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Home » Keio Plaza Hotel Marriage of wine from Takahata Winery in Yamagata Prefecture and French cuisine Maker’s Dinner “French & Italian x Takahata Winery”

Keio Plaza Hotel Marriage of wine from Takahata Winery in Yamagata Prefecture and French cuisine Maker’s Dinner “French & Italian x Takahata Winery”

Keio Plaza Hotel
Marriage of wine and French cuisine from Takahata Winery in Yamagata Prefecture [Maker’s Dinner] “French & Italian-Duo Fourchette- x Takahata Winery”
Held on Sunday, July 21, 2024 at the 44th floor/banquet hall -Ensemble- ……
Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo: Nishi-Shinjuku, President: Katsumasa Wakabayashi) will hold a one-day special event, Maker’s Dinner “French & Italian Duo Full” on Sunday, July 21st at the 44th floor banquet hall – Ensemble. We will be holding “Chet-×Takabatake Winery”.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] Click here for details: Over the years since 1995, our hotel has deepened our friendship with Takahata Town, located in the southern part of Yamagata Prefecture, by holding a dessert fair using the local specialty La France. Takahata Winery was founded in 1990 on land rich in nature where rice and grape farming are actively practiced, and has set the goal of becoming a “premium winery” on par with the world’s famous wineries even if it takes 100 years. We produce wine that pursues quality comparable to that of We would like to invite Mr. Shunichi Matsuda, the winemaker at Takahata Winery, to talk about the appeal of Takahata wine.
At this event, head chef Masayuki Tozawa of French & Italian Duo Fourchette will take inspiration from Takahata Winery’s wine and create small plates of French cuisine that incorporate ingredients from Yamagata Prefecture, such as Yamagata beef and cherry salmon. We offer a variety of menu degustations that you can enjoy. We will specially prepare Takahata Winery’s representative Chardonnay, wines that have won gold medals at numerous competitions such as
“International Wine Challenge 2024”, and treasured wines from Takahata Winery just for this day. This is a special one-day event where you can enjoy the marriage of French cuisine and wine while hearing stories from Takahata Winery’s brewer.
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] ■Special event Maker’s dinner
“French & Italian-Duo Fourchette-×Takahata Winery”
Date and time: Sunday, July 21, 2024 Reservation required
Reception 17:30~
      Start 18:00
Venue: 44th floor/Banquet hall -Ensemble-
Price: 35,000 yen per person (French cuisine, wine, service charge and tax included)
Cooperation: Takahata Winery Co., Ltd.
Reservation: On the website or by phone
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■Takabatake Winery Co., Ltd. Guest Speaker Profile
Mr. Shunichi Matsuda
Takahata Winery Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing department leader
Born in 1979, 45 years old. Joined Takahata Wine Co., Ltd. (currently Takahata Winery Co., Ltd.) in 1998. Appointed as brewer in 2019. In 2023, he earned a Bachelor of Wine Science degree from Yamanashi University.
He started competing in track and field in junior high school, and achieved a number of brilliant results, including winning the National Athletic Meet.After joining the company, he continued to compete and participated in the National Athletic Meet until he was 30 years old. Based on his experience aiming for the Olympics, he is working hard every day to make wine that will pass the world.
※The photograph is an image. The menu may change depending on the season, weather, and purchasing status.
Event page URL: ◎Inquiries/Restaurant reservations (Reception hours 10:00-20:00) (03) 5322-8151 (direct)
*1 A system in which the University of Yamanashi certifies people with advanced knowledge of wine production and quality control.
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