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Tokyo Metropolitan Tanashi Technical High School Architecture Department Woodworking Team’s research project supported by wood supply and instructors

K-I Star Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Metropolitan Tanashi Technical High School Architecture Department Woodworking Team’s research project supported by wood supply and instructors
Collaborative production of wooden tables in an effort to develop future craftsmen
K.I.Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. (head office/Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, President/Representative Director/Keiji Hanawa,
hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a subsidiary of Tokyo Metropolitan Tanashi Technical High School (location/Nishitokyo City, Tokyo, Principal/Yasuhiro Machida, hereinafter “the Company”). Every Monday from May 27, 2024 (Monday) to July 8, 2024 (Monday) in order to support the provision of wood and production for the research project (3rd year woodworking group) of 3rd year architecture students at “School”). I am serving as a lecturer for a limited time.
During the same period, the school will be holding a research class, in which they will be making wooden tables.
[Image 1:×834.jpg] This time, the instructors are two people from our company, one with product development experience and one with experience as a site supervisor. Each of us will support the production of wooden tables based on our experience in the field. By using real wood to build houses, students gain hands-on experience and hone their skills as future craftsmen.
The first day of production
The research project began on Monday, May 27, 2024, and seven students who were in charge of production participated. On the day of the event, drawings of a portion of the wooden table that would become the basis were distributed and the work was done to design it. The students concentrated on measuring detailed dimensions and selecting the appropriate construction method.
Our instructors guided students through each step of the design and provided specific advice and feedback. Drawing on our experience in the field, we taught them design methods that effectively utilize wood that is suitable for the design and cut scraps, as well as various precautions and efficient work methods. Under the guidance of their instructors, the students revised and fine-tuned their design drawings to create a more practical and accurate design. After that, the first day was completed by selecting the appropriate materials for the table, and cutting the parts that would become the legs of the table.
[Image 2:×1549.jpg] Situation of the day
Craftsman training initiatives and background
Based on our management philosophy of “Creating a prosperous, fun and comfortable life,” our company supports the future leaders of the construction and real estate industries through the “Creation of a Rich, Enjoyable and Comfortable Lifestyle.” We are contributing to the local community through educational support activities by holding the vocational experience class “I Want to Become an Architectural Designer” at “Finding Your Dream! Real Experience Class” (*1). In addition, our group company, KAI Craft Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters/Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director/Mamoru Sonobe, hereinafter referred to as “KAI Craft”), is focusing on developing employee craftsmen who work on construction sites, and is We are implementing measures to foster the active participation of diverse human resources (*2, *3, *4).
This time, we received approval from the school for our company’s efforts, and we decided to be in charge of supporting the research project.
*1…Work experience class “I want to become an architectural designer” was held at “Finding your dream! Real experience class” sponsored by Saitama Prefecture (March 4, 2024) *2…KAI Star Real Estate Group formulates a new evaluation system “Meister System” with the aim of early development of employee craftsmen (September 12, 2022) *3…“Employee Craftsman Group” KAI Craft Co., Ltd. Foreign staff exceeds 50% of Japanese staff (January 17, 2023) *4…“Employee Craftsman Group” KAI Craft Co., Ltd. “Women’s 1 Building Project” moving forward (May 30, 2023) About the future
We will continue to support the project with the aim of opening it to the public at the school festival held on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th, 2024. We also plan to have female employees who work as carpenters at KEI Craft participate in the assembly process. Our group will continue to actively work on developing future craftsmen. ■ Materials used for the table
[Image 3:×671.jpg] ・Plywood 1820mm x 910mm x 12mm 4 pieces
・Column 105mm×105mm 4 pieces
・30 pieces of 2×4 material (38mm×89mm)

■ What is KAI Star Real Estate Co., Ltd.?
With the management philosophy of “creating a rich, enjoyable, and comfortable lifestyle” and the vision of “homeownership for everyone,” we provide “high-quality, yet affordable, designed homes.” We have built the “KEIAI Platform”, which is the foundation of real and technology that handles everything from purchasing to sales. We aim to expand our share of the domestic condominium market through the active introduction of technology and our unique business model of compact single-family homes. We will continue to provide valuable condominiums as a leading company driving DX in the real estate industry.
Our business area is the detached house sales business throughout the country, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We sell (*) 8,202 buildings (including land) annually. Sales for the fiscal year ending March 2024 will be 283 billion yen (*). We are also focusing on ESG, such as participating in the establishment of the Japan Wooden Housing Association, a general incorporated association, and promoting the use of domestic timber.
(*Group consolidated figures)
【Company Profile】
Company name: KAI Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Code number: 3465, TSE Prime Market)
Representative Representative Director and President Keiji Hanawa Address: 762-1 Nishitonda, Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, 367-0035 Capital: 4,816 million yen (as of April 1, 2024)
Established November 1990
Number of employees: 2,790 (consolidated / as of April 1, 2024) U R L
Business details: Single-family home sales business, custom-built housing business, comprehensive real estate distribution business, etc.
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