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Home » Vma plus Co., Ltd. Supporting children who will lead the future with Metaverse x Cosplay! “Malta Cosplay Summit” will be held simultaneously in Metaverse

Vma plus Co., Ltd. Supporting children who will lead the future with Metaverse x Cosplay! “Malta Cosplay Summit” will be held simultaneously in Metaverse

[Vma plus Co., Ltd.] Supporting children who will lead the future with Metaverse x Cosplay! “Malta Cosplay Summit” will be held simultaneously in Metaverse

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Press release: June 7, 2024
Support the children who will lead the future with Metaverse x Cosplay! “Malta Cosplay Summit” will be held simultaneously in Metaverse
*An event will be held in the Republic of Malta where people from all over the world can have fun and participate in supporting children through cosplay, a world-renowned Japanese culture. *
* Vma is in charge of content planning and direction for Metaverse Web3. plus (Buima Plus) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Toru Tsuda) will hold the world’s first children’s support event “Malta Cosplay” to be held in the Republic of Malta on June 28th (Friday) and 29th (Saturday). At the Summit, we launched our company’s metaverse platform “Vma” for the purpose of cooperating with children’s medical support and independence support.
We have decided to provide the metaverse space of “Plus Station”. * About “Malta Cosplay Summit”
The “Malta Cosplay Summit” aims to promote medical support and independence support for children around the world, and is a collaboration between the “World Light Project”, a global child support organization that was featured in the official G7 magazine, and the governments of each country. This is a global children’s support charity event sponsored by the Malta Santa Gift Foundation, which is established in collaboration with the Malta Santa Gift Foundation.

As an innovative initiative to protect the future of many children and widen the circle of support, a kids cosplay fashion show was held at the local venue by children who had experienced cosplay, and the significance of the event was appealing. ONIGIRI Co., Ltd.
With the cooperation of Plus President Yui Masanami, cosplay contests were held by cosplayers who are widely active in Japan and overseas, and people all over the world enjoyed the event and supported children through Japanese anime culture. This is an event that can contribute to.

Dance performance by “Aoi Yoshida”, a talent who appeared as the main cast in BS Premium “I didn’t love you because I was my family, but because I loved my family” and who is expected to have a great future, “Sousei no Aquarion”, etc. The movie depicts the birth of the local hero Dal Raiser in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, and includes an anime song live performance by “bless4”, who is known both domestically and internationally for his signature song, and received high praise from the audience when it was released in theaters in Tokyo in February 2018. “Rise-Dal Riser NEW
There are many events where you can support children while enjoying cosplay, such as screenings of “EDITION.”
Event overview
Date: June 28, 2024 (Friday) 9:30-22:00 (Malta local time)
     29th (Sat) 11:00-20:00 (Malta local time)
Venue ■Republic of Malta Indoor venue
Grand Hotel Excelsior (Valletta)
■Republic of Malta Outdoor venue
The Maglio Gardens (Valletta)

Building a sustainable support system using metaverse space
“Malta Cosplay Summit” will be held on the Metaverse platform “Vma plus” The event will be held at the same time at the Metaverse venue specially set up at “Station,” with the aim of expanding support activities in a way that allows children with illnesses and
disabilities to participate.

“Vma plus” accessible from your smartphone with one click
At the Metaverse venue of “Station”, all participants can act freely as avatars that are their own alter egos. Anyone can easily use it regardless of their real-life environment, so even children who are hospitalized due to illness or other reasons, as well as supporters who cannot go to the local venue in Malta, can participate in the event in real time. is.

In addition, at this event, a “foster parent system” was established that aims to provide continuous medical support through an online salon attended by popular cosplayers from around the world.Support activities at the online salon include text chat with a translation function and voice calls. It will take place in a metaverse space where real-time communication is possible. By operating a foster parent system that utilizes the metaverse space, we will create a new form for continuing support activities even after the event ends.

About the Metaverse venue
*・Main entrance*
Corporate sponsor booths for the “Malta Cosplay Summit” will be set up in the entrance area, which is the entrance to the Metaverse world. Metaverse venue entrance area image
*・Paid area*
On the live screens set up in the area, live broadcasts from Malta, anime songs, movies, etc. will be broadcast.
Metaverse venue paid area image
* ・Online salon area*
An online salon will be held where popular cosplayers and artists will participate, providing a place to interact with participants and supporters. The foster care system, the Santa Gift Foundation, NPO activities, and the World Light Project will also be introduced. Metaverse venue online salon area image image
* ・Wajima special venue*
This is an area where Wajima’s special products and products are exhibited. Metaverse space image image
*・Art gallery*
In addition to exhibiting children’s works, local information and support activities related to Ukraine will be introduced.
Metaverse venue art gallery area image
* ・Cosplay contest area*
There will be booths introducing cosplayers who have entered, and you can support your favorite cosplayer by pressing the voting button located at each booth. The voting deadline is June 28th (Friday), and the results of the Metaverse contest will be announced during the announcement of the Grand Prix competition on the 29th (Saturday). Metaverse venue cosplay contest area image
Metaverse distribution overview
Date: June 28, 2024 (Friday) 17:30-29:00 (Japan time)
     29th (Sat) 18:00-27:00 (Japan time)
Venue Vma plus Station special venue
Click here for the Metaverse venue

(C) Santagift Malta International Charitable Foundation
Santa Gift Malta International Charitable Foundation
The Santa Gift Malta International Charitable Foundation provides children with disabilities and poverty the opportunity to pursue their dreams, with the goal of “creating a sustainable world 100 years from now, filled with smiles of children.” The World Light Project and the Malta Santa Gift Foundation have joined forces to provide this gift. Our mission is to foster smiles and happiness in children so that flowers of hope can bloom.
In order to create a world where as many children as possible can get as close as possible to their dreams, we will continue to carry out various projects targeting children living in poverty all over the world.
(C)ONIGIRI Plus Co., Ltd.
Message from Yui Masana, President of ONIGIRI Plus Co., Ltd. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this valuable project. We are honored to be able to create a wonderful space where children can shine, together with cosplay, which has become a representative of Japanese culture, and with warm-hearted people. I hope you all have a great day that brings smiles to your faces.
(C) Hatta Office
Message from Aoi Yoshida’s production company
Aoi Yoshida’s challenge! You can do anything if you put your mind to it! Dance of the Yamato spirit! ! Aoi Yoshida has Down syndrome, and his dance provides emotional support and self-esteem to children with disabilities. His goal is for children in facilities for the disabled and orphanages around the world to see his dance and be moved by it. About Vma plus Co., Ltd.
Company name: Vma plus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Toru Tsuda
Address: 6th floor, NMF Gotanda Ekimae Building, 1-1-8 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Established: October 2021
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