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Home » Shiseido Co., Ltd. SHISEIDO’s lipstick appears in Ringo Shiina’s new album “Hojokai” songs “Chirinuru wo” and “Hobo no Mizuho” music videos!

Shiseido Co., Ltd. SHISEIDO’s lipstick appears in Ringo Shiina’s new album “Hojokai” songs “Chirinuru wo” and “Hobo no Mizuho” music videos!

[Shiseido Co., Ltd.] SHISEIDO’s lipstick appears in Ringo Shiina’s new album “Hojokai” songs “Chirinuru wo” and “Hobo no Mizuho” music videos!

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Press release: June 7, 2024
SHISEIDO’s lipstick appears in Ringo Shiina’s new album “Hojokai” songs “Chirinuru wo” and “Hobo no Mizuho” music videos!
Techno satin gel from the global brand “SHISEIDO”, which Shiseido sells in 88 countries and regions around the world.
Lipstick appears in musician and director Ringo Shiina’s new album “Hojokai” (released on May 29th), her first in five years.

“SHISEIDO Techno Satin Gel” will be featured in the music videos for the new songs “Chirinuru wo” and “Hobo no Mizuho” from the new album. “Lipstick” has arrived. Techno Satin Gel Lipstick, a new sensation of surprisingly smooth, light and vivid lipstick, will be released in May 2023.
Since its release, customers have praised its color payoff and light feel. “The color payoff is beautiful. I’m really impressed by how light it is to wear.” “I feel like I’m being treated with a new sensation of wear. I really like it. We have received many comments such as “. Ringo Shiina also said “Techno Satin”
I am one of the “Gel Lipstick” lovers.

* Product Summary *
A new sense of fit that allows you to have free lips.
Adheres lightly. Laugh, talk, and enjoy freely.
Techno satin gel lip.
SHISEIDO Techno Satin Gel Lipstick
20 colors 3,600 yen (3,960 yen including tax)
*Prices are reference retail prices. (May vary depending on store) (Distributor: Shiseido International Co., Ltd.)

* Ringo Shiina/Music video information *
Ringo Shiina new album “Hojokai” -2024.5.29 release-
Ringo Shiina’s first new album in 5 years, containing 13 songs including 7 songs featuring muse.
A new music video from the album “Hojokai” is now available. ◆Ringo Shiina and Ikkyu Nakajima “Chirinuru wo” ◆Ringo Shiina “Almost water bubbles”

* Appearing colors *
* ◆“Chirinuruwo” music video *
・Ringo Shiina’s makeup color: “407 Pulsar Pink”
A cool pink with bluish undertones that creates a trendy look with just one coat. It balances well with eye makeup and is also
recommended as an accent.
・Shades piled up in the powder room: “417 Soundwave”.

* ◆“Almost water bubbles” music video *
* ・Ringo Shiina’s makeup color: “421Live Wire” *
* The Shiseido Lipstick History *
Shiseido’s stick lipstick was born in 1929, 90 years ago. In Japan, lipstick is The brand SHISEIDO’s latest lipstick, “Techno Satin Gel Lipstick,” started with a safflower in a small saucer called a “red plate.” It has evolved innovatively. Among them, Shiseido’s lipsticks have had a great influence not only in Japan but all over the world. It shows that new technologies, concepts, and color developments have always attracted attention and left their mark on the history of lipstick. * Product technical information *
* ■Stretch Flex Technology*

SHISEIDO is the first to use Stretch Flex Technology, which fits and integrates with each individual’s lips. SHISEIDO Instead of
conventional oil-based lipsticks, by using an elastic base material made from gelled oil, the gel spreads smoothly and softly fits the vertical wrinkles and unevenness of the lips, creating a plump and rounded lipstick. Creates beautiful lips. Stretch Flex technology fits your lips like a pack, so it won’t fall off easily and retains moisture and color. As a result, we have achieved a stress-free application experience similar to that of a lip balm, even though it is highly pigmented.

* ■SHISEIDO original oil coat color material*

We have adopted SHISEIDO’s proprietary oil coat coloring material. The oil coating makes it easier for the colorant to disperse, so the original color of the colorant appears beautifully. It is also sweat and water resistant and has a long-lasting finish.
* ■Easily find the color that suits you online! *
SHISEIDO Techno Satin Gel
On the Lipstick official website, you can activate your smartphone’s camera and simulate the makeup look on your own face.
* ▼TRY from here*
*You will be redirected to the simulation page from “Try Color”

* ■About the brand SHISEIDO*

Since its birth in 1872 in Ginza, Tokyo, Shiseido has continued to create the beauty of the times through the fusion of art and science. It is the only cosmetics brand that bears that name and is allowed to use the Camellia mark. We develop common products and images in 88 countries and regions around the world.

The external beauty brought about by the latest skin care and makeup gives you confidence and vitality, and that inner beauty is brought out to the outside. Beauty circulates from outside to inside, from inside to outside, and even changes the surroundings. We will propose the value of such makeup.

* ■Ringo Shiina profile*
Born November 25, 1978 in Fukuoka City
Debuted in 1998 with the single “Kofukuron”. Musician, director. He presides over the band Tokyo Incidents.
In parallel with his own communication, he is also actively working on expressing himself as a singer/dancer/actor and providing music for stage plays, movies, advertisements, programs, etc.
In 2009, he received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Newcomer’s Art Encouragement Award. In 2016, he served as the director/music director for the flag handover ceremony at the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, which received high praise both domestically and internationally.
In 2019, released the original album “Sandokushi” and the best album “Newton’s Ringo ~First Best Album~”.
First remix album “Hyakyaku no Cho” released in 2023
From February 24th to May 10th, the national tour “Shiina Ringo and her friends and all the things they know is impermanent” will be held (11 cities / 22 performances)
On May 24th, the single “Watashi wa Neko no Me” was released. On April 19, 2024, the single “As a Human Being” was released. On May 29th, the album “Hojokai” was released.

■Brand SHISEIDO brand site

■Brand SHISEIDO Techno Satin Gel Lipstick Site

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■SHISEIDO JAPAN Official X (old Twitter)
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