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Home » Cynthia Co., Ltd. Pre-orders for the origami-style portable mouse “myAir.0 OriMouse” are now available on Amazon!

Cynthia Co., Ltd. Pre-orders for the origami-style portable mouse “myAir.0 OriMouse” are now available on Amazon!

Cynthia Co., Ltd.
Origami-style portable mouse “myAir.0 OriMouse” is now available for pre-order on Amazon!
~The long-awaited wireless mouse will begin accepting pre-orders at authorized distributors from Friday, June 7, 2024~
Cynthia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Jun Nishimori) is an official sales agent for the brand “myAir.0” developed by global electronics company Creations Un Limited (established in Hong Kong in 2019, Representative Director: Lam). As a store, we will start accepting pre-orders on Amazon ahead of the general sale of the origami-style portable mouse “OriMouse”. “myAir.0 OriMouse” advance reservation page:
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] OriMouse, an innovative wireless mouse inspired by origami, received a total of approximately 70 million yen in support from Japan’s largest crowdfunding service, Makuake, and won awards including the Good Design Award. received numerous awards.
A wireless mouse designed for ultimate portability and ease of use. It’s only 5mm thin when flat, so you can carry it around without adding bulk. When in use, the built-in magnet instantly transforms into a full-size mouse. Provides comfortable mouse operation regardless of location.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] ■Features
Starts up in 0.5 seconds just by pinching with your finger
Ultra-thin and lightweight (5mm thick, 38g weight)
Excellent durability with origami structure
Full size design reduces fatigue
3 hours of use after 1 minute of charging
Equipped with high precision sensor
Quiet design
[Starts up in 0.5 seconds just by pinching with your fingers]
[Image 3:] Innovative design inspired by origami that transforms from flat to three-dimensional in an instant.
Just pinch it lightly with your fingertips, the built-in magnet will attract it, and it will automatically power on and pair.
You can use it as a mouse right away.
If you return it to its original state, it will automatically turn off. [Ultra thin, lightweight and not bulky]
[Image 4:×1280.jpg] Although it has a full-size ergonomic design, it weighs only 38g, making it less tiring and comfortable to operate even when used for long periods of time.
[Image 5:] Only 5mm thick when flat.
It won’t be bulky even if you put it in your pocket or bag.
[High-precision touch operation and long-lasting battery]
[Image 6:] The full-size design fits your hand at a natural angle, and the high-precision sensor allows you to click and scroll smoothly. Furthermore, the power-saving design allows for approximately 3 hours of continuous use with just 1 minute of charging.
If fully charged, it can be used continuously for about 3 months. Regarding Amazon pre-order acceptance
We will start accepting advance reservations at the Amazon store “SiNCERE inc” operated by Cynthia Inc.
To purchase, please visit the URL below.
[Reservation acceptance period]
From Friday, June 7, 2024 to Sunday, June 30, 2024
[Scheduled start date of general sales]
From Monday, July 1, 2024
*Pre-ordered items are scheduled to be shipped on July 1, 2024 (Monday). *Depending on the arrival status, the shipping of pre-ordered items and the start date of general sales may be delayed.
■What is myAir.0 (My Air Zero)?
[Video 2:] myAir.0, which created OriMouse, is an up-and-coming brand by Creations Un Limited (founded in Hong Kong in 2019) that combines innovative design and advanced technology.
The chief designer, who used to be an electronic equipment
manufacturer with a history of over 40 years, overturned the concept of conventional mice by pursuing ultimate thinness and portability without sacrificing functionality or performance. OriMouse was born from that insatiable spirit of inquiry and passion for innovative design.
It was released for the first time in Japan on Makuake, one of Japan’s largest crowdfunding services, and received a total of approximately 70 million yen in support.
Furthermore, its innovation and high design quality have been highly praised both domestically and internationally, including winning the globally prestigious Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award. ・Instagram:
“Company Profile”
Cynthia Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-3-21 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Representative: Representative Director Jun Nishimori
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business content: Planning, production, sales, and design of original products HP:
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