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Home » What are the top 10 companies where new employees can grow? Announcement of the 2024 “National Unified New Emp loyee Web Test” rankings!

What are the top 10 companies where new employees can grow? Announcement of the 2024 “National Unified New Emp loyee Web Test” rankings!

FCE Co., Ltd.
What are the top 10 companies where new employees can grow?
Announcement of the 2024 “National Unified New Employee Web Test” rankings!
The employee education platform “Smart Boarding”
( provided by FCE Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Jun’etsu Ishikawa, TSE 9564), We announced the TOP 10 rankings of “Excellent Companies for New Employees” in the 2024 National Uniform New Employee Web Test conducted in April 2024.
[Image 1:×650.jpg] Announcement of top 10 ranking results for “National Uniform New Employee Web Test”
Among the companies that participated, we will award the top 10 companies with two or more participants and the highest average score of their test takers.
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1 Daiichi Vault Co., Ltd.
2 Taichi Holdings Co., Ltd. 3 Asoview Co., Ltd.
4 Maekawa Co., Ltd.
5 Daiohs Japan Co., Ltd.
6 Nishihara Neo Co., Ltd.
7 Eog Grants Co., Ltd.
8 World Intech Co., Ltd.
9 TSC Co., Ltd.
10 Lifematics Co., Ltd.
The top 10 “Best Companies” will be presented with the “Excellent Company for New Employees” logo, which can be used in future recruitment and recruitment promotions.
Voices from participating company representatives
– Having a web test has made it clearer what to do and by when, making it easier to plan training schedules for new employees. (Construction industry)
– New graduate employees from all over the country take the web test, so it was nice to be able to compare the national average score with the test results of our new employees. (IT industry)
・In order to check the proficiency level of new employee training, we have set up a web test so that new employees can take the initiative. (Medical industry)
・Since I had been studying through Smart Boarding since I was a prospective employee, I was able to quantitatively understand my enthusiasm for learning based on the results of the web test. (Consulting business)
・It was also good to have the new graduates participate in a web test as an in-house event, and to let everyone in the company know that the new graduates are working hard. (manufacturing industry)
What is the “National Uniform New Employee Web Test”?
This test is aimed at new graduate employees in 2024 and is aimed at measuring the degree of acquisition and understanding of the way of thinking and basic knowledge necessary for business. This year, 45 companies participated.
By conducting tests to output what you have learned, you will not only create an opportunity to engage in preliminary study with your own goals, but also turn passive learning into an active one, such as fostering good rivalry with other companies across Japan through rankings. Our aim is to turn this into a learning experience. Candidates took 50 courses (*1) of 5 types of e-learning courses for new entrants free of charge as preparatory learning for our company’s flat-rate online training service “Smart Boarding.”
1.Business Mind-4 Courses-
2. Labor laws that working people should know – 8 courses –
3.Business manners course -23 courses-
4. Course on how to proceed with work to increase productivity – 12 courses – 5.Practical PDCA course-3 course-
About Smart Boarding, which provides OJT, training, and e-learning for “employee education” all in one.
[Image 2:×378.png ]
This is an employee training platform provided by an education training and consulting company with a training satisfaction rate of 94%*2 and a retention rate of 98.6%*3. We offer a wealth of training content by issue and rank, from new employee training to management and next-generation leader training. Furthermore, with approximately 100 types of “live-type practical training,” you can not only learn from videos but also practice training with professional instructors and participants from other companies.
In addition to the e-learning content provided by Smart Boarding, you can also easily upload in-house training videos and manuals, and combine them with tests and reports to create an original training program that suits your company, and manage attendance using the LMS system. Your company’s dedicated staff will provide one-stop support, including specifying the human resources required for each level and role, identifying employee training issues, and creating learning programs.
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About FCE Co., Ltd.
Based on the purpose of “creating a future full of challenges,” FCE Co., Ltd. and the FCE Group are developing DX promotion businesses and education and training businesses with the mission of contributing to the maximization of human capital. “RPA RoboPat DX
(” was ranked 1st out of 7300 products (*4) as the “strongest IT tool”, and it is a flat-rate system that allows you to complete employee training in one go. Online education system “Smart Boarding (”, publication of the world bestseller “7 Habits” with 40 million copies sold worldwide and 2.6 million copies domestically ( jp/), and “FCE Promptgate (,” which dramatically improves the productivity of generative AI operations, from small to medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, as well as local governments and businesses nationwide. We are developing a wide range of businesses targeting educational institutions.
[FCE Co., Ltd.]
Established: April 21, 2017
Representative Director: Junyoshi Ishikawa
Head Office: 10th floor, NS Building, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Group URL:
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*2: Based on the evaluation of the online training participant satisfaction survey during the period from July 2022 to the end of June 2023, the proportion of “good” and “very good” items among all valid responses is expressed as a percentage (1 decimal place) (rounded to the nearest whole number).
*3: A value calculated by 1- (churn rate) from the number of companies with Smart Boarding contracts during the period from July 2022 to the end of June 2023 and expressed as a percentage (rounded to the second decimal place). | *1 *2 All based on research by FCE Training Company Business Headquarters.
*4:ITreview Best Software in Japan 2023 “Ranking 50 of the strongest IT tools chosen by users”
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