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Home » Sauna Co., Ltd. Short film “NOVA” depicts the lives of Japanese-Brazilians living in Japan. “Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture” Preparing for filming with full cooperation

Sauna Co., Ltd. Short film “NOVA” depicts the lives of Japanese-Brazilians living in Japan. “Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture” Preparing for filming with full cooperation

Sauna Co., Ltd.
Short film “NOVA” depicts the lives of Japanese-Brazilians living in Japan. “Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture” Preparing for filming with full cooperation
We shine a spotlight on the lives of foreigners living in Japan through AI and foreign labor issues, as well as Japanese-Brazilian parents and children who have been left behind by society.
With the full support of Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture, SAUNA Co., Ltd. will be filming the short film “NOVA” in Tokyo and Oizumi Town from June 8th to 16th. The filming location in Oizumi Town is scheduled to take place from the 13th to the 16th.
[Image 1:×2925.jpg] Left: Director Terada / Right Mayor Murayama of Oizumi Town
Last year, I visited Oizumi Town for the purpose of researching the script. Through our research, we learned that there was a situation here that was closely related to the subject matter of the film, and we continued to interact with the residents.
As a result of a year of research and interaction, a script that reflects the town’s current situation was completed. After we began preparations for filming, we met with the town mayor and received approval for the content of the film, and now we have received the full support of Oizumi Town.
This film focuses on people who have been left behind by society, and the problems faced by foreigners, including Japanese-Brazilians, and how AI will take priority over the labor of polite people in the future society. In contrast, the theme is how we think and how we face the problems of modern society.
[Image 2:×667.jpg] Synopsis
Jessica, a Japanese-Brazilian woman whose illustration job was lost to AI, and her father Carlos, who was replaced by an Asian worker. A Japanese-Brazilian parent and child who were rejected in a turbulent era. After some conflict, they arrive at Oizumi Town, Gunma
Prefecture, where they come into contact with the various people living there. Parents and children resonate with each other and face their own identities.
And find a new way of life.
[Image 3:×2012.png ]
Oizumi Town Mayor Toshiaki Murayama
Oizumi Town values ​​multicultural coexistence, and all residents live with consideration. Our town is also known for being the first town or village in Japan to enact a human rights protection ordinance. I hope that through this film, more people will be able to understand the attitude of the town and the lives of ordinary residents. We also hope that many people will learn about Oizumi Town and visit it as a sacred place for sightseeing and movies.
[Image 4:×2012.png ]
Film director Yuma Terada
I was shocked when I visited Oizumi Town to write the script. The city is home to people from 51 countries. Cultural exchange events from various countries were being held in the town’s park.
A samba performance was performed on the stage, and people of various races were enjoying the moment. They don’t speak the same language and were born and raised in different places.
However, they communicated through gestures and shared a common emotion. Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture. Then, when he met Mayor Murayama, he felt the possibility of finding a clue to solving Japan’s problems.
Staff profile
Screenplay/Director: Yuma Terada
Graduated from Nippon Film University Directing Course. While studying at university, he directed the short film “Koshinire,” a joint production between Japan and South Korea, which was selected for numerous film festivals. Currently working as a freelance assistant director. Representative works as an assistant director include “Hansekai”, “Shin Ultraman”, “Galileo”, “Shin Kamen Rider”, and “Revolver Lily”.
Director of Photography: Kim Jin Hyun
Graduated from the Korean National University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts (K-Arts), Cinematography Course. This is his first collaboration with Terada, the director of this film, in “Kojouke”. While working on commercial productions such as PVs and commercials as well as dramas, he also enthusiastically participates in independent productions. He has worked as the cinematographer for films invited to numerous overseas film festivals, including Cannes, Busan, and Cheongju. His latest works include “MIMANG,” a film that was invited to the Toronto International Film Festival.
Art/Decoration: Hiro Kobayashi Started his career as a decoration assistant at the decoration company Kyei Arts in 2008, and
participated in works such as those directed by Eiichiro Hasumi. Debuted as a decoration in 2016. His major works to date include “SCOOP!”, “Runway”, “Searching for the Body”, “Cotton Tail”, and “City Hunter”.
Costume makeup: Saori Matsunobu
Belongs to hair and makeup stylist office A.mLab after becoming a stylist. She works as a costume designer for dramas, movies, commercials, music videos, etc. Responsible for costume makeup for the drama “The Solitary Gourmet”, “I Will Treat You Well in the Next Life 3”, “Know the Meaning of Death”, the latest work “That Child”, and the movie “Corpoa Corpo”.
Recording: Naoto Watanabe
Born and raised in Belgium in 1994. After graduating from HELB ILYA PRIGOGINE, he came to Japan.
Worked on commercial films as a recording assistant for four years. After that, he moved to Sapporo and joined a production company for two years. Returned to Tokyo two years ago and mainly works as a freelance recording artist. Mainly in charge of recording and sound adjustment for independent films, WEBCMs, and corporate VPs. Editing: Kohei Kanamaru
While studying at Tokyo University of Agriculture, he focused on the theater research department. After graduating, he transferred to the editing course at Nihon Institute of the Moving Image. Utilizing his theater experience, he participated as a cast member in an independent film directed by director Terada, who was also his student. After graduating from Japan Institute of the Moving Image, he worked as an editing assistant for live-action dramas and animations, as well as editing “mole/tatoo” and “Otoko no Kenka” directed by Terada. Assistant Director: Yuki Yoshio
Graduated from Nippon Film University Directing Course. He directed his graduation film “Behind the Cow”, which was selected at numerous film festivals.
After graduating, he worked as a freelance assistant director. He also regularly provides practical guidance at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, and is focusing on nurturing the younger generation. The assistant director’s masterpiece “I don’t remember! ”, “The Spy’s Wife”, “AWAKE”, “Ex-Convict”, “Maiko Sanchi no Makanai-san”, and “Silent Parade”.
Line producer: Yuki Miura
Engaged in strengthening and developing the Japanese national team at the JFA Japan Football Association, and after retiring, joined a subsidiary of NHK. He started his drama and movie career in 2013 with the taiga drama “Gunshi Kanbei”. His major works to date include “Nobunaga Concerto”, “Honoji Hotel”, Sunday Theater “Ship of Theseus”, the New Year special drama “The Adventure of the Submarine Cappellini”, “Cotton Tail”, “City Hunter”, “Six “Liar College Student” and so on.
Producer: Daisuke After graduating from the Chuo University School of Law, transferred to the State University of New York School of Film. After returning to Japan, he aimed to work in the film industry, but ended up finding a job in the IT industry. After that, he worked in the Digital department at BCG, a foreign investment consultant. Started a business later. After selling his own company to a new company run by the former Uber founder, he served as the representative for Japan operations. After retiring, he joined the film industry. Recently, he has participated in some Hollywood commercial film productions. This is his first production.
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