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Home » New member registrations for Founder’s Notebook hit an all-time high. Supported by startup boom

New member registrations for Founder’s Notebook hit an all-time high. Supported by startup boom

Founding notebook
New member registrations for Founder’s Notebook hit an all-time high. Supported by startup boom
Registrants and inquiries to the startup support platform Startup Notebook are increasing
Founder’s Notebook Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yukiyo Okubo), which supports entrepreneurs and managers, announced that the number of new online member registrations in May 2024 reached a record high of 6,220 people. Did. In just one month, 6,220 entrepreneurs have registered as members of Founder’s Notebook.
This reflects the fact that many people are utilizing the information in their founding notebooks against the backdrop of the recent startup boom and rising entrepreneurial spirit.
Driven by the startup boom, the number of corporate registrations is also on the rise
[Image:×356.png] The number of startups has been increasing in Japan in recent years, and interest in starting new businesses is increasing. Entrepreneurs are currently being supported by support measures from the government and local governments, as well as by expanding business opportunities due to advances in generative AI and technology such as ChatGPT. Additionally, the amount of capital required to start a business is decreasing year by year, and the hurdles to starting a business are lowering.
Against this background, the number of new web member registrations and inquiries for the Founder’s Notebook is increasing, and the number of new web member registrations in May 2024 reached a record high. Further strengthening support for entrepreneurs
The Founder’s Notebook provides a wide variety of information free of charge to support entrepreneurs, covering a wide range of topics, from how to start a business to management strategy, subsidy information, financing, and marketing.
In addition, we have recently held seminars, individual consultation sessions, and a short presentation competition called “Lightning Talk Tokyo” to strengthen our direct support activities. As a result, many new members are using Founder’s Notebook services and aiming for business success.
“Advance preparation” and “knowledge” are important when starting a business In order to “increase the success rate of starting a business,” Founder’s Notebook will continue to provide useful information to entrepreneurs when starting a business through the “Starter’s Notebook,” “Fund Raising Guide,” “Entrepreneurship AI,” and more. In addition, the Business Startup Notebook cooperates with the Cabinet Office’s Entrepreneur Survey and has been featured on the Prime Minister’s Office website and in newspapers, and has been praised for its coverage of entrepreneurs and its reliability. I hope this will be a positive contribution to letting entrepreneurs’ voices be heard. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Sosei Techo Co., Ltd.
Address: 6th floor, Shimomura Building 1, 3-3-10 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Yukiyo Okubo
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Regarding trends in business start-ups, the Founder’s Notebook actively provides information related to business start-ups to the mass media and government offices from the standpoint of supporting and enlightening business start-ups, and its data and comments have been featured in the Cabinet Office and newspapers. We also introduce houses.
Start-ups are a trend that is attracting more and more attention, as many of the entrepreneurs and themes involved are unique. Among the entrepreneurs who registered their startup notebooks immediately after establishing their companies, many have since gone on to engage in socially unique initiatives, be featured in the media, raise large-scale funding, and go public. Founder’s Notebook is a growth point for Japan and has the largest number of hot founders and entrepreneurs in Japan.
We provide information and case studies related to starting a business and entrepreneurs along with articles and programs. Please feel free to contact us.
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