees: 660 people
Business content: General food service
Affiliated companies: Awaji Ferry Boat Co., Ltd., Shioya Tochi Co., Ltd., IG Kosan Co., Ltd. [Jamesyama Driving Academy], Hotel Anaga More details about this release: